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  1. Bolero88


    I live by the Dan's on Manchaca (I don't care how the spell it now) and I think they are doing as much business as ever. There's pretty much always a line at the drive through. Less breakfast served on the weekends of course, but I think they are serving more burgers than they ever have.
  2. From my interactions with Texas football players while I was in college I'd say a lot of them were actually huge assholes. Some were chill, but many were huge pricks with terrible social skills.
  3. No. There is zero indication that this is factual.
  4. I hear ya. I'm not 100% sure I agree with the idea of Mukuba being an elite Safety, but we are close enough in agreement on their abilities. Time will tell, and I'm glad someone else here thinks we should recruit both.
  5. Lemear had way more PBUs than Mukuba though. Seems like Lemear is better at coverage ability to me.
  6. I just watched the Junior season tapes of Andrew Mukuba and Devin Lemear back to back. I think Lemear might actually be the better safety prospect. He reads and reacts to the play faster than Mukuba, and has a great feel for the game in general. Look how many PBUs he had in a single season, pretty impressive. He reminds me a bit of Chris Brown. I'm not sure that Mukuba is a better safety prospect than receiver prospect. He looks a lot like Kelvontay Dixon as a WR. I would be plenty happy if we received both of their commitments and just treated Mukuba as an Athlete recruit.
  7. He's elite. Wish we would recruit him.
  8. Bolero88

    Coffee Shops

    Check out Tiny House Coffee. Their cold brew is the best I've ever had, and they deliver.
  9. Their fries are great. You just have to eat them right away. Some of y'all think that fast food should still be good 20 minutes after it has been made and steaming in a bag. You eat that in your car or at the restaurant, you don't take it home.
  10. I'd rather have Bryce Stephens than any of those guys, and we haven't even offered him yet. I don't understnd our WR recruiting strategy this year.
  11. Presley looks faster, and might be a better athlete overall, but he doesn't show very good footwork setting up the DB. Cain has great footwork, as does M. Jackson. Presley also only runs go routes and screens. Cain runs quite a few different routes and shows that he is a willing and competent blocker. There is a lot more to being a good WR than just being fast and athletic.
  12. Presley's hudl is not clearly superior to Cain's, or we wouldn't be having this conversation. I'm nonplussed by him and Ketron. I think there are better recievers out there that we haven't even offered. I think we should be offering quite a few more guys this cycle than we normally do.
  13. Ketron Jackson and Presley aren't all that great though. I'm not sure Cain is worse than either of them. Michael Jackson and Alexis both look pretty good though.
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