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  1. Golf digest reporting the the open championship is going to be cancelled since Wimbledon made the move.
  2. 8 total players (7 scholarship) gone from WSU. Doesn’t sound like a player problem to me. Sounds like coach lost the team and they all said fuck it. Also, transfers rarely trade up to go to a better program usually lateral at best. When you have walk ons leave that isn’t a sign that they want to play at a bigger school or think they deserve more PT. It means the culture is toxic. Given that WSU can’t even scrimmage right now if it was allowable I’d say this isn’t players being soft or bitching to bitch. The program is ok life support at this point.
  3. I counted the other day and between 5.56, .308, 9mm, and .40 and 22lr I've got over 4200 rounds. Mostly .40 and 5.56. I have another 150 rounds of BMG coming in tomorrow. I figure if I need it and I get through 4350 rounds of ammo and I'm not dead yet then that means I'm a god.
  4. Shot 87 today. -1 after 3. Hole 4 I blast a 3 wood about 320 downwind 25 mph. I’m driving the first cart and everyone is saying there is no way I’m that far. I help everyone find their balls and then no one helps me. They finish the hole and it turns out I out drove everyone by 20 yards just into the rough. I don’t even finish the hole because I dropped and then hit a tree. Only find my ball while approaching the green. Yell at a guy in the group... Birdie the next hole. Par the next one. Pick right through the round and win 200. Fuck the world. On again tomorrow morning. Tulsa lockdown starts at midnight tonight.
  5. Well we pull it with our glove hand. That's basically no different than picking your ball out of the hole with a glove and better than picking it out with no glove. It's oklahoma... even our golf pro and super are idiots.
  6. Yeah we have pool noodles in the cups. My only problem with it is that they didn't cut them low enough so if you hit the lip then instead of falling it bounces off the noodle and out. Is that in or out?? We didn't know so after the first hole we started pulling the pins and playing regular golf.
  7. Aren’t they called solvent traps?
  8. We closed down everything but the course and pro shop. Played 36 today. Lost $550 playing hammer wolf. I think I’m going to take a week off.
  9. I have a guy who make MASSIVE muzzle brakes.. I'm going to get him to make me one. His BMG "barely kicks" according to him. I don't have a picture of his brake but it is large and long.
  10. I couldn’t decide if having your body aligned behind the force would be better or worse. suggestions on glass? Was thinking about getting IR for it because it’s already the most expensive item I own, might as well be more expensive. I’ve heard IR isn’t really all that great though. Thoughts?
  11. Well... got a new toy today... need to add some things to make it “functional” but “panic” buying a gun while you have money to burn and are stocked in other firearms means you buy something that will sink faster during the boating accident. The magazine side loads. Is about the size of a small pizza box it seems like. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Soooo... How many of you Nostradamus fucks have been practicing throwing your tomahawks? I have been.
  13. For real. Met a 42 year old nurse and she wouldn’t let me kiss her last night. im having a blast. Finding new things to be a degenerate gambler on. Playing golf like a mother fucker. Have my food and armory prepped. Spending a fuckload of money on new toys and on top of it all getting a shitload of work done. I’m one of 2 people going into the office but we are steering the company the direction we want with no bitching from others. It’s been a great week and a half. As long as we don’t go on full lockdown then I’m loving it.
  14. I’m looking at flight right now to head down to an island for the next month. Everything is going to be shut down here soon. Anyone know of an island that has good/affordable golf so I can get in 10-15 rounds? i have a ton of shaft lean with my irons. One thing I forgot how to do was to get my shaft neutral when chipping and pitching. In 3 stroke I was able to pitch again. Only $80 for that lesson.
  15. 85 today. My handicap is about to normalize as my next 5 rounds to drop off are high 90s and I’m booting a 94 off my counted scores. 17 rounds on the year with another one coming tomorrow. This week is going to be real nice. Might get 4 in this week. Our grass should start to come back by the end of the month which is BADLY needed as the Bermuda is fucking real thin.
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