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  1. Tree wins 4-3. Second trip to California this year we leave without a win. Good thing there are no west coast teams in the SEC
  2. If Molly stayed at Texas she would have easily been in top 3 lines. I don’t blame her for wanting to challenge herself while going for another ring
  3. Madison Booker has been the engine of the team since Rori went down, and we need her to continue to be the alpha on the floor. Last night, she made just 2 shots the entire game, so it’s no surprise the game went the way it did. We need alpha dog Madison every game going forward.
  4. They have the best football stadium featuring a CVS in America
  5. Damn. I wish the camera guy decided to focus on that HR instead of a random kid in the bleachers.
  6. Peyton fell to Vondrousova in 3. Sun lost in straights to Penko
  7. It was a smart business decision for Maya to switch nationalities. Since the surprising sudden retirement of Barty, Australia has been desperate to find their next female prodigy as they currently have 0 players in the WTA top 100. She’s undoubtedly receiving special attention with the Australian tennis association that she would not have received with the USTA. Australian tennis seeks to fast-track the development of this 17 year old, and they’re ahead of schedule at this point as she’s the youngest Australian in the top 400.
  8. Yep, and we swept USCe today. Good work to come home with 2 consolation wins.
  9. With 4 regular season games remaining, the 4 teams receiving byes in the Big12 tournament are all but settled.
  10. The ranked matchup should be a good one. Returning players are still salty over the curfew called tie last year.
  11. 7-0 for the first time since 2020. Fuck covid for ruining our would-be championship season
  12. A surprising amount of pop and power for someone her size.
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