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  1. Yeah we played them on the way to state title in 81. We contained Byerly in 1st half and then he shredded us in 2nd half. Score was tied and we ran out the clock on the goal line to win on possessions because we weren't certain we would stop him if we left any time on the clock. Beat the snot out of Gilmer in the title game...also beat the snot out of Westlake that year also.
  2. Didn't @golfclap tell you, trust the coaches is a lazy and stupid take and your a bad person and intelligent enough to see the stupidity of this take.
  3. She has a great scene as a belly dancer in "Charlie Wilson's War."
  4. Yeah she's more like a 6....ya'll have to remember there are women walking around Austin that look like the female version of Ketch.....
  5. I can buy that. He certainly doesn't want to flip back and then we roll out the same garbage season we have for the past decade and him have to flip back again....
  6. I typically like Gerry the most of the 9.95ers.....but his doomsday angst about going out of state for recruits rubbing texas high school coaches the wrong way gets old. It certainly hasn't hurt Jimbo...and as some have pointed out....the Texas high school coaches weren't exactly steering recruits to go to Texas over out of state recently anyway.....
  7. Sorry I was meaning to agree with your comment I quoted.
  8. Nahlin literally says in the article Murphy is a better fit for Sark's system as a drop back passer.
  9. Well, given that the 5 star rating is based off their pro potential not college potential....I can see him staying a 5 star if he is able to camp and play games. I would have to look at what 150-175 ranked QBs were this year, but that seems low based on his videos that are out there.
  10. Gerry also posted a week ago about what a mistake it would be going out of state for a QB this year with a talent like Klubnick available and the impact he could have on recruiting versus the negative perception of going out of state.....so I can entirely believe that title reflects Gerry's thoughts.
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