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  1. Derby day tomorrow....let's start another 23 game unbeaten streak. Liverpool 95 Everton 67 Draws 76
  2. Bone3421

    EPL 2021-22

    Then you're really not going to like tomorrow...
  3. Refenitiv data showing 113% short interest on GME..... Squeeze 2: electric moassaloo
  4. I know there was a another thread but I just wanted y'all to know GME reported short% is 113% Do with as you wish...
  5. Well it's time to start another unbeaten streak....let's go lads, survive the holiday schedule and take the lead from Chelsea in January
  6. I remember when uuuu was about to put my options ITM ages ago..... What!?! It's only been a week...
  7. Uuuu u need to get start going the other direction.....
  8. Inflation at 6.2%....when we getting this market crash????
  9. Well let's hope it doesn't retrace, I want uuuu to rip up to the 20$ mark like you mentioned earlier so I can sell my options and can just worry about holding stonks until it moons Tilray having a nice day also....
  10. Bone3421

    EPL 2021-22

    They shit the bed today, for sure
  11. Bone3421

    EPL 2021-22

    Big 3 pts if Liverpool can handle west ham tomorrow....gets us back within 1 pt
  12. Need to get that 3 tomorrow with Chelsea dropping pts today...
  13. Let's go Uranium...been holding UUUU for a minute and flipping DNN on swings. DNN is just under 2$ a share currently if anyone wants to diversify Go uuuu, few more dollars and my options print
  14. Liverpool is assured 1st in group... Bayern, Juventus and Ajax into knock out Rd with strong possibility of winning groups...
  15. Good work, lads Now play the kids next 2 games
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