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  1. Anal fissure Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. You'd think the GOP would at least get an attorney at these hearings that could sit still for 5 seconds without making an odd facial expressions. He has a perpetual squinting, head-bobbing, toddler filling a diaper look going on. Odd as fuck.
  3. I knew that part... just wondered if there was anything about him or his resume that those who hired him were saying supported the decision from a soccer coach standpoint.
  4. Castor has that odd, Nixon-esque head shake and tempo when he asks questions.
  5. Was Berhalter any good as a MLS coach? ... what type of formation / strategies did he run there? ... I'm not seeing how he brings anything that resembles a FIFA level coaching resume'... I think even Bradley's old man would be better.
  6. I'm liking what I'm seeing in Ramey, Liddell, AJ, and Coleman. I think Sims can do what he needs to in spurts. He's best when he is not having plays called for him and is reacting rather than thinking what's he is supposed to be doing. I''d like to see Cunninham, Williams, and Kai Jones get a real look in Febres' spot. Febres should not be on the court for more than 20 ish mins a game currently. Hepa and Baker need to use their size. If nothing else, post up and bang on a defender and pass it out to someone else when the defense collapses. I'd like to see more interior and baseline screening just to mix up the predictability a bit. Our 4 guard line-up helped in this past game with Ramey being able to muscle a small guy on the drives. It's going to kill us when we play a team with a couple decent guys over 6'8". They'll simply pull Sims or Hamm out on defense and have some kid muscling Febres and AJ in the paint all day. The number of threes and early shot clock 3's need to be significantly reduced. Our rebounding needs to improve (and it won't if we have Febres, AJ, and/or Ramey defending forwards in the paint). These two things are my biggest concerns. Baker (and his coaches) are still trying to figure out what he is. He needs to get his ass inside the 3 point line and throw his size around, even if he has no intention to shoot when he gets the ball. Kai Jones (unless he's redshirting) and Hamm need more time. Febres needs less time... He's clearly a coach favorite, but he's been soft on defense and lazy in his offense. He needs to add a pump fake and drive to his game. Our defense looks markedly better this year, but teams will figure out quickly how to get favorable match-ups in the paint if we insist on line-ups where Febres and AJ get stuck defending tall forwards. We sucked defending simple pick and rolls last year, and look much better overall at that so far. If we can grind out wins in ugly games against conference teams like we did against Cal Baptist, we can certainly make the NCAA tourney. In my opinion the coaches need to improve their in game line-up / substitution decisions and get more diverse on offense to do that. It's only game 3. Interesting to see how things evolve when we play G-town (after the Prairie View tune-up)
  7. I think all of his career shots have been 3 pointers Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. So Hepa got gased in 2 mins?.... he was playing well and got yanked Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Nobody remotely interested in working on offense Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Absolutely. We need to see the extent of what these guys have to contribute. Plus Baker, Kai, and Cunningham need to get some their shooting percentages and career points total above the goose egg.
  11. I only caught the last 7 mins or so of the game, but liked what I saw.... just need to get a third big man consistently contributing defense and boards off the bench... still not sold on Febres getting almost 40 mins a game when he is shooting poorly and offers very little defense or rebounding ... be nice to try/see other options during the preconference games
  12. I agree with your take. High budget with some great location scouts apparently, but with bad/lazy writing... Wants to be Homeland, but can't even compete with the lesser seasons of that series... a let down (for all the hype)
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