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  1. Does the Chief Justice hear and rule upon evidence objections (relevance, hearsay, etc...) during witness questioning and/or introduction of exhibits? Will the impeachment presenters / prosecution team call Trump as a witness if witnesses are allowed?
  2. Cerrone doesn't really have a 3rd gear. He's methodical. He takes a while to get loose. His chin is suspect at this point in his career and he's been stopped by body shots when he was a younger tougher man. He prefers to stand nowadays and will need to chop at Conor's lead leg and body a bit with kicks to make him honest. Conor will hit 3rd or 4th gear within the 1st round. He will gas out well before 5 rounds. Cerrone could accelerate Conor's gas tank drain if he somehow is able to make him defend some ju jitsu... but Cerrone hasn't really shown much ability/desire to get guys into a grappling contest in his past several fights. If Cerrone can make it through 3 rounds and can do so without being busted up in pure survival mode, he has a solid chance to beat Conor, once Conor's gas is low and his speed, movement, and defense become sloppier due to fatigue. Based on Cerrone's last 2 fights, I think Conor wins by TKO/KO in round one. If Cerrone somehow survives 3 rounds without getting beaten close to death and can get some work done with kicks, maybe he knocks Conor off balance and taps him out.
  3. Zero cuts to the basket, zero looks inside by guards, zero interior screens or passes. All of our motion (which is basically a pick and roll with the 3 guys standing still) is geared towards passing the ball back out. Our guys have given up open layups to throw the ball out to Febres for a brick. It looks like our most complex "offense" is a weave you see run by teams at the end of games when the game is over, usually with no player even hinting they might cut to the basket. This past game, Hepa actually made a few drives (w dunks) to the basket. It's sad he waited until 1/2 way through year 2 before doing that... perhaps it's because he didn't want to screw up and get pulled immediate for more Febres. These players are young. They need tough love and lots of conditioning to do stuff they didn't have to do or that was very easy in high school. Hepa and Sims look like are finally starting to "get it" most. Ramey has some toughness, but makes too many repeat mistakes that should've been coached out of him 10 games ago. Febres and AJ are fair weather, soft players. When things go their way and they can flex after a 3 point shot, they may decide to play with energy on defense. The instance something isn't easy, they get bodied up by an opponent, they fold. They pull up every time there's a turnover and don't seem interested in helping those players that are trying to prevent an uncontested break. Coleman is an overall +, but he still too often oscillates between dribbling too long or driving a bit too fast without any idea what he's going to do if he gets cut off. It's like he's waiting for and expecting things that have been diagrammed on the magnet board that aren't happening in the game. I like Jai, but he is being allowed to develop some lazy habits on offense (like Baker). Both of these guys have tools that can help now if pressed to focus on them rather than getting their 3-point shots up. I seems like we don't have any player, aside from Sims, who wants the ball anywhere inside the 3 point line. None seem interested (perhaps due to zero coaching up) in setting off ball screens. The play by Hepa and Sims has provided a glimpse of light in the abyss. I wonder what changed. Did they just now figure out what the coaches have been telling them? Did they just recently get coached up to do what they've been doing of late? Or, have they independently figure out they need to step up and provide a little interior play? No answers to any of these questions shines favorably for Shaka. Even if the team just isn't getting it, you sit players who continue to fuck up and change ways to get things taught. I'd start Coleman, Ramey, Hepa, Jai and Sims from here out. AJ and Febres can help off the bench if you keep them around the 15 min target. Get Hamm and Liddell out of their own heads focused on good defense and rebounding. Let Baker know he is 7' tall and expected to play like one of the larger men on the floor. He's a + passer and has good hands. How about showing him how to post up low and encouraging him to fire passes from the post. Tell him shooting 3's is no longer a option if he wants mins, unless he's wide open and we are up by 13 points. One of Hamm, Liddell, and Baker needs to get the train on the tracks and start playing basic solid tall man basketball. We don't need a hero at their spot. Just someone who can make an opponent alter a shot and hold onto a rebound without fumbling the ball. AJ and Febres need to play with 100% effort when they don't have the ball in their hands and quit sagging off their man on defense. They also need to quit flexing on made shots. Kansas come in angry about being beaten by Baylor and West Virginia has two grown ass men playing PF and C. Sims will be outnumbered. Jai and Hepa will be in deep water defending and rebounding inside. I suspect our guards will resort to contested threes and a jogging back on defense when the going gets slightly intense. I hope I'm wrong.
  4. And he’s taken out of the game for a 4 guard lineup that plays to OK states strength Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Wtf?... running out the clock offense with 7 mins... funk that shit Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Febres doesn’t deserve to be on the court with that soft, half effort defense ... he gives up more points than he scores even on his best nights ... and doesn’t move at all on offense ... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Never seen that ... it’s inexcusable on that ref unless he warned our assistant coach about 3 times first Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Hepa pump fake with drive for dunk! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. 66% of our shots have been 3 pointers ... wonderful Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. One really nice thing about the game is the absence of Lowell and lance Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Baker 1-18 on threes and still shooting em! Everyone gets a green light and their choice of warm cookie after the game. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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