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  1. Yeah I know it's 40 for Forty right now, but it's something all the fucking time, it feels like year around. Are they that desperate? Because it sure the hell is annoying.
  2. His uncle played OL for Texas, I think when Mackovic was the HC. Brett is like 6'8", I'm not sure he moves well enough to play at this level. Definitely would be a project.
  3. The RB rotation seemed a bit strange. Roschon started and played early and then didn't get back in until fairly late in the game. I thought he had been injured or dinged up, and they were holding him out. Glad that wasn't the case.
  4. Is this a King? Sister found it in her kitchen.
  5. And about 35 years old...
  6. We are also the most non-compliant, free, heterogeneous country in the world. That is currently quite polarized. Imo, once the shutdown took place in March and April, and most people here got past the initial fear and feeling of unknown, we were never going to shutdown like Europe or SE Asia, and like what happened here early on. If this country wasn’t so spread out with multiple population centers, perhaps that first, fairly comprehensive shutdown, might have been more effective.
  7. Not the way I read it. Like Newdoc said on a 1 to 1 or case by case basis it's mortality rate is less than the flu for 15 -24 yr olds. Once you hit about 200,000 deaths from covid then it starts to exceed the flu for that age group. In other words, the way I understand this, since covid spreads easier and will infect more it will eventually surpass flu in mortality rate for 15 - 24 age group if enough people are infected. Correct me if I am wrong. That's not to say that there aren't plenty of dangers associated with catching it, even if you are in that young age group, which has been discussed. Obviously spreading it to the more vulnerable is at the top of that list, and the unknown, possible long term damage you may incur from infection. I am particularly interested in this information because I have two college age kids that are about to leave home for school.
  8. I think what he signed was for approval for specific infrastructure. Like pipeline right-of-ways, construction of railroad bridges across the border, etc... I assume it requires his approval because of crossing international borders, but not sure.
  9. Tom overconfident...really! Nah...
  10. Yeah I usually don't wade into this type of discussion. What a shitshow this has turned into. I guess because I/we disagree on some points from certain posters I/we are quickly labeled alt right Americans that need to be beaten... Not only that but there is an entire generation of a certain race that are bunch of losers that should hang their heads in shame. Wow! That's some fine work by the resident attorneys! Christ guys, I think we have more in common than you would like to believe. There are positive changes being made, good things happening.
  11. I certainly don't doubt that has happened in some instances. There's enough radicals on all sides to go around. So exactly who the fuck do you think is behind the majority of the violence/riots?
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