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  1. Take a step back and look at the larger timeline. Some poster(s) spiked the football at the 50 yard line back in March-May with baseless mocking and bad understanding. The evidence in support of early home treatment using several agents was emerging early on confounded by a fraudulent study in Lancet, and a shitgibbon no one trusts. But that evidence has more than quadrupled since the summer, particularly in the last 2-3 months. Those who spiked at the 50 back then can't acknowledge they fumbled today. This isn't a competition. The evidence is clear and overwhelming. I know you're not a science denier. Prove the science wrong. No one is doing that. It's quack, clown, gif, blah blah without critical thinking showing a grasp of what's real or not. To your reference about 'crying wolf', take what we had on HCQ in the spring vs today. Today there are now over 100 peer reviewed published studies, both RCT and observational, that taken together show a 64% risk reduction for hospitalization and death when it's started in an early outpatient setting. The odds HCQ doesn't benefit in that scenario is 1:17 billion. If you just take RCT's for early home use of HCQ, the relative risk reduction is still 24%. But as of the last 2-3 weeks, it's becoming rapidly clear that Ivermectin is just flat out superior across all phases of the illness and continuing to separate. That's not crying wolf.
  2. Obviously that doesn't make the credible presenters wrong, it just leads the audience to ignore critical distinctions and form inaccurate conclusions. I expect people probably earn a livable wage doing hit pieces for the right players. Why? It works. In this case, unfortunately more preventable death is the likely result. It's hard to imagine anyone who benefits from doing such a thing, unless of course it involves a whole lot of money.
  3. That article paints the panel with a broad brush without making distinctions. There were different groups represented including one individual who just published the first US study on ivermectin (significantly positive outcomes treating the sickest ICU covid pts). One group represented on the panel, FLCCC, has been a beacon for a long time. A different group on the panel with a less stellar reputation had a panel rep that looks like the love child of HJ and Tiny Tim
  4. It's unfortunate someone with some neuronal friction generating a little heat has tainted their veil of sincerity beyond repair like you. Stick to your Dossier secrets, troll.
  5. fuck off. I trust the science and the scientists behind the vaccine development. It's the business face of big pharma I do not trust with managing the public good. Look at what they've done with insulin pricing, all kinds of pricing. They dgaf if you die or not, it's not their job, it's about the bottom line. If they can apply pressure on career DC bureaucrats, medical academics and their research hospitals, the print and TV media, and the pundits they pay for to occupy public minds and kneecap outliers, and any manner of dirty tricks to undercut any threat to the fatness of their profit, it's been my general observation they will, and have been doing it, and will never let up. If they could kick away a pillar of the pandemic response (4 pillars) to enlarge dependence on the 4th pillar, vaccines, they will. Everything I can see points to that having been unfolding from before we even knew what hit us. Nothing against the vaccines and the brilliant scientists who innovate, it's the business face of big pharma where the cockroaches live. fuck'em. Ivermectin evidence has arrived. Ignore it at your peril. The evidence shows it's a multi-tool to protect HCW's, elderly in LTCF's, and people over 50 with medical problems to take right away if they get sick. It's a clear path immediately available to save multiple tens of thousands of American lives. We can't wait 3-6 more months for vaccines to scale up when we have this gift today. I've got at least 3 months to see what happens before I even have a choice to get a vaccine. By then it might still be necessary, but then it might not. I know which option pharma wants.
  6. The research based evidence that's come out in recent weeks/months does the talking. Better use of everyone's time for you respond to that. Dr. Kory pulls no punches in his observations of NIH, CDC, FDA complete failure to organize research in support of one of the 4 pillars of pandemic response: repurposing available and safe meds to treat a novel pathogen as early and rapidly as possible. Instead, not only have they done virtually no research with re-purposed meds, they have completely failed to adapt to emerging evidence, ongoing, for months. The playing field was gamed and western world kettled into vaccine development and mass deployment. Because of this, NIH, CDC, FDA have contributed to a significant worsening of our American catastrophe. Covid killed almost 3000 Americans today. Over 200,000 new US cases alone today, again. We'll be at 10,000 newly dead Americans from Covid in the month of December likely by tomorrow. 10k newly dead Americans before the 10th day of the month. Data on Ivermectin shows that if we started mass use this week, we're saving multiple tens of thousands of American lives long before enough vaccines can be manufactured and deployed.
  7. I can't force you to read or listen. I can read and listen, so I'm open to hear how you arrived at your snake oil conclusion. You're a rehabilitated drug rep right? You may still need a bath.
  8. For our resident science deniers and charlatans, here is the FLCCC and Dr. Kory's up to date 28 page manuscript on Ivermectin. Review of the Emerging Evidence Demonstrating the Efficacy of Ivermectin in the Prophylaxis and Treatment of COVID-19 Outstanding
  9. Dr. Pierre Kory's Senate testimony today.
  10. Just talked to a HOU based family member who is a flight attendant on a trip to Brazil. Another crew member developed ILI on the dreamliner flight down. Test results are pending and they may end up being grounded there for at least 10 days. Family member walked around the corner from the hotel to a pharmacy and picked up a three month prophylaxis supply of ivermectin OTC for under $10. Chased first dose with a beautiful São Paulo filet.
  11. Anything about what was presented about ivermectin? No? She’s serious.
  12. I appreciate the ceaseless effort and contributions of Dr. Peter McCullough in Dallas. He's expertly fluent in science, research, and medicine and his personal contributions in medical research and literature are prolific. His comments starting around the 30-31' mark on major pandemic bungles are so important to understand, learn from, and accept for future use to guide decision making for globally better outcomes the next time. Heavy truth bombs in there throughout
  13. When it comes to transactions, Pharma is more cutthroat than Trump could ever dream to be. It only underscores how worthless he is today. I haven't read the NYT article about him passing on the purchase of additional Pfizer vaccines last summer, but there already had to be personal vindictiveness involved (reported or not). Who knows what was going on back then that preceded the purchase snub. I'd like to know more, but for the first time ever with something involving Trump, I'm not too quick to pick a side in this particular instance. The scientists are brilliant, but the business face is ruthless and in many ways is too powerful for the public good. They must have pushed it in on Trump way back in the Spring. Maybe it was deserved, but maybe not entirely either.
  14. Senate hearing tomorrow: Early Outpatient Treatment: An Essential Part of a COVID-19 Solution, Part II I expect Ivermectin will be prominently discussed. Pierre Kory, M.D. was one of three docs who made a call to action using Ivermectin last week outside of UMMC in Houston. Jean-Jacques Rajter, M.D. has been using ivermectin at his hospital in Broward FL since the summer with success, study publication pending. Ivermectin is a covid killer and its clear effectiveness has been clinically observed since last spring/summer. This is a good interview with the lead investigator of ivermectin use in Argentina. Additionally, they conducted an ivermectin prophylaxis study with hospital health care workers for a three month duration. In the group of HCW's treated with once monthly ivermectin, they had ZERO cases of covid out of 788 pre-treated health care subjects. The non-treated control group had 58% infection after 3 months. On the face of it, that's better than vaccine numbers. Plus it offers superior treatment of covid in every phase of the infection/illness. It's available right now. Today. Safety and tolerance is fully established and unquestioned. It's notable in the interview what Dr. Carvallo says about resistance to ivermectin use - it started only after the promising results began to emerge. He offers some illuminating insights about why, which should come as no surprise as the same phar out thing is happening here. Just ask Dr. Ratjer in Broward, FL. Read the first paragraph of the Intro of this for an idea of how diverse the use of Ivermectin is: Quantitative proteomics reveals a broad‐spectrum antiviral property of ivermectin, benefiting for COVID‐19 treatment:
  15. Watch the physicians' call to action I linked just above. They really cover it all. But yes, that is essentially correct. Ivermectin also is thought to have an immune modulating effect or effect on inflammation which may account for growing observations that it improves condition in patients with ongoing 'long covid'. They mention this from the podium. Yes, ivermectin is 40 years FDA approved and was the basis for a Nobel Prize in medicine in 2015. It's very well tolerated and very safe. Drug to drug interactions are minimal though Dr. Marik above mentions graft rejection med cylosporin as one to watch in a small subset of people with an organ transplant. It's very effective and commonly used against scabies without FDA approval for that application. Standard stuff. Same dose range of ivermectin is used in covid as is used for other conditions, with some variations in frequency and duration for covid. The live conference above gives all the numbers including frequency and duration of dosing in different contexts. Anyone who listens to what those physicians present can tell whether or not they speak the truth and are impassioned to immediately help divert from a tragically worse path of human suffering and death.
  16. It's a common theme that medications often have multiple, often initially unknown, mechanisms of action leading to different applications (think everyday off-label use as seen for every 1 in 5 scripts written) , and perhaps equally as common that we can't explain or define the exact molecular pathways involved, particularly when a process is complex and dynamic like immune system function. But you don't have to know the exact mechanism for it to warrant use as is commonly the case in medicine. You need observable, measurable, and consistently reproducible beneficial results. And when a treatment effect is greater than 50% effective, sound observational studies reflecting that size of a treatment effect are just as valid as RCT's, and are more ethical in this context. The treatment effects of ivermectin on covid are much greater than 50% compared to treating with nothing (current NIH recommendation) and in several cases are an order of magnitude greater. When you translate the size of these treatment effects to US numbers of cases, active hospitalizations, and deaths, we're talking about a treatment effect that could immediately relieve our bursting health care system by opening up hospital and ICU beds, and save literally tens of thousands of US lives in the next two months alone.
  17. Ivermectin y'all. A national call to action just wrapped outside of UMMC in Houston. Fast forward to the presentation start at about 12 min in. A mountain of overwhelming data has emerged since NIH last updated its covid recommendations at the end of August. It works prophylactically (think use in any frontline person), it's works after exposure and in early phase, and helps in critical hospitalized patients. There is also emerging evidence it significantly helps resolve prolonged symptoms of "long Covid". It's a bridge to vaccines which won't be available and deliverable at meaningful amounts globally for months. You're on the clock, Dr. Fauci, including anyone else in a position to effect change for patients or people who ignores this information.
  18. This is a nice study for ivermectin. A randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled, multicenter, phase 2 clinical trial designed at five hospitals measuring mortality in those treated after requiring hospitalization: Tables in the article show there were 4 ivermectin treatment arms stratified by dosing regimen, two of which amounted to a single oral dose of ivermectin at either 0.2mg/Kg or 0.4mg/Kg. No deaths recorded in either of those two groups either. Other studies have shown additional benefits when ivermectin is taken in early flu stage of illness at very substantially reducing need for hospitalization, or death. The 0.4mg/Kg arm also supports safety across a broad dose range. With 80,000 Americans hospitalized today with covid, and well over 100k new cases daily, the kind of benefit as seen above with a 'one and done' oral dose of a med that can be taken at any time or at any stage of the illness that is inexpensive and safe would be welcome right now. A single dose that could be administered rapidly at the time of clinical presentation with a positive test, or presumptive positive with symptoms would simplify everything - minimize time to tx, improve compliance, improve outcomes etc. Compendium of international ivermectin studies to date. I haven't heard any news that our national health officials have gotten around to studying it.
  19. Worth a watch if you missed it before. I caught it on amazon vid Guys ski trip this winter was heading to Jackson Hole for the first time but got scuttled. No Utah either to be safe. There is a decent chance we'll all converge by auto at a pad in NoCal, lay low and hit Sierra resorts for single days depending. Kirkwood, for one. But it's an easy plan to cancel if basic safety considerations are too high almost 3 months from now.
  20. 80,000 Americans currently are hospitalized with late stage covid today.
  21. I'd rather stick a pencil in my eye than listen to Hannity and Sen. Johnson, but focus on listening to Baylor Med's Peter McCullough in this post-Senate testimony interview. Strikingly, he goes right at medical academic fraud having been and continuing to be perpetrated and it has to with the total utter complete absence of early outpatient covid treatment in the US. It's not about one med or another. National health officials and medical academia should be prepared to start to answer: At 1.3 billion people, India has over a billion more people than the US largely living on top of each other. They have championed early covid treatment with a variety of interventions:
  22. Dr Fauci's standard of care (with primary endpoint manipulation mid-study to salvage the molecule) now opposed by the World Health Organization. WHO recommends against the use of remdesivir in COVID-19 patients
  23. Thanks for stating that. It's a gross misconception that poisoned the well. One or two (?) studies suggested increased risk starting HCQ only in patients who are late stage covid hospitalized in critical condition. In over 170 studies worldwide where it's given in the first phase of illness (first week) there is no safety issue. Zero. none. The scaremongering is just that. Instead the evidence is overwhelming, yes overwhelming, in support of early outpatient application. Ivermectin is showing the same safety and early use efficacy, if not even better than hcq. ~50% reduction in hospitalization and death. This isn't based on one or two cherry picked studies, it's the consensus evidence provided by what is approaching 200 studies worldwide. Safe and effective.
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