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  1. Agree...I said decent premise...not good or excellent. After Get Out I expected so much more.
  2. Watched that over the weekend. It was a decent premise, but fell apart at the end bigtime. IMO.
  3. Irwin Allen was the king of disaster movies! The book by Paul Gallico was excellent as well. Delved deeper into Pamela Sue Martin's character's sexual attraction to Gene Hackman's character.
  4. She was fine as hell. Also dug Cassidy Flynn. She seemed so sweet and giving in addition to fine. Seems like she'd go the extra mile in the sack.
  5. I didn't get to hear it all, but did he completely avoid the Bill cheating subject? Cause that would have been interesting.
  6. I've never wanted to fuck Edith Bunker before that. Weirdest boner.
  7. I took up guitar to meet chicks. That was 44 years ago and that shit still works.
  8. Nole-4-Life

    Led Zeppelin

    EVerytime I ever saw Heart live they always tossed in a Zep cover in their shows. Seen them several times back in the day and defiinitely recall Rock and Roll and Misty Mountain Hop.
  9. This clunker cluttering up the masterpiece that is One Of These Nights.
  10. She looks like the last chick Don Draper married on Mad Men.
  11. I wanted to puke listening to the orgy place story. Those two are a petri dish of nasty. She put in a tampon to soak up his cum? *puke*
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