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  1. Chose Texas over Pepperdine, Virginia, Florida, and Mississippi Has beaten Nagy twice in juniors
  2. So this is an old tweet. But I didn't want to post this in case it was a false one. However I just saw her in the Instagram account. Looks like Texas got Lulu Sun. Maybe there's some eligibility issues and that's why she's not on the website roster yet but Lulu is an accomplished player with a Junior record that is (in my opinion) even better than Bianca's. High of 13 in juniors, Australian Open Junior Doubles finalist, has made deep runs at singles Junior grand slams, Youth Olympic Games participant, couple $15k wins, top 500 ranking, etc. IF she gets eligible, I can't see why Texas would not be in the conversation for a national championship
  3. Well Huang is also back- he was in the singles lineup consistently for the first 2/3 of the season and was always in the doubles lineup
  4. I know Yuya feels shafted being ranked #2 in the country despite winning Oracle and ITA All American. So he's hungry this season.
  5. And 2005 was such an unfair draw! I believe Texas was ranked in the top 10 in the Coaches Poll and the committee had given Hawaii a top 10 national seed. So in essence it was a top 10 match up in the Round of 32. I also think it was Topic's last games ever as college player. Bethany Howden's too. Such a shame as both those players were really the building blocks for Elliot's success at Texas.
  6. Yuya wins All America and now wins Oracle ITA Fall nationals. Adds to his trophy case of awards that he has collected over his career at Texas. Wonder if he'll be playing line 1 this spring.
  7. Bianca just won a 25K this week. Really good as this was on hard court. In addition, she had her highest ranked win. Really close to breaking into the top 300. Anna made the finals of Fall Nationals. This should set her up decently to qualifying as an All American this year. Also impressed that Lexi got two wins this week. Lineup prediction for the spring: 1. Bianca 2. Anna 3. Lexi/Nagy 4. Lexi/Nagy 5. Labrana (also had a pretty good fall season) 6. Perez-Mur I think Tijana will find herself into the doubles lineup as she has some better technical double skills than some of her teammates.
  8. Austin ITF 15K going on right now. Bianca and Anna are doing their usual things. Fernanda had a good win too in the first round. Keep an eye on another player too- Charlotte Chavatipon who verballed to play for the Horns next year. Beat Maria Lourdes Carles today who played #3 at Georgia and was an All American as a freshmen last year.
  9. The check purposely whited out to just show zero had me laughing Also another blue chip Californian (top 100 junior ITF) verballed to UT this past week- I think for the 2021 season!
  10. Seeing as the women's team just got a junior slam doubles champion, looks like the men's team had to get one too. Spizzirri just won the US Open Juniors doubles tournament. He's also the number one rated recruit on Tennis Recruiting. Looks like recruiting hasn't slowed down since Berque got hired. Class of 2020 has three Top 10 recruits! Wonder if we're also targeting Armilli's younger brother who for two years was also a blue chip recruit.
  11. Not officially a UT athlete yet, but Nagy just won a 25k dubs title. Really hoping with her addition the doubles lineup will stabilize and won't be a weak point
  12. Yes. Even some mid distance guys run XC in college. Leo Manzano (1500 Olympic medalist) ran a couple of Cross Country meets at Texas
  13. Minny up 2-0 right now against Tree
  14. Hate to say it but lots of tennis does come from parent's financial support. I've known friends just at the national level spending around $20,000 a year on the sport. Not going to be specific but there have been quite a few players at Texas in the past two decades who come from well off background and are able to play ITFs making their prep results quite impressive. On the flip side, there have also been other players that aren't as accomplished due to limited resources before they've come to Texas and have excelled. With Nagy, I'm cautious to say but I think she's getting support from her national tennis federation- due to having played Fed Cup and having an Olympian parent.
  15. Nagy played ITF 15K back in Hungary and reached quarters, including an impressive win over a Finnish opponent who has won 2 ITFs this summer. Bianca beat All American Lauren Proctor in California this week.
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