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  1. Had not noticed this video on Paul until last night:
  2. Conflating the current with a future option would be a mistake... Recall at 1 point ACC lacked Miami/ Syracuse/ Notre Dame as well... In other words, (factoring XII pays more than PAC) it is possible to happen...
  3. PAC wants good press, league is in dire straits... https://youtu.be/-8qHn_stOPw Look for XII to raid weak league in a few years...
  4. The league showing favoritism in hope to gain a bid to CFP, I'd guess.!?
  5. The bukkake [or however that's spelled], from 4 others, that's what it feels like XII is into, (sometimes)...
  6. It might all be a moot point, [I hope this is fake news]: Report: Big Ten Advised Schools 2020 Football Season May Not Be Played in Fall. There reportedly may not be Big Ten football this fall. According to of Sports Illustrated, the league has "advised" schools that there still might not be a football season during the fall amid the COVID-19 pandemic.23 hours ago Bleacher Report › articles › 290... Report: Big Ten Advised Schools 2020 Football Season May Not Be Played in Fall | Bleacher ...
  7. It looks like local rivals will play 1st..?
  8. Hmm, if a XII team knocks off the Tigers, & Clemson wins ACC: Could XII actually wind up with 2 teams in a CFP 2020 bracket..?
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