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  1. I've read that milk in your coffee doesn't mess up IF. God I hope that's true, because I'm right there with you. I don't like black coffee much, and have a cup with warmed whole milk every morning.
  2. There are two 5 star recruits at Miami Palmetto this year, at least for now.
  3. Mi Ranchito in Manchaca is great. They have really good tortas and tamales. Texas Keeper Cidery is also in Manchaca. Fantastic dry cider and really beautiful grounds, especially in the spring time. There's a Taco Palenque in New Braunfels. It's nice to get a pirata on your way up to Austin. The Root Cellar Cafe in San Marcos is pretty decent too.
  4. Bolero88


    Brown's' ribs are stellar.
  5. Cry? No. Your response was just listing sterotypes. I don't think of America as being white and christian, and I don't think of China as only being Han. I understood your point, but I think it is extremely reductionist.
  6. I could swear I saw Adimora at corner in the bowl game. I might be wrong though.
  7. We have Marquess Caldwell, Kenyatta Watson, Kitan Crawford, and Chris Adimora (recruited as a safety, but played corner this year) as freshmen, redshirt freshman and sophomore corners. No need to include Boyce or potentially Woodard. Even if Cook, Green, and Jamison all leave after next year we would still have decent depth. Hopefully we land three CBs next year. I'm not saying I only wanted one CB prospect this year, but it's not the end of the world.
  8. NYC is way safer than Houston. Houston is pretty damn violent, and the property crime rate is pretty bad too.
  9. Did you look at that map? Because you are very wrong. 11 in Austin and 7 in Houston.
  10. It's a societal problem. Cities can do little to nothing to ameliorate it. It needs to be addressed at the federal and state level.
  11. I don't know a single person who smokes an entire joint every single day. That is a lot of weed with today's potency levels. Everybody already knows that any combusted carbon is bad to intake (including BBQ, unfortunately). This study isn't saying anything we didn't already know.
  12. Dan's onion rings might even be better than their curly fries.
  13. Might want to work on your self-awareness.
  14. Rosemary is an extremely strong flavor.
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