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  1. University of Florida tennis player Ben Shelton just upset #5 Casper Ruud today in straight sets. I think this will help make his decision about turning pro or not easier
  2. Omeire trying to challenge JWitt for the most frequently injured award?
  3. ULM is terrible, We will win convincingly. UTSA is good, but we will win. Alabama is Alabama, they will win convincingly. The first 3 games of the season are the easiest to predict this year
  4. With the two QBs having different strengths and weaknesses but ultimately on par with each other overall so far, it’s why I think we’re trending towards a 2 QB rotation this season. Something something when you have 2 QBs you have none
  5. Ah right I couldn't remember if this was the 4 game series or the Braves
  6. Lets try to avoid the sweep tomorrow I guess
  7. Only one more singles match left in the career of Serena
  8. To be fair, gordogg was minding his own business trolling on reddit before someone @‘d him on here to explain themselves
  9. And imagine if Ewers actually does have a good scrimmage tonight in front of the public……then Card is named QB1 tomorrow. Our program would be fucked but at least the meltdowns would be entertaining
  10. Card could be a solid QB option for a team that has a top 10 defense, and needs a QB that values protecting the ball over making plays. We don’t have that luxury right now, and thus we need a playmaking QB and have to accept the risks that come with it. Unlike Alabama, Texas cannot be a successful team with a game manager at QB.
  11. A tough slate as usual. Coach hasn’t added any new players to the roster from last season, so I wonder if he adds someone from the portal before the spring.
  12. Also, who wants to live atop a super volcano? Neyor evacuated back to Texas…can’t blame him
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