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  1. The primary reasons are that I like the sight picture better and the extended magazine fits my beefy hands better. I bought the extension for the P365 but don't care for it as much as the Hellcat's grip. There is also a trigger safety on the Hellcat which, because I pocket carry (in a pocket holster), I like having for safety reasons.
  2. I will try: If you like that micro compact, try out the Springfield Hellcat too. I have both and like the Hellcat better and it has become my everyday carry pistol.
  3. My wife told me earlier this month to "go buy some night vision for your birthday" to deal with the hogs on our little farm... so I kind of have permission to spend money. Problem is, what I think I really need is both thermal binoculars and a thermal riflescope and that would cost a pretty good amount of cash. Also, not shooting any deer at night. Want to make that clear. You know, for any undercover narcs on this board.
  4. Nevermind. Poor academics. https://www.kplctv.com/2019/12/17/mcneese-football-announces-postseason-ban/ My guess is that there are other culture issues there as well that he decided to bail on.
  5. My reaction as well. Then again, I think even living in Syracuse is better than living in Lake Charles.
  6. I was going to say "the best college QB money could buy" but your version is fine.
  7. I think this is a very good point as far as making "all things being equal".
  8. I'm sure they'll eventually (2023) play it at the new Sofi Stadium in LA as well. That's not 100% outdoors but not 100% enclosed either.
  9. I know a guy who used to have a pretty nice hunting lodge in the country just outside of Falfurrias. He was in just the right place for both fishing trips at Baffin and bird hunting trips on all of the ranches in the area. I had some great trips there about 15-20 years ago. I think he had to shut it all down eventually because all of the illegal alien traffic moving through at night was tearing up his property and robbing him blind. Lots of litter on the ground every morning and most of the regular customers quit coming back because their cars were getting broken into. I think he had more than one dog killed, too. No CR - just agreeing that the foot traffic through that area is pretty significant.
  10. Cuero is having a sale right now so I bought a pair of the Austin ropers for $159, which is about a third off the regular price. They showed up today and fit pretty good. The quality and finish is very similar to Tecovas. My only quibble is that the shaft is about 1-2 inches shorter than what I am used to in my other boots. Not sure if that will matter in the long run.
  11. There was a hit on a run by Sunshine in the second half last night that looked real close to targeting to me. He lunged for a first down and some LSU dude - presumable a linebacker - took a running start and hit him helmet to helmet right on the hedge of the helmet opening and turned his head sideways. Didn't look pleasant. I guess the differentiating element was the lack of the "launch" component which is why it wasn't called, but it sure looked close. Laurence is pretty damn tough, I have to say.
  12. They have a much better resume of good losses than we do. Shit, they lost to both teams in the CFP championship. That has to be worth 5-10 points with the voters... if they weren't part of the BOMC, that is.
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