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  1. At least USC might not have to play Alabama, in the 1st game, if this (´rona) keeps up...
  2. I guess it means it is time to buy property, attached to gravel roads.?!
  3. It will be interesting to see who pulls better recruiting classes: #LaneTrain or #CowbellPirate
  4. Neil Diamond still sings Sweet Caroline, in the lockdown, what a cool guy... What would be the best method of using a home ballot system, as there are many who still lack reliable internet service..? A mail ballot option gives too much chance to hoodlums (or maybe government backers) tossing ballots in trash as well...
  5. kopp0e

    Tell me about ou

    What the Buck.?! Trey Sermon has flipped to Ohio State:
  6. Baylor catches a breather: Bears better hope this thin last past 2025.?!
  7. Well hopefully the new FDA measures will help to save lives: Well, (at least those rascally Texans) I kid, hopefully all will be well... But I ain´t going to Atlanta...
  8. I knew Hobby Lobby was from Oklahoma, but did not know Michael´s was from Texas, my duaghter loves shopping there... Anyways, I read a coment last night, on twitterville, where this map was shown & a reponse: ¨look at all the places ain´t no pandemic¨... Oy vey, bro...
  9. That looks pretty cool (I guess) have fun Houstonians...
  10. All of Texas A&M CFP invites sice moving to SEC (0 total), will be played on the ocho, along with squirrel water skiing:
  11. kopp0e

    XFL: The sequel

    I am sorry, but the Vipers logo is about as unimaginative of a pro sports logo, that I have ever seen...
  12. Had this posted to the dirt site, seemed pertinent to topic of realignment:
  13. This epidemic, has folks ready to bust out of the house, (or maybe something else)... Just go for a nice ride in the car & get a little wiggle (or jiggle) room in your day too..!
  14. Here is a inovative idea - This will not work with my Great Dane (Marmaduke), & my Maine Coon (Heathcliff), could care less of going outside...
  15. If I can not have my sports fix, durung lockdown at least give me this (I want my MTV):
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