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  1. I think your problem is the clip.
  2. Why not? There's plenty of room in front of their house that isn't directly behind my driveway. It makes it hard for me to back out of my own driveway sometimes because the street is somewhat narrow, especially on trash day or if there is another car parked in front my house and there is little room to get turned. I make a point never park directly behind their driveway as I think that's a decidedly unneighborly thing to do if it can be avoided.
  3. Our neighbors across the street park directly behind our driveway all the time. Drives me crazy. And they still do it even after I've asked them to stop. I am not sure why Mrs CL has never hit their cars yet; I would be OK with that.
  4. I actually bought my son a 686 Onyx 20/28 combo earlier this year. It's a great little gun with beautiful wood for only a little more than the silver pigeon.
  5. Pic of my heavily modified/fitted 682 just to share.
  6. Yes, I'm a big dude, so fitting would be a definite requirement. My current (tubed) 682 has a ton of cast off and an extra inch and a half on the stock and an adjustable comb, which would have to be done (is done) for any new gun I buy. Larry Feland could do it for me, but then I'm taking this beautiful wood and fucking it up as soon as I buy the gun. I'm cool doing that to my $2k Beretta and a couple of 1100's that I use to hunt. Much less cool cutting up the stock on something this nice and expensive. Seems as if I' going to spend $40k on a gun, I could spend that money on myself and order one from Italy that's made to fit from the start. And I could get slightly less nice engraving and instead fly to Italy and get it fitted and pick it up at the factory.
  7. At the end of our block is a cul de sac. We live on the straight part of the block on right side of the road facing the end, so when visitors (and we ourselves occasionally) arrive at the house, a driver can park by the curb in front and be facing the correct direction so that when said driver leaves, he just has to drive 100 more feet and drive around the circle and head back out. No need to ever put the car in reverse. Delivery drivers do this move all the time when they come by the house. For whatever reason, Mrs CL refuses to do this. She insists on pulling into the neighbors' driveway across the street and then executing a tight three point turn that takes at least as much time as going around the loop. This morning, another neighbor had an overnight guest who had parked across the street from said driveway. While executing her usual but unnecessary three point turn, Mrs CL backed into the neighbor's guest's car and dinged it pretty good. Naturally, she was mad that this car had been parked in that location. I don't even know where to begin.
  8. Problem is, they are so custom that it's hard to figure out exactly what a "fair value" is. I think $40k is a little high, but it's probably close for a 4 barrel set with upgraded wood and engraving given the $5k cost of extra barrels on the base model. (near as I can tell, there is not an "M8" model, just MX-8)
  9. Oh my lord. https://www.gunbroker.com/item/872406852 I will say the wood is beautiful and I'd be at least a little bit tempted for half the price. Really want a P-Gun 4 barrel set, but this is beyond my price range.
  10. Just got the BGE for Father's Day, so no. Have heard it is a good tool to use.
  11. Honestly, this isn't a bad deal at all for this given the the current market. I paid more for the same gun a little over a year ago and love it, along with the 2 other P320's that I own. https://palmettostatearmory.com/sig-p320-m17-9mm-full-sized-modular-pistol-coyote-320f-9-m17.html?trk_msg=R778NL8VCMO4T6LQJPVQPQRHBK&trk_contact=IPE4U6QQ88BS7D5JMDP90C3FP8&trk_sid=UVC342O25VC4BHHE4N0QBIFC8S&utm_source=Listrak&utm_medium=email&utm_term=SHOP+NOW&utm_campaign=Daily+Deal+Email&utm_content=12%3a00+Email
  12. Tried to do a "Franklin Method" brisket on my new XL BGE yesterday and it turned out fantastic. Only weird thing was that it didn't stall until around ~185 but then it fell back under 180 for about 3 hours before rising again. Had the probe in the same spot I always stick brisket with, so maybe it was just a weird cut? Then after I wrapped it and put it back on I couldn't get the dome temp to get back below 300, so I ended up taking it off and finishing it in the oven at 210 for a couple of hours instead. All in all took ~11 hours including an hour of rest before we sliced and it was great. Probably one of the best I've ever made and I didn't have to mess with adding wood or lumps one time. Pretty sure I'll figure out how to do it "right" on the BGE with a little more practice, but can't say this one wasn't all that bad to begin with. Did not think to get a picture of the finished brisket yesterday, but here is a pic of this afternoon's leftovers lunch after church.
  13. Unless you find some cheap pairs from Academy, I would not sell a single pair of boots from that closet. Keep them in the family and let the nephews and grandkids and 1st and 2nd cousins have a keepsake or two.
  14. Our tenant just showed up to collect his calves. Tomorrow will be the saddest day of the year for all the mama cows on our farm. The oldest one was born on New Years Eve about 2 hours before kickoff of the Alamo Bowl. Circle of life....
  15. My wife got me a big green egg for fathers day today since my smoky mountain was rusting apart in the Houston humidity. Very generous of her. Currently doing a couple of racks of back ribs just to try it out. One thing I did notice is that it got really hot really fast compared to my old grills. Looking forward to referring to this thread and learning some tips and tricks.
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