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  1. What does me not posting regularly on the site in general for almost a year have to do with juwan Howard physically assaulting an opposing coach. Been pretty busy at work for a bit. Cut down on about everything but work and golf.
  2. If the school has a zero tolerance policy toward violence then Howard has to go. Simple as that. By definition, striking someone with a “nigga slap” is violence and by not firing Howard you are by definition having tolerance toward violence. An interesting question for Pancho would be “what if Gard or the Wisconsin assistant “nigga slapped” Howard. What should happen then?”
  3. Serious question… with the NIL stuff why do I see so much about people going somewhere because of “bagmen”? Are you guys equating NIL and bagmen or are you talking about bagmen in the traditional sense of paying players under the table? Why would anyone do that under new guidelines? Under the table can’t be written off as a business expense. It makes no sense anymore.
  4. Drop off from #1 to #2 or #5 isn’t that far to fall and gives them the chance to win it all.
  5. And his defenses ranked 2, 13, and 9 in those years. Which shows he developed the talent he had very well and in the absence of development he had them playing very sound football. That still signals that he has a chance to be a good HC, especially given those are the qualities the LR and BS has when they were hired. OU is probably going to have a pretty salty defense. It’s the offense that will determine if they win 10-13 games a year or 7-9 games a year.
  6. Apparently Chris Lowe is reporting that if Mario leaves for Miami then Oregon’s #1 target will be chip Kelly. @Sbbruin might get sucked in regardless of not firing the guy.
  7. Kelly only getting 9.5M. Saban is at $11M. Sounds like saban won’t be getting a raise because he still outshines all of the other salaries.
  8. Urban to ND is the only thing that doesn’t destroy the big 12. If they take fickell then cincy is good enough to take Campbell. Which means ISU takes chizik and the block head man becomes ku’s bitch. If KU get out of the cellar the big12 is worse than the wac.
  9. He’s got goiter in his blood. They crave it.
  10. Call up leach and get venebles for 2M a year and take out your hate on tech for 3 years before bailing to the sec. not a bad plan.
  11. My connection seemed to think there was still conversation. He was a little slow to the news and I’m sure I’m about number 10,000 on his call list about this stuff.
  12. Just got a call from big money. Lincoln is 100% out.
  13. I guarantee stoops watches every game. Have some common connections with him, one prominent, and he very much has his thumb on the pulse of the program. It was just hinted to me that the ink isn’t dry yet but it has been signaled that riley has a problem with NIL at OU. Boosters are trying to make personnel decisions based on who they are paying to go to OU. Specifically the rat man. I responded that if someone doesn’t get the boosters in their place then OU will become UT quickly and with less to sell. I haven’t heard anything more.
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