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  1. Welp sounds like there are others that think in the future (maybe 2030's) B1G &/ or SEC may look at brands like Utah[& maybe / Arizona/ Arizona State/ Colorado]: Oddly enough, in last 5 years Utes & Sun Devils have better football stadium attendance than does Virginia/ North Carolina/ Georgia Tech who SEC/ B1G may eye...
  2. Meh, I'll wait until Oklahoma is playing in a real conference next season to rep & tailgate new spots, besides the Utes are better anywho...
  3. Well, it's fan fiction based on what I would like to happen the probability is minimal, but "possible" anything can change in 12 years time... Just same as the #PXC I used to post on & on about, only thing is OU/ UT went 1 way, USC/ UCLA another, but movement was possible... An athletic director years ago joked there will be 2 superconferences 1 called ESPN the other called FOX, can 24 or 32 happen..? maybe...
  4. Two random tweets from folks that (may) have a finger on the pulse of ongoing in PAC & ACC respectively: A mock-up of prospective 24-team SEC with four permanent rivals for all teams vs other 20 foes in 4 years: SEC West: 4 permanent rivals & compete vs 5 SEC foes per season/ 3 out-of-conference games: 12 total... Arizona- Arizona State/ Kansas/ LSU/ Mississippi State Arizona State- Arizona/ Colorado/ Texas A&M/ Ole Miss Colorado- Arizona State/ Oklahoma/ Texas/ Missouri Kansas- Missouri/ Oklahoma/ Arizona/ Mississippi State Missouri- Kansas/ Colorado/ Arkansas/ Mississippi State Oklahoma- Colorado/ Kansas/ Missouri/ Texas Arkansas- Texas/ Texas A&M/ LSU/ Ole Miss Texas- Colorado/ Oklahoma/ Texas A&M/ Arkansas Texas A&M- Texas/ LSU/ Arkansas/ Arizona State LSU- Texas A&M/ Arkansas/ Ole Miss/ Arizona Ole Miss- Mississippi State/ LSU/ Arkansas/ Arizona State Mississippi State- Ole Miss/ Missouri/ Kansas/ Arizona SEC East: 4 permanent rivals & compete vs 5 SEC foes per season/ 3 out-of-conference games: 12 total... Alabama- Auburn/ Tennessee/ Florida/ Vanderbilt Auburn- Alabama/ Georgia/ South Carolina/ NC State Florida- Florida State/ Georgia/ Tennessee/ Alabama Florida State- Florida/ North Carolina/ Virginia/ Vanderbilt Georgia- Florida/ Auburn/ South Carolina/ NC State South Carolina- North Carolina/ Georgia/ Auburn/ Kentucky Tennessee- Vanderbilt/ Alabama/ Kentucky/ Florida Vanderbilt- Tennessee/ Kentucky/ Alabama/ Florida State Kentucky- Tennessee/ Vanderbilt/ Virginia/ South Carolina Virginia- North Carolina/ Kentucky/ NC State/ Florida State North Carolina- NC State/ Virginia/ Florida State/ South Carolina NC State- North Carolina/ Virginia/ Georgia/ Auburn Currently it seems B1G is dealing with a bit of headache from the 3-6-6 model as well, may be easier by 2030s..?
  5. Welp, don’t punish Disney/ ESPN (as the Mouse owns Simpson’s house now)… As far as expansion for B1G/ SEC I could see both going to 24 & a 3rd league… Current/ future B1G 16+ Washington-Oregon-Stanford & Notre Dame-Va Tech-Duke-Ga Tech-Miami Current/ future SEC 16+ Virginia-N Carolina-NC State-Florida St-Kansas-Colorado-Arizona-Arizona St Some amalgamation of PAC/ XII/ ACC/ AAC will remain at about half of the P2… Playoffs eventually expand to 32 & maybe NCAA hoops tourney is folded in eh..?
  6. What I would (now) like to eventually see is an SEC expanded to compete with B1G… It seems that B1G may look to add #17 Notre Dame, then #18 Stanford/ #19 Oregon/ #20 Washington & swing for a fractured ACC taking (I guess) #21 Virginia/ #22 Duke/ #23 Georgia Tech/ #24 Miami… That makes B1G a national conference while SEC is “regional”… It would be a good idea if SEC countered with: #17 Virginia Tech/ #18 North Carolina/ #19 NC State/ #20 Clemson/ #21 Florida State… Then expand the footprint with 3 solid brands: #22 Kansas/ #23 Colorado/ #24 Arizona State… This gives content in 3 time zones of east/ central/ mountain & covers a swath from DC/ Atlanta/ Orlando/ Nashville/ St Louis/ Kansas City/ Oklahoma City/ Dallas/ Austin/ San Antonio/ Houston/ Denver/ Phoenix… It also keeps both OU & UT with a “toe hold” in the market of California by proxy of PHX & DEN markets… and allows a few old “filler games” but with quality brand names… Here is a prospective Saturday lineup in a 24 team SEC (with 3 MTZ schools):Auburn vs North Carolina 11:00am ESPNOklahoma vs Georgia 2:30pm ABCColorado vs LSU 3:30pm SECNTexas vs Florida 6:00pm ABCFlorida State vs Alabama 6:00pm ESPNClemson vs Texas A&M 6:00pm ESPN2Kentucky vs South Carolina 6:00pm SECNTennessee vs Arkansas 9:00pm ESPNNC State vs Kansas 9:00pm SECNOle Miss vs Arizona State 10:00pm ESPN2bye week for 4 SEC brands, but 10 games in ETZ/ CTZ/ MTZ with a late game…#SECAfterDark could be solid recruiter for capturing west coast athletes from ‘Cali…
  7. What Big8 & SWC should have done is dissolved & reformed (in 1990): Texas Texas A&M Arkansas Oklahoma Missouri Iowa State Nebraska Kansas Colorado BYU Pick 2 brands to tag along in Texas Tech/ Oklahoma State ect (my choice, those 2)
  8. I still post mostly on the Sooner site… I’m fine since OU & UT are staying linked… USC & UCLA made the wisest choice available at the disposal as OU/ UT bolts… I do have to admit I worry about Arizona State long term as PAC may be ‘shaky’… B1G- Miami Georgia Tech Duke Virginia Notre Dame Maryland Rutgers Penn State Ohio State Michigan Michigan State Indiana Purdue Illinois Northwestern Wisconsin Minnesota Iowa Nebraska USC UCLA Stanford Oregon Washington SEC- Virginia Tech North Carolina Clemson Florida State Florida Georgia South Carolina Kentucky Tennessee Vanderbilt Alabama Auburn Ole Miss Mississippi State LSU Texas Texas A&M Oklahoma Arkansas Missouri Kansas Colorado Arizona Arizona State That’s the list I’ve been selling long term for both SEC & B1G (for 2036ish or so)…
  9. To me it would seem a good idea to place the best brands in 1 league… Washington Oregon California Stanford *San Diego State *UNLV Arizona Arizona State Utah Colorado Iowa State Kansas Oklahoma State Texas Tech TCU *Houston In doing so it leaves room to regain part of Los Angeles tv market eh..?
  10. But I get your joke, 55-20 says differently... Tiger/ Hog/ Sooner & 'Horn in same quad... I messed that up somehow on the upload: Texas-Texas A&M, one of the nations' historic whoop ass "rivalries"... Oklahoma-Tennessee, both schools had Josh Heupel, at one point... Arkansas-South Carolina, the original add-ons that gave SEC CCG... Miss St.-Bama, it's an ol' game that means more to Cowbell for win..? Ole Miss-Vandy, same as the sentence above I don't know much on... Auburn-Georgia, I know this is a heated old school tilt with ol' class... Kentucky-Mizzou, welp they aren't in the same division so it works..? Florida-LSU, this is a pretty solid game the last few decades lately...
  11. Texas- Texas A&MOklahoma-Tennessee Arkansas-LSU Miss St.-Bama Ole Miss-Vandy Auburn-Georgia -Kentucky Mizzou-South Carolina Florida-
  12. Could this have been put in place to keep Mizzou from 'overtures' of leaping to B1G with Kansas..? A Tiger/ Jayhawk pairing and Border War in regaining rivalry with Nebraska would be interesting...
  13. Well there is plenty of logic in your thesis, I think a majority of us Sooner fans feel like the kid on the trike right now, when reality ask what are we waitin' for:
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