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  1. Wait wait wait. So you guys hammer self for “I didn’t see it” and defend Weber for “my fault” when Weber also said he didn’t see it and self came out pissed in the post game conference. This is how I know almost everyone in this thread is clutching their pearls. Only D2o has said anything about KSU. Everyone else has turned a blind eye or defended KSU. De Sousa should be gone and I hope self holds him longer than the league wants. But he isn’t the only problem here.
  2. 1 and 4 Go hand in hand. The worry among KU fans is that Jeff long will try and exert power he was no doubt given with selfs approval. That’s when you have major issues. The point about KSU is very curious to everyone. Reddit conversation cant believe that KSU isn’t taking any blame. Weber has basically said nothing until after the punishments. The school also said nothing about sportsmanship or how it reflected on the program. The taters I know loved it and can’t wait for their home game. They’re a lot like mizzou in that fashion. The obvious worry is that we drop our next conference game with no back up big man. We’re going to have to get 13 minutes from an undersized freshman 4 at the 5 spot. Luckily OSU is pretty undersized as well so they probably won’t feast inside. It could easily be an OSU win given our struggles down there. The silver lining here is that both fan bases finally feel like this is a rivalry. If it isn’t going to be competitive on the court at least it can be emotional off the court and on the court. It’s no secret that self and Weber don’t like each other. Now the players don’t like each other. On top of that, the media (and everyone else) now has a reason to hate KU. That will hopefully galvanize the team even further and encourage us to not take plays off when we are up 13. The obvious worry is that we can be easily emotionally baited into fouls. But I don’t see the refs calling our games tighter as a problem, in this league that probably helps KU, especially at WVU who is a contender.
  3. Watch the other angles champ. Also, maybe go look at my posts on it. I think he’s gone and am fine with it. You don’t think anyone else has any culpability unless they are associated with Ku.
  4. Once again showing your ass. He was not the first one to throw a punch. He wasn’t the second to throw a punch. But you’d rather just look at a still frame shot and make your judgement.
  5. I thought about raping your wife. Going to arrest me for it? Espn wants criminal charges pressed. Settle down snowflake. It was a fight at a basketball game where no one even landed a blow. Also false. If you watch, the guy in black is pulled out and away before any stomping happened. The stomper was stepping over a folded up chair. Once again, you didn’t watch the other angles you just want Ku to take heat. have anything to say about the KSU bench clearing over a stare down? What about that the first few punches were thrown by purple people?
  6. I can tell none of you have watched the reverse angle.
  7. The sad thing is that 3 out of 4 of those teams should be in the top half of the conference. Which means our conference is woefully bad relative to years passed.
  8. Good to see you back. Stick around for the rest of the season.
  9. THat's a completely separate issue. The NCAA doesn't typically step in on discipline issues. That was a eligibility issue.
  10. Jim Ross on the call http://twitter.com/bubbaprog/status/1219822809339301888
  11. The reverse angle from right next to the action shows that its actually McCormmack and he is stepping up onto the elevated surface and then stepping over a knocked down chair. That is the only good thing to come of this, potentially. If ESPN is right then the season is over and next year is going to be garbage as well. McCormmack and Garrett are the core of the team next season.
  12. Maybe if Marcus Smart weren't an NBA caliber player then he would have at least gotten ejected from the game when he deliberately walked into the stands in Lubbock and punched a fan. Maybe he would have gotten suspended for more than 3 games? Nahhhhhh... good players deserve the same punishment or worse than bad players.
  13. Just looked and the brawl between cincy and Xavier in 2011 had 8 guys suspended. The longest was 6 games. Rules have also gotten far more strict since then though.
  14. That’ll be the pic that smokes him in my opinion. Even though he didn’t use it the fans being around and possibly hurt and picking it up in the first place is rough. it will be interesting to see tomorrow. The league only hit marcus smart for 3 games for fighting a fan in the stands. Something tells me this one will be worse though.
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