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  1. Can’t stand players that quit when their opponent is one game away from the win. Shitty move by Anisimova
  2. Need a jomboy breakdown but it looks like Sonya said “call me bitch again” and Van Lith wasn’t having it
  3. I noticed Kyndall Hunter has been wiped from the roster. If she can’t find a new home, Vic better not give her another chance
  4. Our leading scorer the first time we played Louisville was out for the season. Hopefully we get her back sometime next year as she recovers from ACL surgery
  5. Texas never lead in this blowout. This program has some offseason soul searching to do ( and physical healing )
  6. TBH we don't just need a PG that will backup Rori, we need a PG that will push her hard enough to challenge her for her starting spot
  7. Louisville is giving us a clinic on national TV. They're playing controlled high effort basketball
  8. We've used a lot of energy the past 5 minutes and haven't made much progress on the score line. Layups are hard for us
  9. Texas took advantage of the weakest Big12......ever. The whole conference is getting exposed this tournament
  10. Louisville came out more aggressive and physical, but Texas absorbed the early blows. Now lets lock in for the 2nd
  11. I guess I missed the news Eddie Lampkin put his name in the transfer portal. I figured he wasn't playing for TCU recently due to injury.
  12. Ole Miss has an early lead on Stanford. If they pull off the upset I wouldn’t be mad about it
  13. Someone once told me that you get your height from your grandparents more than your parents. I never researched the veracity of that statement but there may be some truth to it.
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