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  1. Should be a quick match tonight against TCU unless Elliot decides to experiment.
  2. In my opinion they are the 4th best US state that shares a border with Texas.
  3. Dusty is an idiot manager. There's a reason why he has never won a world series
  4. Texas: 49 OU: 36 Prop: 198 Went to my first RRS last year. I enjoyed the hell out of the first half. 2nd half is why I'm still seeing my therapist
  5. So scratch her off the angela kelly replacement pool list
  6. Looks like we’re in our mid-season 11am kickoff streak. Last year I believe we had 5 in a row at 11am
  7. should have been a delay of game on Washington. Refs let it go and Wentz throws a TD to give Washington the lead
  8. This will be the first time both Texas and OU are unranked for the rivalry game since 1998. And in that game, Texas won 34-3
  9. I have a good feeling we will be kicking their ass in the first half. If the staff can figure out how to get the team to play just as hard in the second half, Texas will win big
  10. eternal scoreboard for Sam since they are moving to FBS next season
  11. Arkansas lost too. Historically our #3 rival?
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