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  1. Yeah I am kind of surprised that Howard hasn't had an ISDN line in his apartment for years you know "just in case".
  2. Overall kind of a meh episode compared to last week but the merge should really turn shit up to 11.
  3. 100%. Also I would have loved to have seen what was on some of those tapes that he clearly set fire himself to destroy.
  4. Famous Indian Chef dies at 59. He had been on about every cooking show that there is. Regular on Bourdain's, Top Chef, Food Network, etc. He was just on the most recent season of David Chang's Ugly delicious that just came out. The chef was a force in New York’s restaurant community — making his mark on the dining scene in 1998 with the groundbreaking Tabla, a fine dining Indian restaurant opened in partnership with Danny Meyer and Union Square Hospitality group. It debuted at a time when the higher end culinary scene had few Indian restaurants and was a critical hit, receiv
  5. Yes, Future Man on Hulu 3rd season starts next week (never seen it) and also has a couple of movies coming out.
  6. The Sooner White Trash documentary is a car wreck and impossible to not watch.
  7. Sorry to hear, why won't it end well? Other health issues or just a feeling?
  8. Yeah it almost feels like a forced story line just to keep Howard on the show.
  9. Yes, I am still pissed we didn't get 10+ seasons of this show. It was one of the best and most well written sitcoms in the last 20 years.
  10. It's battered wife syndrome. She knows it's wrong and she really shouldn't be involved with him anymore but she just can't walk away. She has no clue what she wants. I thought bringing up marriage was a little lame but I am sure things are going to go from bad to worse for ole Kim.
  11. And Nebraska's home sellout streak continues...
  12. The wife was told by one of her friends she should start watching The Handmaid's tale. She wants me to watch with her. Thoughts?
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