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  1. The upcoming elimination has to be a puzzle - no way can they be expected to do a physical challenge after a brutal day 1. The Tribunal should pick Hunter, since he appears to suck at puzzles, or Ninja since she is a threat to break into the top 3. Cara is not a threat since she stupidly passed on fluids.
  2. As I recall from his first season reunion, she is in Vic's wheelhouse.
  3. He destroyed Wes in hall brawl. Rang the bell with Wes' head. Wore him like a fanny pack.
  4. She is a great addition. Funny. Good (great?) competitor. will get hammered. will hook up. Big fan.
  5. Turbo is clearly the rookie of the year. He may be an Alton/Landon level athlete.
  6. unlistenable. almost puked in my car.
  7. He was saddled with a poor partner (he never gets a beast like Maddy). That said, he has underperformed. Sounds like he underperformed with Kam too.
  8. mb111


    Van Gogh museum while high is great. I agree that walking around Amsterdam high is an excellent use of time.
  9. I believe that the Lannister's took Ned Starks VS sword and refrged 2 swords from that - Jamie & Brienne's
  10. We never saw the body - certainly its implied that he is dead but dead characters come back (Jon Snow, The Hound). They went to the tower to fight and left with a baby. Howland Reed knows that Jon is Lyanna's baby and could easily determine , since the Kings Guard was at the tower and not with Rhaegar, who the father is.
  11. mb111


    Have an awesome time!
  12. In the very first episode of season 1, Jon Snow was pleading with uncle BenJen to join the Nightswatch. Jon says he doesn't care about having kids and BenJen says something to the effect of "that's because you don't know what that means". So I believe that BenJen knows the true parentage of his nephew. So that means Benjen, Howland Reed and Sam/Bran all know the truth.
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