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  1. I did groomer hot laps until my legs were turning to jello. Back at the hotel already getting ready for dinner. Great little mountain that was just what I needed today.
  2. Welp. I haven’t waited in a lift line yet today. Loveland is great.
  3. I get in tomorrow afternoon and have a dinner meeting. I could rent some skis in town tomorrow afternoon and be ready to head out early Thursday morning. Nothing to do on Thursday until dinner at 6 pm in the Cherry Creek area. I usually just Uber in to town and back, so not having a car is an issue. And everything would need to go perfectly timing-wise for me to get back for dinner. I looked into Echo as well - pretty dang close but don't know that I would get my $$$ worth out of the ski rental on a mountain that small. I might still go for it.
  4. What are the odds he doesn't pay anything at all and dares the state to start selling his assets to pay the judgements? Throw it on the pile of other things he uses to coax retirees and working class folks out of their money.
  5. Going to Denver for work tomorrow and I've got almost a full day on Thursday with nothing on the calendar until dinner. I've been trying to figure out a way to squeeze in a day at Loveland, but I don't think I can make it happen.
  6. I wouldn't buy off of BAT, but I saw the rust pictures and thought of you and your busted up back not being able to see some bad shit happening underneath.
  7. How bad was the rust on your '10? This one on BAT is currently sitting at $4,900 but the rust underneath looks atrocious. https://bringatrailer.com/listing/2007-toyota-fj-cruiser-116/
  8. I'm kicking around the idea of getting my son a FJ for his first car. My first car was a '91 4Runner and I had an '03 Taco as well. I drove the 4Runner until it had 200k miles and started to have engine issues/lose compression. I drove the Taco for 130k and only got rid of it because we started having kids and I needed more space. My question is, how many miles are too many when looking at a used 'Yota? The FJs have really held their value and there isn't that much savings for one with 200k vs. 125k miles. Opinions?
  9. This sorry ass motherfucker. He's the one that needs a dirt nap. Traitorous piece of shit.
  10. Correct. Garland should have done a press conference giving his own view of the SC's findings and then sat on the report for a week or so until people saw something else shiny and moved on.
  11. Holy shit, that ice karting looks like so much fun.
  12. I was unaware we shared the same line of work. Or are you stealing them from another one of YOUR competitors?
  13. How bad were you sweating and shaking this morning?
  14. Irma's is where we would go if we didn't have clients with us. I love their food, but yea, nothing close to Vic and Anthony's/Pappas/EV's in price or booze selection. Pitchers of margaritas are always a good idea (at the time). I don't even really think about going to NAPE any more. The whole thing sounds like a huge asswhip to me at this point.
  15. I heard a new one last week - the only potential "bonus" of cigarette smoking is that nicotine prevents covid infections. What in the actual fuck?
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