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  1. Can someone clarify the show cause? Typically this is given to someone who has been fired and any school looking to hire that coach needs to show that their program is in such bad shape that they have cause to hire the coach in question. Basically banning him from the sport. What happens when the coach hasn’t been fired? Do they have to fire him? This seems like more of a suspension than a show-cause.
  2. When I got my G410 i was only hitting it about 10 yards further than my 3 wood (275-285) I almost talked myself out of buying it. Had my longest drive on Saturday of 322. I touch 305+ about 3 times a round and am regularly at 290. Getting more comfortable with the club will increase your distance as well. I love the club now and never pull my 3w anymore after 10 years of only hitting a 3w. That being said, my club in Tulsa rewards distance as a big miss is better than a small miss and the rough is cut low because the old codgers bitch about the course being too tough when the bermuda is longer than your freshly shaved pubes.
  3. I spent $750 on my driver. G410 head with a fujikara speeder shaft. I might have paid up a little for the combo but wasn’t disappointed given I’ve paid $700 for an F9 that wasn’t fitted at all. The shaft balancing is a unique thing that I think really helps too. with my irons, cobra had my kbs shafts as an option to build my own clubs. I think I would have saved $30/40 per club just ordering from the site. same with my wedges. I hit my clubs then hit about 4-5 other heads and 3-4 shafts. Shafts first to get that dialed in and then you go after heads. My guy couldn’t get much more out of me with any combo and I was set to just get new shafts and then I hit the cobra heads and it was night and day. I was up to about 115 swings and he let me pick anything off the wall and give it a go. Hit some pxgs and some Mizuno blades but couldn’t hit either. Plus I was up to 125 swings and was just worn out. on the putter, if you make putts then don’t change anything ever. I have a very mechanical swing and an old ping anser. Over the life of the putter I probably average 30-31 putts per round with a low of 23 putts in a round. I’m not changing that ever.
  4. I can see that. It is insane that a bad actor (from a previous regime) who ACTED ALONE can fuck the future of a bunch of kids, fans, and fellow coaches. If you really want to punish the university then fine its endowment or something. Don't remove scholarships (hurt future athletic opportunities), ban postseason play (hurt seniors and potential star performances that lift a kid's draft stock), and say "now don't do this again". The punishments are asinine. The NCAA is supposed to be for the student athlete but when the adults in the room fuck up their solution is to punish the student athlete. The Zion lawsuit could blow this whole thing open but I'm willing to bet that Duke (or its boosters) might even step up and pay a settlement to keep him from being compelled to testify on payments and his recruitment. The NCAA is so backward it isn't even funny. You're required to police yourself and then when you turn yourself in they throw the book at you because you didn't preemptively police yourself and literally anyone who might have any interest in your programs being successful in the entire world, both corporate and individual. It couldn't be any more obvious that the NCAA as an entity is wholly maintained for the sole purpose of covering for the ass of the "amateurism" model. KU's best hope is to get into a long drawn out court case with the NCAA until they just want it to end. Never cooperate.
  5. Great experience with CC. That being said, look for reviews on the actual club fitters. The guy in OKC is regarded as one of the best fitters in the midwest. It was a no brainer. I bought all irons, wedges, and driver from them. I would not recommend buying clubs there with the exception of a driver. Their driver pricing is pretty reasonable given your shaft is going to cost as much as the driver and they do a balance deal on the shaft to make it strike pure with little vibration. With the irons, basically their gimmick is that they buy the irons and buy the shafts as if they are separate entities. But if you go on the club of choice's website (cobra for me) you can buy the clubhead and shafts assembled. Basically, they double charge you for shafts when they don't need to. That's where they make a lot of their money I'm guessing. On top of that, they won't waive the fitting fees regardless of whether you buy from them or not. My opinion, research WHO you want fitting you at CC, get a fitting and tell them you need to get approval from the wife on purchase. Go on the website of the clubs you would buy and buy them direct. You'll have a print out of your specs so it should be very easy and will save you about $500. Great experience all around though.
  6. The only chance KU has is if coaches like mike brey can be called in as witnesses and explain their relationships with shoe companies. That’s why I think this goes to actual court. No coaches are going to volunteer their schools to be hammered by the ncaa and there is no subpoena power to compel them. getting to court could sound good for KU but the subpoena power swings both ways. How badly do we not want to get punished? How much punishment is Ku willing to accept? If we go to big boy court over this then the whole system is going to be burnt to the ground because I would guess that every known bagman of every big school will be subpoenaed and every shoe runner will be brought in. That is scorched earth territory and I’m willing to bet that Ku would accept a 1 year postseason ban, games vacated, and a half season suspension for Self before they go scorched earth.
  7. Jhawk

    The CHAZ

    Crazy that the anarchists are unable to see the irony in them governing the anarchist state. You'd think that would be enough to get at least 10k of the residents to march down the streets and drive the leadership out. Living in Tulsa, I full on expected this to happen here with the Trump rally (no politics). I live in the area that would be ground zero for this kind of activity. I would not be giving up my property and rights as easily as people in seattle did.
  8. Jhawk

    The CHAZ

    These people don't care about "ordinary" people or businesses. The first thing that happened was a strongman came in and took control of all enforcement to his arbitrary standards. The next thing is they went to business owners and told them that they had to pay $500 a week for "protection". Oh and don't forget about the "unplanned" donations. This is what happens in 3rd world countries. Power vacuum is filled, the leaders of the group filling it are enriched. Sure there are some altruistic people who are there but they are sheep. They bring "legitimacy" to the cause because if it was just a bunch of warlords the police/army would move in and take back the city. The loudest voices and biggest biceps are being given autonomy because they hide behind the causes the altruistic people want to champion. This happens ALL OVER AFRICA ALL THE TIME. Africa is not in great shape relative to the US. If this was a country that was not friendly to the USA then we would have moved in an killed everyone holding a gun. We haven't because this is on american soil. I didn't realize how many people lived in the area. I think I saw 30k residents which is massive. I be Erik Prince is shining his bayonet wondering when a coalition of business owners, landlords, and residents will ring his doorbell asking for the blackwater boys to come through and clear out the place. Wouldn't that be something to behold... mercenaries killing warlords on US soil to hand a territory back to the US government.
  9. My short game is totally gone. After the 39 with 9 putts on an E9 I have 100% lost it. Costing me 12+ strokes a round.
  10. Sometimes too much golf is too much golf. Hard to mentally prepare for 4 straight rounds. Easier to play 4 random rounds in 4 days than 4 planned rounds in 4 days in my opinion.
  11. If you have to slam a blue blood to make a point which one are you going to slam? It’s flyover country and a big scalp. Indiana got theirs. UCLA self sacrificed with their shitty hires. Now it’s KUs turn.
  12. There is no standard and never will be. The P5 shcools have to stand up like they did for CFB and take the power from the NCAA. The problem there is that the P5 schools give money to the NCAA and the NCAA is the whipping boy to protect amateurism. Now with NIL rights the P5 should just tell the NCAA they are going to have their own tourney every year and make/enforce their own rules. Then the NCAA would get in line. An interesting development in this whole deal is that Zion has been ordered to testify in a case against his former manager (now stayed upon the further evidence review: detailed below). He was told he has to answer questions regarding his HS recruitment. The lawsuit is for $100M. My bet is that Duke comes forward and pays a settlement on Zion's behalf (probably $8-10M or so) and gets him out of court ASAP. If he testifies then no school will have the NCAA to protect it. https://www.si.com/college/duke/basketball/zion-williamson-former-agent-gives-details If this doesn't get an actual investigation into Duke then what in the actual fuck? I'm convinced KU is going to go down hard. The funny thing is that the smoking gun to tie adidas as a booster to KU is the convo between adidas and our assistant coach about zion. If that is the evidence you use to say KU explicitly asked for players to be paid then you have to investigate and rule the player ineligible. Unless you're the ncaa of course.
  13. 93 in 40mph winds today. Then on the E9 I went 39. That combos with a 43 to be an 82 on my card. Handi is going down tomorrow. I’m on the tee sheet for 4 more rounds this week. Back on track I hope.
  14. I’m pairing with an Illuminator which I was told gets you about 150.
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