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  1. I like Probst and he obviously gets paid really well but I have a hard time believing some of the things he says in the episode recaps. It's all PR BS to cover their asses.
  2. There are entitled assholes everywhere. It's easy to generalize ALL anything but that really never works out very well for most groups. When talking specifically about private vs. public schools you are literally comparing apples vs. trains. It just isn't possible, a private school in one area is nowhere near a private school in another state/area. Same for the public schools. Bottom line don't pay for private if there are good public schools in your area and pay for private school if there isn't a good public option. Granted even that isn't a one size fits all deal but it is what it is.
  3. Pretty interesting moment as Missy stopped Tribal to point out that two African-Americans had won immunity last week and how important that was in terms of representation. You then gave a very candid response that you weren’t sure if that had even occurred to you and that you probably would have been reluctant to bring it up out of fear that it might imply that it was something that was so unexpected. You mentioned that “Even I’m learning now.” How was your perspective impacted by that exchange? Well, first and most important — I loved that Missy said it because I could tell it meant so much to her. It was very powerful to see the pride she had in calling attention to it. She reminded me to always ask more questions and to put myself in the shoes of every player as often as possible. My response to her was genuine. I honestly didn’t consider it. Missy is athletic, Aaron is athletic. Had they not both been voted out, I imagine they would have won more challenges, which is part of the reason they were voted out. There is nowhere to hide in this game and I’m always learning.
  4. Good list aside from #7. (Although I read that differently then some on here) I am not sure it is saying be a helicopter parent more if your kid isn't being challenged or during communication with teachers you pick up on that say something. It doesn't have to be over bearing or "my child is special" BS. #3 is Perfect. We do it some but not enough. It's not the result they need to learn but how they got to the desired result, and learning if they don't like the result/outcome there are ways to get there.
  5. Agree. I also think Janet is getting a really good edit. Not sure if that is because of what went down last week but who knows.
  6. Ain't that the truth. Is there anyone that is going to be left deserving of winning this season? So awful to watch.
  7. 1. If using Roku press the up arrow and it will be a normal pause screen 2. It's a pain in the ass to get to but it's there. I just looked up when the Born Identity was on AMC last night. I can't remember how I got there but I know it has the full info on most shows (will look tonight and report back tomorrow) 3. This is BY FAR my biggest and really only complaint with the service. It's a Viacom problem, any Viacom channel forces you to watch On demand if you don't want it or start it when it airs. I would pay $20 more like you can with Hulu to get rid of that shit and also allow me to stop hearing my wife bitch about it.
  8. First off I am not one of those cauliflower every thing health nuts. But if you cook the cauliflower gnocchi right it is one of my favorite things to eat and is a low calorie filling meal. Follow the pan fry directions exactly, once they have browned on a few sides, toss in some butter (or olive oil) sprinkle a little fresh parm on top and it's fucking better than some $30+ pasta dishes I have had at restaurants. The key is getting the outside crisp, pull too early and it's soggy as shit.
  9. I still say he traded down in the wife department.....
  10. For whatever reason that reminded me of one of the funniest videos that included a boat. All time Classic-
  11. $8M opening weekend on a 55M budget. Yeah not great Bob. I also love Elizabeth Banks but the casting of the 3 leads was AWFUL
  12. We have three independent zones in our house (wish I did a couple more but whatever) the Nuvo Player app works fucking awesome. Any streaming service, volume control, etc. https://www.legrandintegratedsolutions.com/product_category/players
  13. Agreed. Although it still allowed some to throw votes so they wouldn't be an option it was a hell of a lot better than this. I assume producers didn't realize you would have people on both teams working together to fuck everyone else over.
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