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  1. and tomorrow is bale and reguilon day. itsallhappening.gif
  2. i mean, the first three episodes take place immediately after the sacking of a fairly well-loved manager and the hiring of a guy who has a completely opposite philosophy. not to mention a nearly 12-month run of terrible away form, multiple aging players in the last year of their contract and a superstar “leader” who had been vocal about wanting out for six months. if anything i thought it was pretty anesthetized in terms of what was really going on behind closed doors.
  3. while technically true, arsenal have been finishing below spurs since before that.
  4. brentford - do it for the kurupt fm boys. also sick of the west brom yo yo. time for some new blood to get promoted.
  5. always forget how many former spurs players are in the newcastle squad now.
  6. ndombele looking like he's enjoyed a few pandemic cheeseburgers. but hey, he's out there!
  7. "especially when the referee that is not very good in the office, we cannot expect that he is very good on the pitch." - mou, probably
  8. agreed. then this season, more of the same in terms of injuries. if COVID didn't hit we likely finish the season without sonny, kane and stevie. i've got issues with mourinho's personality and team selections from time to time (his unwavering faith in eric dier), but i'm not sure it's fair to blame him for ratcheting up the drama when it was already there. the unfortunate thing is that it's not likely to get better in terms of transfer expenditures with the debt from the new stadium and no revenue (probably) from european football next season.
  9. some good points here, but this club has been off for 18 months. the second half of last season was a dumpster fire (UCL run notwithstanding) and the start of this season was even worse. ndombele wasn't even getting significant minutes under poch because he wasn't fit enough. i'm no mourinho fan, but these guys weren't playing hard for poch at the end either. it won't happen but there needs to be a significant overhaul (either in tactics or personnel) before things get righted.
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