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  1. Not even remotely the same. One, the cop comes around a blind corner and encounters a man pointing what looks to be a shotgun at him. The other the police drive through the grass right to where Tamir is. It's wide open. There are no walls. Nothing blocking their vision. They could see him the entire time. Knowing exactly where he was, they could've taken a myriad of different routes. They drove right up next to him and executed him. The story was he pointed the gun, but if you watch the video where do you see that? You guys who are arguing about these things are the reason the shit that's going on is happening. Blame your damn selves. You refuse to listen to any reason put forth. You refuse to listen when even Black People are giving you first hand accounts. So when you turn on the TV and see more stupidity and violence you can walk right over to the mirror and take a long hard look, because had you guys got off your asses and done something. Anything! We wouldn't be here in 2020. I can see why the other Black People stay off threads like these because they are fucking infuriating. Tell Tamir's parents it was a good shoot. Tell them it was his fault that he got shot. I'm out.
  2. Right now? You can run backwards faster than I could run a 40. Knees bro. Have none.
  3. I are a psychopath or have you never seen the Tamir Rice video? Tamir Rice was a 12 year old kid. 12 fucking years old man. He was playing with a toy gun. Someone called police and said a Black Kid had a gun in the park. Police recklessly drove right through the grass, right up next to him and shot him. There is no world where anything they did is justifiable. You making an attempt to justify what happened to that kid with this video says a lot more about you than you think. Check yourself man. A 12 year old is gonna 12 year old. Right now, you are doing EXACTLY what Brisket said, and looking for anyway to justify even the most reckless instance of police being out of bounds.
  4. Black People compartmentalize how they are treated by police in a separate place from the actual need for police in society. We like that they drive down our street, we just book it in the house when we see them coming. lol
  5. Canadians??? What do you mean by that??? hmmm
  6. I am already here. Stage 1 is underway. I grill in the front yard with a durag, wife beater, pressed jean shorts, and Tims on. Property values are plummeting as we speak.
  7. Man, I wish I got the opportunity to do that. When I roll up on a Trumper all I get is tucked chins and averted gazes. Being 6'2 -3 230 and Black might have something to do with that. Keep up the good fight fellas.
  8. Well, it's the LASD Compton sector. If you know their history around there, you shouldn't be surprised.
  9. Not just about about deaths but only gun deaths. And not all gun deaths, but only unarmed gun death. Next thing we know it will be gun deaths between the hours of 1pm and 10pm, unarmed, and only counts if the police officer was white. White looking Hispanics are excluded.
  10. Just because I have been harassed by police doesn't mean I don't want police around. I would vote for police presence too. I just don't want them messing with me for no reason.
  11. It still amazes me that you have to explain these things to people in thus day and age with all the videos, and all the information readily available. We've been telling them for decades and they still ignore it. I mean, that dude just got beaten unconscious by police for being black while riding in the back of a Lyft. Seriously, what is it gonna take. Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk
  12. True. I usually go for a bit and then bow out for months before returning to see nothing has changed. lol That's why my post count is only 855.
  13. He wouldn't make it out of the room. I laugh at all these guys filtering out all violent police encounters except shooting deaths. Like getting your ass kicked during a traffic stop doesn't count. When I was a senior in high school I was forced off the road by an off duty cop on the way to Galveston. He was driving an unmarked car with his wife and 3 fishing poles in the back. The only way we knew he was a cop is because he was flashing his badge while swerving his car at us and screaming to pull over. We did. He screams at us to get out of the car(3 of us), tosses us face down on the hood, cuffs us, and makes us sit on the guardrail on the side of the freeway while he tosses all our shit out of the car while searching it. He returns angry that he didn't find anything and lets us go. We never knew why he pulled us over, we just sat there dumbfounded and embarrassed. Another time 4 of us were headed to the movies. I lived in an apartment so my friend's car was parallel parked on the side street. As we approached the car the police slowly creeped by heading the opposite direction our car was pointed, looking at us the whole time, and stopped at the stop sign and just sat there. As soon as we pulled off they did a U turn and flipped the lights on. A cop came up on each side. My friend drove a shelby daytona, so there wasn't much head room in the back. So one of the guys had to take his hat off to sit back there. He had it in his lap. I guess his hand moved because the next thing I know guns came flying out screaming get your hands away from the hat. I thought we were dead. We got dragged out off the car, face down on the pavement and cuffed. When they pulled me up I had pebbles stuck to my cheek from the force of his knee on my neck forcing my face into the ground. I was pretty pissed, but I knew if I reacted I was going to jail with the usual resisting charge. They had us there for a long ass time. Neighbors out wondering what was going on. None of us had anything on us or had any legal issues so they let us go. Of course we missed our movie. But if you ask these guys that story(and a whole host of other stories I have)doesn't count. According to them the police treat everyone like this. Inner city Black People have anxiety about police for a reason, and it damn sure isn't fabricated.
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