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  1. They sell the little velcro holsters for $5 each on Amazon. You can really cram them in there if so desired.
  2. Any guesses? I'm guessing luggage based on the photo.
  3. I bought an Original brand gun safe from Houston Safe & Lock about 18 months ago. The quality (and weight) between that and the cheap one I bought at Sam's 15 years ago is substantial.
  4. My guess is if an NFL team did actually offer him, he'd find some reason to decline it and then try to make it look like he was wronged somehow.
  5. "Fire the person whom coaches tackling."
  6. Fire whoever coaches tackling. That said, I totally agree.
  7. Some people hunt for big bucks, some people hunt for.... deer with antlers.
  8. If CDC has the brass balls we think he does, he'd fire Mensa "unexpectedly" tomorrow or, at least the next time we lose. If we win out and go 3-0, then the obvious answer would be that he could stay another couple years and swap out the assistants, so that would argue in favor of firing him ASAP before the bowl game and not giving him a chance to stick around. Let's see what CDC is made of.
  9. I stayed on the Charlie train too long... not going to make that mistake with Herman. Still not there yet, but I'm close. If Orlando isn't fired by January 14, that will do it for me, as well losing more than one of the next three. This season was supposed to be an improvement over last season. Last year wasn't supposed to be the pinnacle.
  10. Could also be a model that isn’t available to the general public and is only sold to licensed LEO’s. But Brat’s probably closer to the truth seeing that they were “mostly 38’s”. Those are old school cop guns right there.
  11. Yes. This right here. Booth review for targeting with the helmet, not cheap shots. Fuck you Big 12 refs.
  12. Does Orlando never watch 1st and 2nd down when we get pressure with an honest front?
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