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  1. We've only had about 6 inches total here in Greatwood since Sunday, but due north of here they've had more than 10, and most of it just yesterday and last night. Pretty bad up there. Feeder roads on the beltway and 59 are underwater.
  2. Especially considering how various rules changes have basically eliminated successful onside kicks... it was fucking sweet. Don't think it would spin like that on natural grass, either.
  3. This combined with the front on Friday makes me want so bad to say “summer” is over and we’re finally done with hot and humid mid-90’s days. I’m gonna punch Eric Berger in the dick if he disagrees with me.
  4. We've had 1.4 inches in my weather station in Sugar Land since noon today and that's just from that one early band that passed through Houston today and is almost to Austin by now.
  5. Pulled the pork butt last night and served it on Hawaiian buns with cole slaw and the Franklin vinegar sauce. Goddam that was some good eating. My 13 YO son ate three sandwiches after football practice. My only complaint was that it was a tiny bit dry, even with the water pan. I probably need to mop it more than I did? But once you put the sauce on it, it was great.
  6. Rain isn't supposed to start until Sunday afternoon but the beach probably won't be too much fun tomorrow anyway.
  7. Pick a model, any model. Any one you pick is predicting a shit ton of rain along the coast next week. GFS has 19+ inches in Galveston and 16+ inches in Corpus.
  8. I have a full size P320 in 45ACP and love the shit out of how that giant grip snuggles up with my hand. Doesn't conceal for shit but still my favorite handgun that I own.
  9. Pork butt finally came off the BGE around 11:00 last night. 18 hours total cook time. Had a tiny sample before bed and will pull it later this morning. Sandwiches for dinner tonight. Holy shit it turned out tender with the consistent temperature from the CyberQ. Great bark, too.
  10. For me it's just inexperience and user error. The problem on Labor Day was that I lit too much charcoal at the start and wasn't patient enough to let it heat up slowly. Then it got too hot and then I was constantly opening and closing vents all day trying to get it to get it right and ended up ruining the meat. This morning I just lit the charcoal in one spot with my propane torch and then followed the directions and let the computer and the fan bring it up to temp slowly. It has been steady now between 250 and 255 for 6 hours straight.
  11. Got a CyberQ after my Labor Day brisket went to shit due to fluctuating temperatures. Using it today for the first time to do a pork butt and it's amazing how steady the temp is holding. Will report back after we eat tonight but my guess already is that it will be tasty. My only complaint is that the wifi signal doesn't make it all the way to that part of the yard so I have to go into the kitchen and get close and use bluetooth. Guess this means I need to upgrade to a mesh wifi system now.
  12. Amazing how all the theater evaporates when people finally get tired of playing along. Same thing is happening with the masks. More and more people are saying, "naaaahhh".
  13. George Ranch has their first scrimmage next Friday.
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