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  1. What was JT looking at in the trap on his last shot?
  2. Oh... I thought it was a 10 year deal. Woof... That's a lot of cheddar to swallow if you're ESPN.
  3. Administrative question on LHN.... I believe the contract is coming up in the next 2-3 years. Can someone detail the financials of LHN and the future prospects? I think the networks blew their load on TV contracts last rounds and everyone is in for a smaller contract this next go around (starting in 2023 with the BIG). I've read a few articles that say LHN has some financial issues. What is the future of LHN? Does UT go all in and go independent with LHN intact? Does UT look for a different conference? Does UT revert rights back to the big12? Does UT revert rights back to the big12 with a greater share of revenues? Genuinely asking as I was debating the efficacy of LHN and UT as an independent with a corn friend at lunch today.
  4. A huge issue is that i haven't been practicing at all. I show up and play, sometimes not even stretching. I really need to be on the range at least 1 time a week, 2 being better.
  5. Friends and I were talking about this last night over drinks. I honestly can't believe that my single buddies aren't doing some manscaping around the chili ring. Was telling my buddy who is about to go on a date with a 21 year old that he better get into ass play real quick if he wants to fuck this girl. The young ones are all about the shithole.
  6. Been a rough summer. 49 rounds on 6/1 and only 10 rounds since. Played Shangri-La at Grand Lake a couple of weeks ago 2 over on the front nine with my second ever eagle and finished double, double, single bogey for an 82. A personal best by 1 stroke. Handicap at 11.5 but has been consistently between 12.5 and 13.1 all year. I was playing a ton but not really practicing so my short game is inconsistent. Another frustration is that i have changed my putting stroke. My fell is unreal at this point, never 3 putting and putting long putts withing 20" each time. But i'm not ramming it home on 3-5 footers anymore so i'm really letting the green take control of the ball. Results in missing a lot of short putts which is incredibly frustrating. The other day I almost had a hole in 1 only to miss the 2.5' putt because of a 4" break and babying the ball to the hole. Need to get back into my old putting routine and get back to making putts.
  7. Jhawk


    Ammoseek.com is legit. Thanks for that. Did inventory yesterday and I’m sitting about 5700 rounds between 5 calibers. Just ordered 1100 more rounds in 5.56 and 40sw. Going out to the farm this weekend to get everything on paper. Laser boresight is nice but it’s time to wear our my shoulder between the BMG and ar10.
  8. Correct. My business partner said NU would be playing regardless of any other team playing. He said this back in June. NU fans don't live in reality. But damn... they have to think that a $300M loss for the city/school is so large that maybe they'll figure out a way to be humble. That being said, even if they get the boot from the big10 conference change doesn't happen over night and getting them into the big12 this year isn't going to happen. By next year this will all be over. Seems like a lot of people are panicking and making a bigger deal of this than what it is. No one is going anywhere.
  9. Honestly... I'd take NU back if we could get CU back as well. Texas and OU have gotten what they wanted out of the other pawns in the conference. NU can't bitch about it now. Let them back in and let's get to 12. But Fuck Aggie and MU.
  10. That blows but it’s better than the IRS i suppose.
  11. Question on the tax stamp... when do you know what the hell is going on? Does my FFL just call me out of the blue one day saying “he it’s here” or what? Is there a place to check the status?
  12. What about how the NCAA and college football as a stand alone entity has ever made any sense?
  13. This is exactly like what we saw with CBB. Trickle in some options to hopefully get the season finished. Then something big happens (gobert getting rona) and boom. It's over. I'm willing to bet that with no fans in the stands and only 8-10 game schedules, that all it takes is about 5-10% of rosters/coaches to contract corona before september and all CFB will start to cancel. Ivy League opened the door. Everyone else is standing there wondering if they have to walk through it. Media hysteria will force them to.
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