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  1. Jhawk

    AP Top 25

    I think bama staying in the 5 spot realllllly helps me. I know beating Zona isn’t going to move the needle too much for Oregon but bama has the chance to hang on. Show out next week and then get a huge win for the freshman against auburn and you might just keep the PAC out. OU loses to Baylor in the CCG and we’re cooking with gas. Especially if Utah beats Oregon in the PAC championship.
  2. Sloppy game. 1-14 from 3 but 55% overall from the field. Dotson has to take better care of the ball. Good to get a win. Going to be tough in Maui.
  3. That’s a damn fine recovery regardless of whether he takes another snap. Did some charity work with him when I lived in KC. Couldn’t be a more genuine and better person.
  4. The unfortunate, or fortunate part depending on who you are is that PE brought a lot of sophistication to upstream math. Margins are definitely tighter on minerals and leases from what they were a few years ago.
  5. A little different prospective as a far upstream guy, we're seeing a lot of PE money get antsy. Lot of PE groups taking a more active role in what is being purchased and rejecting a lot of acquisitions. I specifically know of one situation where an operator is selling an asset at a loss to go away from the PE investor model and back to bank debt. I wasn't around when the banks ran away from oil last time but it seems that banks are starting to come back around, just as PE is starting to dry up. My idiotic opinion is that PE threw too much money into the industry too fast. With a 5 year window to exit. When you have $500M and you can't get it deployed, producing, and then sold then you're going to have a bad time. Guys were big time overpaying for assets to deploy capital.
  6. Jhawk

    AP Top 25

    Was thinking about that this morning as well but fuck it. Let’s let it ride. We already have the bama has to win out scenario in the bet so I can see an argument that the press would make of “bama won with a backup QB. That just shows how deep and good this team is. They deserve to be in.” if anything it makes the bet a little more interesting to me. Can’t believe I’m going to cheer for bama and the SEC to get two teams in but I’m all for burning the whole playoff structure to the ground so fuck it. Roll tide ma facka.
  7. Jhawk

    AP Top 25

    I like it. Win or lose, pleasure doing business with you.
  8. That’s what you’ve got? Nice add to the conversation. KU did kick players of the team, even players that just drew trouble like JR Giddens. But you’ll probably point to one example and say that’s KU’s system. Also... KU has success and generally players are disciplined save one player ever couple of classes. This is deeper than discipline. They can turn their team to a winner by coalescing around this issue. They aren’t.
  9. Tom Brady has never assaulted a fellow player with a weapon.
  10. All you need to know about the browns and their lack of success is embodied from top to bottom with their actions and comments. Jimmy haslam came out and said “we accept the NFLs punishment.” The team isn’t punishing anyone for shit. Fans throw something on the field, show their tits, fight in the stands, or shine a laser pointer and they are banned from all stadiums for life. A real leader would walk into the locker room and cut Garrett within 5 minutes of the game ending. With everyone in the room. The next day he would call up his GM and head coach and say “clearly you two have no control of this team, which is why the best roster we’ve had in 30 years is under performing. You’re both fired.” Then to make sure you get your point across you ban Garrett from any property owned by the haslam family, for life. If the ravens pick him up next year then he isn’t going to be playing in the game at Cleveland. Fuck him. The organization is a joke because everyone from the top down is impotent by choice or by direction. I know Cowher would never take the offer but you call him up and pay him $10-12M a year to clean up the mess. You bring in someone who is well respected and doesn’t take no shit to be the GM and assist cowher. You look every player in the eye and tell them if they don’t like your actions they can be cut today. Action starts tomorrow. Either come ready to play like a grown man or get the fuck out. What a great opportunity to lead and change a complete organization. Just to be wasted by the browns owner. Pathetic.
  11. Jhawk

    AP Top 25

    I’m good with this except I would add that if 2 SEC teams not named bama make the playoff then no action. Thought being that if Georgia beats LSU in the CCG and they both get in then obviously bama is out My assumption is basically that Baylor or OU will be left out. Clemson will get in as long as they don’t shit themselves. Oregon is on the outside looking in unless there is chaos. I think OSU and Clemson are in. Then if LSU wins out bama is in. If they lose in CCG then Georgia and LSU. You cool with the SEC wrinkle?
  12. Dirty in today's NBA where continuation is 4 steps after a foul and you can't breathe on someone who gets paid more than $22M doesn't get you on the all-NBA defensive team just 20 years ago. The idea that anyone can be a "good defender" and dirty in today's game is a joke. Unless you foul people to hurt them you aren't dirty and ONLY the top 2-3 defenders in this league can compete with the defenses of the 80's and 90's.
  13. Powell just didn’t have enough. Probably a foul on setons 3rd to last possession. No call on Powell’s weak drive was the right call. I’m not seeing any team that is even near “elite” at this point in the season. Going to be fun to watch teams develop all year. I think every fan base in America is going to be very frustrated at some point between now and March.
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