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  1. Your increasing vitriol belies the fact that your faith in the media driven panic is falling apart rapidly. I'm the one who said that it was overblown and the numbers would be way lower, remember?
  2. Oh man, with these trends in the model - which already were taking hiding under the bed (aka "social distancing") into account, so don't throw that shit into my face - I'm really getting nervous about my prediction. So nervous! I'll keep my political reasoning to myself regarding the source of the panic, but I won't hesitate to say that it has all been overblown and the panic is all quickly falling apart now.
  3. You can easily quantify things like unemployment claims, businesses closed, bankruptcies, bank loan defaults, auto sales, whatever. "Lives saved" is a bit more nebulous and subjective.
  4. Yes. That is happening. Dr. Birx even admitted it in the briefing tonight. If you die *infected with* the panic virus, the official CDC guideline right now is that you died from the panic virus. Guy discharged from the hospital and has a heart attack at home? Cause of death was the panic virus. Had a car wreck on the way home from the hospital? Cause of death was the panic virus. Killed by your wife when you got home because she saw your texts to your side piece? You guess it. Panic virus. We're at the stage now where they have to inflate all the deaths they can to try and save face from the Great Panic Over Nothing. It's very much like counting suicides and accidents as "gun violence". There is an agenda to keep and numbers to inflate, goddamit.
  5. It's almost as if everyone wants to claim that their inability to prove a negative means they were always right and can't be questioned.
  6. I don't go into the other thread anymore. Is the worst still two weeks away? This has been the longest two weeks I can remember in a long time.
  7. Considering I am now drinking every night of the week, I think I will.
  8. Going back to the cage analogy because it never ceases to be relevant. If I locked you in a cage and isolated you from other people to keep you alive and healthy from the Panic Virus, would that be overreacting or merely doing the right thing according to Dr Tony's definition? If overreacting, why?
  9. You know what? Fuck it. We're not getting to 50k by the end of April. Hell, we're not even getting to 25k by April 15. This whole goddam thing is one of the biggest overreactions in the history of the modern world and I'm not going to buy into it anymore and be afraid to look at the data and have a conclusion because the rest of the world is panicking and being told to be scared. Daily new deaths in the USA are starting to flatten out and hospitals are emptying out everywhere but New York City. Italian deaths started slowing down a week ago and now it's happening in the America. All this bullshit over something that is basically going to double our worst flu season. I'm no longer buying into it.
  10. https://www.craigmurray.org.uk/archives/2020/03/momento-mori-unpopular-thoughts-on-corona-virus/
  11. I tend to think the original prognostication was 50,000 by Easter, not by the end of April. Still not sure if we will get there but it will be close. My December prediction is probably toast too, but it's also not going to ONE MILLION AMERICANS!
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