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  1. No. He said the DL made a nice play to break up the pass.
  2. Kurt: are you stunned in the teams progress A: no. We had a difficult schedule. We had inexperience at D. Then we had a rash of injuries. Disappointed we didn’t overcome those issues.
  3. In hindsight it was a poor decision to not kick the FG early in the game -TH
  4. Davis AAS asks again about conservative game plan at the end of the game A: if we threw 3 incomplete passes I would be answering a lot tougher questions right now. At that point in the game, time is a huge factor and we were playing good D. We felt confident to be able to run the ball successfully at the end of the game.
  5. Anwar: brings up disgruntled fan base. What do you say to that? A: they have every right to be if they are true supporters. We haven’t played to our expectations, thus far.
  6. Chip: asking about who formulates the offensive game plan and in game adjustments A: we are all involved. Bunch of coaches watch film and look for tendencies and personnel adjustments.
  7. Asked about the run game A: some good runs early but way too many TFLs. A bunch of self inflicted wounds.
  8. Anytime you lose a game you are outcoached. It’s on us.
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