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  1. Odds definitely favored the SCOTUS decision for cert in the cases. It's_not good_that it may be until June to know, but odds are not in Trump's favor to have the lower courts' decisions overturned. Given that GOP Senate is derelict and complicit, simply having that info come out this summer as opposed to now could be worse for the re-election campaign based on electoral proximity alone. It's still important that Trump impeached now. When Trump fails to respond to it with deterrence, House can redouble and Senate increasingly stands to look worse for not taking his abuse of power seriously the first time. There's going to be an unending river of shit coming out regardless.
  2. My brother just reminded me of a couple trumpet heavy tracks my dad used to jam on his reel to reel when we were kids. not exactly jazz, but a trumpet pr0n qualifier (especially the notes he blows at the end): and yeah, a smoove groove
  3. holy crap, this is remarkable. As it relates to FISA warrants and 702 wiretaps/incidental recordings in the course of surveillance of foreigners abroad, check out this amazing C-SPAN 7 min exchange from Lindsey Graham in a Senate hearing. Pay particular attention to what he's focused on starting at about the 3:30 mark: This happened in July 2017. Lindsey's abrupt flip to become a servile Trump bootlick happened a few months later in Oct. 2017. It sure sounds like Lindsey is using himself personally as an example because he knows he is vulnerable based on certain conversations he's had, and which he does not want to be accessed and used against him for political damage/blackmail. Based on what happened weeks later in Oct, it appears the political blackmail he's concerned about is came true, and ironically it likely came from within - Trump/WH. It would be a next level set-up, but it's conceivable Graham spoke with Kislyak or some other Russian official acting as an agent in the 2016 election scheme and was set up by said Russian who may have broached verboten topics on the phone. Conceivably, even if Graham was not a party to active participation, even a conversation where he is made aware of criminal conspiracy and failed to report or act could end his career. Additionally, it would be expected that the Russians would have this on tape. Perhaps it would give Lindsey comfort to know Russians had it and not our IC where he could be unmasked. Either way, in hindsight today, Graham's demeanor and line of questioning in the C-SPAN clip is extraordinary. The govt officials trying to answer his questions have to be feeling in their gut that Lindsey is in reality revealing concern about himself personally. Lindsey wants personal assurance, and it's cringeworthy.
  4. Trump campaign, via Stone, coordinated with a Russian military intelligence cutout to optimize stolen material to influence our election. And Trump did so, with gusto. Of course they have all lied, perjured, witness tampered and obstructed justice to cover it up. And one by one they're going to prison.
  5. I’m a vacuum, not a partisan issue. The long-standing pattern we’re all too familiar with, however, has been for that person to use it as a deflection shield to avoid acknowledging the reality of far more emergent threats, i.e. that the current WH occupant takes orders from a guy who murders and jails journalists and political opponents in his country and who is the political face and hand of a brutal transnational criminal organization.
  6. It's good to have two articles nailed down with layers of evidence and cooperative govt witnesses. With so much still on the table for additional articles of impeachment, there has to be more to the calculus. It's hard to imagine impeachment won't expand as more evidence and witnesses become available. With that in mind, I wonder if Trump now being formally impeached with defined articles, notably Obstruction of Congress, will carry any weight with the SCOTUS this Friday when they consider whether or not to deny hearing appeals on up to three Trump cases directly tied to ongoing Congressional impeachment investigations.
  7. All the R's shouting that impeachment is about 'trying to overturn the 2016 election result' have selective amnesia for the 2018 result. 2018 was about the public wanting to curb the results of 2016. Dems should consider offering that choice rebuttal a bit more often.
  8. Every single fucking claim Trumpers have made to call the Mueller investigation and everything that spawned from it "illegitimate" is in ruins. complete ruins. every.single.one. Trump campaign. Mike Flynn. Paul Manafort. Roger Stone. And yet, just as he did with the Mueller report, here is Barr again trying to spin a false narrative. As head of the DOJ, Barr is abusing the public trust to cover-up for a mobbed up fraudster. Criminal pieces of shit, all of them.
  9. It's not just being full of shit. This crop of GOP is engaging in widespread systematic disinformation.
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