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  1. To be honest, I don't really put much stock in tennis recruiting class rankings. So many players sign late or enroll in the winter that it adds so much volatility in the rankings. If you look at the historical rankings on TRN of Texas' recruiting class, they are #18 in 2012, #9 in 2010, #25 in 2007, #15 in 2006. Obviously Texas has outperformed those rankings- even during the Fendick Mccain era. I know the Turati twins, Granic, Poluta, Roldan, Labrana, Nagy, Padgemaite, Gajic, Noel Scott, and more weren't included in their respective class rankings. In fact the only one I know for a fact that was considered for class rankings in the Joffe rea previously was Perez Mur. That's not to take away from the fact that Texas is going to be a powerhouse next year. If the team is A. Turati, Sun, Labrana, Perez Mur, Spasojevic, Stearns, Chavitapom, and Rapolu, I honestly think that for sure would warrant a top 3 national ranking next year. While COVID has shut down the tour, there was an 8 women exhibition going on in Atlanta including that mainly consisted of top 300 players. Surprisingly Poluta was invited to participate. Poluta finished 7th (beating a blue chip senior) and I think that's a pretty good feat as she had been out of competitive tennis the longest compared to the other participants.
  2. Gonna miss the grinder! Best of luck.
  3. Based on the fact that the Zamarripa (Allura and Maribella) twins committed yesterday, I think Ryngler is gone. Not even sure how the scholarship numbers are going to work for the '22 season (Perez-Mur, Spasojevic, Sterns, Lulu, Nagy, Chavitapon, Rapolu, and the twins) unless Perez-Mur does not take her redshirt season, Maribella is a walk on, or someone turns pro. Come to think of it Labrana could also play that year too... Anyways the Zamarripa twins can be potential All Americans in doubles. They've had a lot of success together- winning some ITF tournaments, USTA nationals, and the U16 Easter Bowl. Had interest from the likes of UCLA, Pepperdine, Stanford, USC, Duke and Princeton
  4. Local blue chip coming next year-Malaika Rapolu Owns a win over Krywoj (played #1 at Baylor this year) Gosh if the Turati's come back- it'll be a stacked roster. B. Turati, A. Turati, Lulu would be my top 3 with Sterns, Labrana, Nagy, Chavitapon, Rapolu fighting for the other spots in the lineup. Perez-Mur and Spasojevic would also contribute in doubles.
  5. https://www.hookem.com/columns/bohls-worry-never-far-minds-days-texas-turati-twins/ Looks like Anna wants to come back. Bianca on the fence.
  6. Yuya and Tatsuma, though they share the same last name, aren't brothers.
  7. Lost to the defending champs 4-3 Multiple chances in doubles to take the point. Some good things: Turatis are studs at top, Labrana convincingly beat a player she lost to as a freshmen, Nagy is a natural doubles player always moving forward The bad: Tijana is just a serve-bot, Marta is still half a step behind in her shots since her ACL tear, Nagy is just playing too high and needs more time
  8. Peyton Stearns defeated Mari Osaka in the qualis of ITF 100K Kentucky Open. Obviously Mari is not up to her younger sister's level, but this win is the highest ranked player (318) that Stearns has won against
  9. Welp... Ohio State gifted the six line Texas should stay in the top 10 once the computer rankings first come out Bright spot of the week is that doubles look a lot better compared to the previous 2-3 years I have not been impressed with any of the other Big 12 schools' seasons so far. Off the top of my head, no wins against any top 25 teams.
  10. "It just felt like the right fit. They are offering me the one-and-done deal, where I can go for a year and leave after and then come back and get my education,” Stearns said. “They will bring me to at least seven pro tournaments, and I trust them. Some other schools say they will, but I have never seen their players play that many. That was huge for me." I guess using the Turati's success (and to an extent Labrana's) on the pro circuit is going to be a huge recruiting tool for Texas Interesting to hear that Peyton's mom is a UT alum From what I've seen so far, I think Ryngler is still with the team. Texas will be playing Florida State in the first round of indoor nationals.
  11. Chose Texas over Pepperdine, Virginia, Florida, and Mississippi Has beaten Nagy twice in juniors
  12. So this is an old tweet. But I didn't want to post this in case it was a false one. However I just saw her in the Instagram account. Looks like Texas got Lulu Sun. Maybe there's some eligibility issues and that's why she's not on the website roster yet but Lulu is an accomplished player with a Junior record that is (in my opinion) even better than Bianca's. High of 13 in juniors, Australian Open Junior Doubles finalist, has made deep runs at singles Junior grand slams, Youth Olympic Games participant, couple $15k wins, top 500 ranking, etc. IF she gets eligible, I can't see why Texas would not be in the conversation for a national championship
  13. Well Huang is also back- he was in the singles lineup consistently for the first 2/3 of the season and was always in the doubles lineup
  14. I know Yuya feels shafted being ranked #2 in the country despite winning Oracle and ITA All American. So he's hungry this season.
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