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  1. They also are great not only in their game play but they give great in "game" interviews. That doesn't get them any closer to winning the $ but the all important screen time and a producers dream as it makes their job so much easier to tell a story. It's also so much more entertaining for the viewers. And I loathe the ever loving shit out of Sandra. I loved when she sat out the challenge and someone on the other team said of course she is. Overall I thought it was a great opening episode. I like the coin angle as of right now, as for exile island I can only hope they learned their lesson from before and teak it so someone doesn't just win one challenge and get back in the game before the final three. I assume they have. One last thing on Sandra, the whole "Rob didn't tell me for 36 days he was going to play" She either is lying, stupid or producers put her up to that. She has been on enough seasons to know that they tape two seasons back to back and she was going to be on this season she would have had to been an idiot to not assume Rob was as well, especially when they probably all knew it was going to be an All Star season.
  2. I have seen this is nothing more than ABC allowing a rumor to run because it's good PR. I think she was "required" to be kept until hometowns by Producers for "story-line" purposes. There have been plenty of leads that have said they had a one or two pretty much from the very beginning of the season and that producers basically determine who stays or goes or does a very good job getting the lead to keep those that cause drama because it's good for TV.
  3. JimmyHoffa


    He comes off as a used car salesman. He's entertaining but would be annoying if you worked with him.
  4. Even when the sun's out the grass isn't always greener....... There are plenty of players that probably wished they never made that move.
  5. Correct. I normally do as well but this on the surface is about as good a group of returning players/champs they could have hoped to get, the women especially. Most are great players both mentally and physically (everybody's least favorite winner Sandra aside). And at first glance I remember/know almost all except for a couple.
  6. Finally got caught up last night. Good shit, slow burn that I assume gets cranked up to 11 before too long.
  7. Donte. I think he actually is pretty successful. Connected to the early Barstool years and pretty well known in Chicago social scene I believe. I think he's pretty good friends with Rizzo.
  8. And FYI- I watched the last 5 minutes of the finale episode on youtube. Meh. Good show but the ending wasn't anything earth shattering.
  9. Correct me if I am wrong but prior to her getting married didn't she have a rep around town with the Chicago athletes?
  10. Holy crap does that bring some memories. I liked it. Watched the entire series back when it aired. It isn't anything spectacular but solid action, Sam is good for comic relief, and Fiona needs a cheeseburger or 12 but is easy on the eyes. Solid cable show. I think the last few seasons drag on a little bit and I can't remember if there was some big payoff for the finale but you could do a lot worse.
  11. and all the married men in Virginia Beach (allegedly)
  12. The best part is Victoria saying it was her ex and Chase in an interview basically said it was a one night stand.
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