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  1. My sister graduated from S.F.A and sent me these.
  2. https://www.atrevidabeerco.com/ Dude and his wife own a brewery and she's the brew master. They don't have a lot of merchandise but I'm buying a shirt.
  3. https://youtu.be/G7WGIH35JBE
  4. As a resident of the golden triangle who's worked with a lot of people from swla, they call those boots Hackberry Reeboks.
  5. Interesting... It also looks like he stole my friend's 4y/o daughter's fishing technique.
  6. As someone who lives SETX, I'd like to move to Beaumont.
  7. butthurt


    I've watched the four episodes and I enjoyed it.
  8. Agreed with three out of four. I've never eaten at Kimmy's.
  9. https://www.beaumontenterprise.com/news/article/Port-Arthur-man-dog-die-after-being-trapped-in-6316213.php A man and his dog died in his corvette.
  10. The four I recall from a refineries I've worked at were 1) They were building a new sub station and the crane holding the casing of the transmission pole broke, and the headache ball sheared off the cable, and smashed a guy's head. 2) A guy was on the wrong side of a couple hundred feet of FRP fire water pipe, a dump truck dropped its load and it pushed the fire water pipe into the trench. The guy was pinned under the line in a ditch filled with water and I think drowned before dying from his injuries. 3) A heavy equipment operator was running a bull dozer while in a coke pit while the gantry crane was being repaired, and backed the dozer off the coke pile into 300 degree water. Essentially boiling him alive. 4) A guy was running a man lift and wasn't paying attention overhead and crushed himself between an I beam and the man lift basket. He was pinned onto the joystick pushing him up.
  11. Damn this sucks. Xanadu is/was my guilty pleasure song of hers for a long time.
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