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  1. Talk to me about sights. I recently got a SA Saint 556 that came with flip up open sights. I'm starting to look around for something that would be good for quick shots inside 100 yards most of the time. Riding around/stalking for hogs and being able to get on them quick without struggling to pick them up in the scope. Would something like this be good? https://www.opticsplanet.com/sig-sauer-romeo5-x-compact-red-dot-sight-1x20mm-2-moa-red-dot-0-5-moa-adj-aaa-m1.html I've been shooting deer rifles my whole life but am a noob on this stuff so any input would be appreciated.
  2. But it's functionally all the same? No need to pay for a better brand?
  3. Dumb question amnesty - I'm looking to upgrade the RAM on my Dell all-in-one. It has two RAM slots and came with 8 GB of RAM, but I haven't cracked it open to see if that's 2x4GB cards or 1x8GB card. It can take up to 32 GB so I think I'm going to just buy 2x16GB cards and swap them out. My question is, does it really matter where I order the cards from? Pretty sure I'm out of whatever warranty it came with and the RAM sticks directly from Dell are ~$85 per vs. other sites where I see them for ~$39 per. As long as the MHz are the same and they are both DDR4, is there a reason to buy directly from Dell? The $39 sticks are a "house brand" from MemoryStock.com, but even Samsung brand are $60.
  4. A couple of ditch pigs wallowing around on the bathroom floor. Sounds about right.
  5. Zire Golf on IG posted something about this and some of the comments were pathetic. Trumpaloos talking about how it was a power move while masturbating furiously to this mega alpha winning another one.
  6. Yup, I'm not falling for the banana in the tailpipe on NAPE again. Seems like all I ever leave NAPE with is a wicked hangover.
  7. Yea, that's a little confusing. So your PED just hasn't dug into the data yet? I was going to make a crack about listening to the experts- unless they contradict your priors, but I realized I'm doing the exact same thing in reverse. My PCP is a little kooky and was telling me I didn't really need the vax (because I was young and healthy) even during the early OG waves when most everyone was clamoring to get a shot. I ignored his advice and got the shot as soon as I could because I live close to grandparents and didn't want to be the one to get them sick. It is a bit confusing to know what's best for my 3 kids. They've all gotten the shot and had natural infections since then that have all been pretty much non events. The data seem all over the place and anyone can find a study to support whatever the believed in the first place. My oldest is a 13 y.o. boy and is really the only one that falls into a category where the risk/reward of the vax seems to possibly be in question. But from what I've read, even for his age group the probabilities of heart issues is greater from covid infection than it is from the vax.
  8. This dude is ill. Like, Herschel Walker/I don't really know who I am ill. This is some wild shit.
  9. I grew up going here - https://camphuawni.com/ I think went 9 summers as a camper and then another 4 as a counselor and I send all 3 of my kids there now too. It's not as fancy as some of the other camps around but is good, clean fun out in the piney woods. No A/C in the cabins, no electronics in the cabin, etc. It's quite a bit different now than when I went there, but all 3 of my kids love it and will be going again this summer. I'm personal friends with the family that started it and was always in the same cabin with the grandson who now runs it, so let me know if you have questions.
  10. Fantastic info, thank you. Leaning towards a house up hwy 206 above Cinnamon Bay.
  11. You are wasting your time, but well done.
  12. Cruz bay area? You've been quite a bit, have you stayed all over or mainly in that part of the island?
  13. How was it? We are kicking tires on a family trip there this summer.
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