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  1. Way to go ladies! We still need to figure out why every team shoots lights out against us in the 4th quarter, but man this team could be special.
  2. My CFP prediction 1. Michigan 2. Washington 3. FSU 4. Texas ___________________________ 5. Alabama 6. Georgia 7. Ohio State 8. Oregon
  3. And a good chunk of people in this thread were rooting for Georgia. lmao.
  4. Stanford wins. Fuck Cougar High and their commuter school fake ass tier 1 institution.
  5. 9-5 Stanford. Houston loses its final TO
  6. We're tied in Palo Alto! 2 sets a piece! If Houston pulls this off and allows Texas to host the regional I promise to never refer to them as Cougar High again
  7. BYU swept at home against ASU TCU swept @ Arky Stanford leading Houston 2-1
  8. FSU is about to be one of the worst 13-0 power 5 teams in CFB history
  9. If the committee can't get fathom an SEC team not being in the playoff, just let Texas be the honorary SEC team
  10. Time for the Texas playoff lobby to get to critical mass. Head to Head win over Alabama AT their house by 10 points!
  11. Best possible result if the score stays as is with a close Bama win
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