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  1. Different strokes for different folks. If I had 3 days to spend by myself, I would backpack up into the Sangre de Christo mountains east of Santa Fe and trout fish for a few days. Probably drink some bourbon while I was at it. Maybe read a book from my hammock. Basically get away from people.
  2. I thought McClung pulled his name out of the portal? I think it is NBA or Tech for McClung now.
  3. Of course. Freshmen get a rating corresponding to how they are expected to do this year. (I gave Jaylon Tyson an 83 for reference). I would probably give Chet Holmgren something like a 95. Almost certain to be an all-conference player.
  4. For comparison purposes, here is how I would have rated Baylor going into the 2021 season: Baylor - 2021 - Top 8: 695 Points. But that top-5 tho... 98 - Jared Butler - 1st Team Big-12 / Wooden Finalist 95 - MaCio Teague - 2nd Team Big-12 93 - Davion Mitchell - 3rd Team Big-12 / All Defense 93 - Mark Vital - 3rd Team Big-12 / All Defense 88 - Adam Flagler - Big South Fresh of Year 80 - LJ Cryer - #83 National Recruit, 4-Star 75 - Matthew Mayer - Decent role player 73 - Jordan Turner - #143 National Recruit, 3-Star 70 - Jonathan Tchamwa
  5. With 2,000 players in the transfer portal, nobody really knows how any teams this year are going to come together. To help compare this team to other teams past and present, I thought I would build a model based on the individual player ratings likely contribution. We can then sum up the top-8 players and compare to other teams. If there is enough interest in the topic, we can move it to another thread and add some additional teams for comparison. As a starting point, for my grading scale I’ll use the following: 100 – Player of the Year candidate 97 – All-American 95
  6. Regarding wins & titles, would Zeke have won a title with any of CP3s teams? I don't think so. His best shot shot was probably with 2018 Houston. Zeke would have been worse than CP3 on that team. They desperately needed CP3s defense. OK I'm done defending him. I have honestly never been a fan, lol. Blake vs. Webber is an interesting argument. Blake has the dunk contest. Webber has the Fab 5. Peak Season - I think this favors Webber pretty strongly. Blake 2014 - 24.1 ppg, 9.5 rpg, 3.9 apg, 1.2 spg, 0.6 bpg, 0.533 eFG%, 4.7 VORP, 12.2 WS, 23.9 PER - 3rd MVP voting, 2nd Tea
  7. Now that I think about the durability argument for CP3 vs. Isiah, I'm don't think it actually favors Isiah. Isiah retired at 32 yrs old after a torn Achilles and yet CP3 is still cranking out an all-NBA worthy season at 35 and has only missed 1 game this year while logging decent minutes. It is possible that CP3 will still be playing at an elite level for 3-4 more years. Let's look at games played by age range: 20-23: CP3 300 vs. Isiah 316 24-28: CP3 317 vs. Isiah 400 29-32: CP3 275 vs. Isiah 263 32+: CP3 185 vs. Isiah 0
  8. Dating myself, but I watched Isiah plenty. I’ll give you the durability. I just think Isiah gets the title reputation bump. I guess that is fair. Prime Allen Iverson deserves mention here as well.
  9. As an aside, Matt Coleman reminds me a little of Isiah Thomas. Always out there smiling, but inside he is ready to cut you.
  10. The best Isiah Thomas ever finished was 5th in the MVP voting (once), plus a couple of 8th place finishes. Never sniffed an all-defensive squad. Chris Paul finished 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th (twice), 7th (twice) in MVP voting. He is also a 7-time 1st team All-Defense player. He has never come close to playing on a team like the Bad Boys. Prime CP3 on that team would fit like hand in glove. Chris Paul + Joe Dumars would be a nasty af defensive combo. Plus Adrian Dantley, Mark Aguire, Dennis Rodman!, Bill Laimbeer, Rick Mahorn, John Sally. "Winning" is a lot easier metric when you a
  11. Chris Paul would have fit in nicely with those Bad Boy Pistons teams. Swap him with IT and I’m not sure they get worse. But I don’t think IT would have elevated some of the teams Chris Paul has played on to the degree that CP3 has. That said I don’t like either of them at all.
  12. I think it was my conversation Derka was referring to regarding Shaka’s player development. For clarity, I don’t think he is “great”. But I also don’t think he is horrific. I would rate him maybe a 6/10. Whatever though. Opinions vary. Glad Shaka is gone. His departure was about a best case scenario. Gives us a Big 12 Tourney Title and then GTFO. If he beats ACU, he is probably still here. It is going to enrage me when he goes back to Havok with Marquette. And you all know it is gonna happen.
  13. I've always thought that Baylor had the potential to be an absolute powerhouse in sports. 45-50% of Black Americans identify as Baptist - and it is probably higher than that in Baylor's recruiting grounds. Think about what a monumental advantage that could be. They should be able to use religion as a recruiting tool in a way that even Notre Dame couldn't touch. Odds are that just about every key recruit will have a parent or grandparent that is Baptist (not to mention the player's beliefs). But nope. Instead they have a reputation for rape, drug dealing and murder... with maybe a li
  14. Here's another player to add to the mix. Numbers below are his best 3-year run... Player C Mins Per Game: 37.0 Points: 19.0 Assists: 10.6 Rebounds: 3.3 2P%: .483 3P%: .358 eFG: .522 FT%: .817 2x All-NBA 2nd Team That player.... Deron Williams
  15. Good info. Thanks. Honestly, if he took ACU to another NCAA tourney coming out of the WAC... and especially if he won another first round game... he would be coveted by some pretty big programs. Anybody watching could tell that ACU was a very well coached team. It honestly looked a lot like Beard's teams at Tech, just with smaller players. I think the main thing that ACU can't offer is a good gameday experience. They are currently updating their arena and actually REMOVING capacity. I think the arena will seat ~2,500 fans when complete. UTEP seats close to 12,000. I think that te
  16. That's fair, but there is also a LOT more talent in Texas than there is in Kansas. Within a 3-3.5 hour drive of Abilene you have DFW (7.5M), Austin (2.2M), San Antonio (2.5M), Lubbock (315K), Midland Odessa (250K), Waco (135K) plus all the small towns in between. Probably close to 15M people. The same distance from WSU you have Kansas City (2.1M), OKC (1.4M), Tulsa (1M). Maybe 7-8M people.
  17. One positive thing about being picked late in the first round is that you generally go to better teams. That said, I have seen updated mock drafts still showing Greg Brown as high as the #12 pick and as low as #45. He could literally go anywhere. One I was looking at had Kai Jones at #8 (Toronto) and Greg Brown at #27 (Brooklyn). That seems reasonable to me and would be great spots for both of them.
  18. Was he saying howdy from St. John’s where he was playing that year???
  19. In Tech’s Elite 8 run they didn’t have a major contributor who was over 6’5. But... they had a ton of those 6’5 guys who could switch on every screen and were a nightmare defensively. I’m not worried at all about trying to find a 6’10 center. We may not even have a center.
  20. He is a failure if this team doesn't at least make the Elite 8.
  21. Basketball Reference has him at 50% chance of making the Hall of Fame. Seems about right. 5-time All-NBA (2 2nd team, 3 3rd team) 7-time All-Star 3 top-10 MVP finishes 47th Career Points 62nd Career Rebounds 68th Career Blocks 61st Career PER 55th Career win shares Really solid NBA career. The All-NBA awards are especially nice.
  22. I’m pretty surprised Golding left ACU for UTEP. Personally I would rather be in Abilene, due to recruiting proximity if nothing else. But mainly I’m surprised ACU didn’t pony up the cash to keep him. They actually have more money than UTEP. I could have seen them achieving Wichita State type success if they would have kept him. Now they are gonna suck and waste any value they got out of the recent tourney win. Oh well. Screw them. Horns down karma bit them in the ass.
  23. Seriously Sims coming back with what has already been communicated makes this a really good team even if we just add scrubs from here out. Huge news if true. Huge.
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