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  1. Quote

    Word travels fast in any community. Even in those with ‚Äúchronic‚ÄĚ homelessness. Adler/Casar and the dipshits of the round table put out the ‚ÄúWelcome‚ÄĚ mat. Quite a few of our homeless since 2019 (ban lifted without voter say so)¬†came from many other places.¬†

    This.  Everyone knows which cities are "homeless friendly". Our strategy has been horrible.

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  2. Oh look, Bamba gets the start, plays 30 minutes and goes 19 pts, 15 reb, 4 blocks, 3 steals and 8/10 from the line.  Team still lost but that is beside the point. They are trying to lose.

  3. Here are some comps to 1st team All-NBA Defense and DPoY players at age 22.  Using per 36 numbers...






    My point is that Bamba is still really early in his career for a big guy. And he came into the league particularly skinny and under-developed.  AND he landed in a situation that was just about a worst case for his development.  I'm not willing to write him off just yet.  Dude needs minutes.

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  4. All of that is fair, but he has the potential to be a more disruptive defender than a lot of those guys. If you look at Bamba’s per 36 numbers vs Rudy Gobert at the same age, they are very similar on defense but Bamba is much better offensively. Gobert is a 2-time all star and DPoY. I can see him leading the league in blocks if he gets 35 mpg.

  5. Awesome news and smart move by Ramey. He won’t make the NBA this year, but an awesome year next year could find him on a roster.

    At this point I’m good with the team as-is. With another year of experience and some better coaching, this team as constructed is good enough to be very competitive next year.

    At guard we trade Coleman and Williams for Askew, but get another year of coaching and experience for everyone. I would say that is a slight downgrade.

    At forward, we trade Kai Jones, Greg Brown and Liddell for Allen, Bishop and Tyson plus a healthy year of Febres. That is a moderate upgrade in my view. Last year’s group had potential but Allen will be better next year than any of them.

    At center we swap Sims for Disu. This is pretty even. Sims is a better defender, but Disu is more skilled and probably a better rebounder.

    Then take away Shaka and add Beard and we are looking very good. We finished the regular season #9 and this group looks better than that overall. If we add a good point guard, this looks like a top-5 squad to me.

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  6. Give me:  LeBron, Kobe, Durant, Tim Duncan, Olajuwon and I am pretty confident we would beat either of those two other teams.  Swap out Durant for Curry and move LeBron to the 3 and we still win.  Swap out Durant for Kawhi and we still win. Swap out Olajuwon for Shaq and we still win.

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  7. 5 minutes ago, Snake Diggity said:

    No way Askew only plays 14 mpg.  He would not be here if he hadn’t been promised more than that.  I think anyone they add from here on out will not be someone they have to promise significant playin time to. My guess:

    Jones, Allen, Disu, Bishop: 30 mpg

    Askew, Ramey: 25 mpg

    Cunningham, Febres, Tyson: 15 mpg

    TBD G, TBD F: 10 mpg

    TBD G, TBD F (likely walk-ons): <5 mpg

    I agree with most of that, I was mainly trying to find a way to get another one of the elite transfer guards onto the team.  But I'm starting to think if Ramey is back, then we won't be getting another elite guard, which I'm fine with.  If we get a lesser player, then the numbers are probably close. 

    Regarding Tony Allen, he didn't have much offensive game (although he scored 16 ppg at OSU). He spent like 90% of his energy locking down the other team's best guard. He was a monster on the defensive end for a few seasons.  Not a terrible comparison.

    A little closer to home, I'm hoping Ramey can have a jump more like Royal Ivey from his junior to senior year.  Ramey is already a better offensive player, but is much more careless with the ball.  

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  8. Quote

    You realize they only figure up mpg based on the actual games you played in, right?

    Yes of course.  The big contributors in us summing to 240+ mpg last last year are:

    • Febres played 13 games at 17 mpg
    • Donovan Williams played 15 games at 10 mpg
    • Liddell played 7 at 11 mpg

    If all of those guys played at that level all year, Andrew Jones would have averaged more like 27 instead of 31.4 mpg.

  9. FWIW - Add up the Tech minutes last year and you get 248. A lot of that excess is driven by Nimari Burnett opting out of the season at the mid-point and Kevin McCullar's injury.

    Regardless, looking at that roster it is hard AF to figure out how to distribute the minutes.  I generally like the thought of giving 28-32 minutes to the best 5-6 players and then distributing the rest at <15 mpg.  But in that case you are going to be giving folks like Bishop, Askew, Febres, Cunningham way less minutes than they are going to want.

    Here is another cut at it, limiting the minutes to 215 (more reasonable if there are no transfers or MAJOR injuries)

    • Andrew Jones, 6'4 - 30 min
    • Dylan Disu, 6'9:¬† 30¬†min
    • Courtney Ramey, 6'3 - 28¬†min
    • Timmy Allen, 6'6:¬† 28¬†min
    • DeVante Jones, 6'1 /¬†Sahvir Wheeler, 5'10:¬† PG 27¬†min
    • Christian Bishop, 6'7:¬† 20¬†min
    • Jase Febres, 6'5 - 14¬†min
    • Devin Askew, 6'3:¬† 14¬†min
    • Brock Cunningham, 6'5:¬† 12¬†min
    • Big man TBD - 12¬†min
    • Total:¬† 215

    (Bold players are currently unsigned)

  10. I've been looking at our potential roster and trying to figure out what the minutes might look like.  In Tech's Elite 8 run, they didn't have anyone over 6'5 that got more than 15 mpg. The following year when they made the title game, 6'10 Tariq Owens got 25 mpg and Odiase got 17 mpg. Everybody else getting significant minutes was 6'5 or less.  Beard doesn't seem to mind running lineups with interchangeable 6'3-6'7 parts.  Luckily that seems to be how our roster is shaping up.

    In looking at the potential minutes situation, we could have something like this:


    • DeVante Jones, 6'1 /¬†Sahvir Wheeler, 5'10:¬† PG 24 min
    • Devin Askew, 6'3:¬† PG 18¬†min, SG 6¬† - 24 mpg total
    • Courtney Ramey, 6'3:¬† SG 22 min,¬†PG 6¬†min - 28 mpg total
    • Andrew Jones, 6'4: SG 18¬†min, SF 10¬†min -¬†28 mpg total
    • Jase Febres, 6'5:¬† SG¬†8 min, SF 8¬†min, PF 6¬†min - 22¬†mpg total


    • Timmy Allen, 6'6:¬† SF 14¬†min, PF 16¬†min - 30¬†mpg total
    • Christian Bishop, 6'7:¬† SF 6, PF 10, C 10 mpg - 24 mpg total
    • Jaylon Tyson, 6'6:¬† SF 8
    • Brock Cunningham, 6'5:¬† PF 16


    • Dylan Disu, 6'9:¬† C 28¬†min¬†¬†
    • TBD:¬† C¬† 10 min

    Total:  ~240 min (which is what we have averaged the last few years accounting for injuries and overtimes)

    Keep in mind that everyone on our team outside of Tyson and Cunningham has averaged 31-35 mpg at times in their career. There won't be that many minutes to go around, especially if we add another guard and big man.  It will be interesting to see how it plays out.

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  11. 2 hours ago, Catdaddyhorn said:

    I disagree that Ramey is mainly a spot up shooter. Maybe it's the fact that he's not really athletic and has a probing game, but his style of play reminds me a lot of J'Covan. He had a lot of good moments this year most memorably the play to setup AJ1's buzzer beater against at WVU.

    Yeah, I overstated my point there.  He can definitely create his own shot, but I find myself scratching my head at some of the choices.  I almost never doubt his shooting 3s though.  Anyway, sounds like there is a good chance that he is coming back, which would be tremendous news.  He is due a redemption tour.

    If we picked up Devante Jones or Sahvir Wheeler, that would be an embarrassment of riches. I really expect Febres to be a much better contributor this year as well. He has started 61 games for us and was pretty important for us as a junior. He is capable of hitting 40%+ from 3 and 90%+ FTs, and at 6'5 could even get minutes at small ball PF.

  12. Quote

    Ramey is a poor man's J'Covan.

    I don't view them as the same player at all. J'Covan was an offensive savant. He could score in countless ways.  Very creative in getting to the rack and drawing fouls. He also tended to be over-emotional and lose control.  I also never thought he was much of a defender.  Not terrible, but his defensive effort was always tied to how well things were going on the other end.

    Ramey on the other hand is mainly a spot-up shooter. He will attempt bonehead mid-ranger shots and isn't great at getting to the rim at all.  On the other side though, he is clearly a much better defender than J'Covan.  He really commits on the defensive end and seems to draw a lot of his energy in locking down his man. He also has a much better attitude IMO.  He isn't very demonstrative when things go well or poorly - very even keeled. 

    In short, I would MUCH rather play pick-up with this guy:

    Stingy second-half defense helps Texas men's basketball past reeling Kansas  State - Horns Illustrated

    Than this guy:

    Photo of J'covan Brown, 2018-2019 season

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  13. Quote

    He’s not an NBA-caliber point guard and is too small to defend other positions.

    Ramey had no problem defending shooting guards when Coleman was matched up with the point guard. Most UT fans don't like him, but there is a reason he was All-Conference.  Every year he has gotten better and I would expect that to accelerate this year with this staff.  


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  14. Personally I don't think this group needs a center.  Give me all the 6-7 to 6-9 guys who can rebound, score in multiple ways, shoot 3s and defend multiple positions.  Beard has shown he can coach a team like that at a very elite level.

    This lineup has plenty of size IMO for the college game.  Plus everybody can score and rebound.  

    • PG - Courtney Ramey - 6'3
    • SG - Andrew Jones - 6'4
    • SF - Timmy Allen - 6'6¬†¬†
    • PF - Christian Bishop - 6'7
    • PF - Dylan Disu - 6'9 - C¬†

    Askew has good size as well for a college PG.  Brock Cunningham can also play G/F, defend multiple positions and rebound (and doesn't need the ball a lot).

    For me, the wish list in priority is as follows:

    1. Ramey (I'm actually counting him as in the fold since he hasn't gone anywhere)
    2. Jericho Sims
    3. DeVante Jones
    4. Bryson Williams
    5. Sahvir Wheeler
    6. Jacob Young
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