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  1. We're just going to have to agree to disagree on the player development. They weren't perfect, but they developed enough to win the Big 12 (tourney), Maui Invitational and finish the season ranked #9. I fault Shaka for not getting our players up for ACU, but our development wasn't the problem in that game. It was as much in-game coaching as anything. If we play them 10 times, we win 9. But we didn't and now Shaka is gone. So probably the best for all involved. And while Barnes has developed a lot of players over the years, he had his misses as well. Brad Buckman came in as the #22 recrui
  2. Have to admit, this take bothers me. Shaka may not have been the BEST at player development, but I think it is somewhat disrespectful to our players to act like they haven't developed in their time here. Coleman grew tremendously from his freshman season Sims improved in most categories and has worked his way into the NBA draft conversation Kai Jones was a borderline top-50 recruit and is now primed to go in the lottery Ramey has improved his shooting from 58% to 83% on FTs and 38% to 41% from 3. His defense is also much improved Andrew Jones had his best year
  3. Also of note, you have to go all the way back to J'Covan Brown in 2012 to find a player averaging more than 15 ppg for Texas. Timmy Allen has averaged 17+ ppg for the last two years. The dude knows how to get to the basket. FWIW - Here are the guys who have scored more than 17 ppg for Texas since 2000. That is a solid list of players. 2012 - J'Covan Brown - 20.1 2011 - Jordan Hamilton - 18.6 2010 - Damion James - 18.0 2008 - DJ Augustin - 19.2 2007 - Kevin Durant - 25.8! 2000 - Chris Mihm - 17.7 This is such a huge get for UT. He is 2-time all-
  4. I'm just saying that he starts his shot kind of low and mid chest like this: Rather than at his shoulder like this: He is shooting 77% from FT so it doesn't really matter. But he is only shooting 27% from 3.
  5. Allen looks great at attacking the basket. But he has almost a set shot from range and on free throws. It seems reasonably effective but doesn’t seem to fit the rest of his game.
  6. Febres - Career 6.9 ppg = meh Askew - Career 6.5 ppg = awesome! Lol. Just kidding, but that made me laugh a little. I agree though that Andrew Jones coming back is a much bigger deal. I'm mainly excited to get Febres and Jones back because they are adults. I would love to see Ramey back for another year as well. There is just such a difference between a 22 yr old and a 19 yr old. I really think with another year together and a little better coaching those three are going to be very good. The big get for me would be Greg Brown. Coleman or Sims would be great too, but
  7. Waco is ass my dudes. Lubbock just smells like ass.
  8. I think he is going to be better this year regardless of the coach. He seemed like he was gradually getting his legs back under him as the year progressed. I think the knee injury really affected him and it can take a while to fully recover your game and ven after your body is ok. This is great news IMO.
  9. I’m curious if you took a mediocre NBA player, say someone like Tim Hardaway Jr. and started giving them testosterone therapy - would they ever cease to be the most dominant woman basketball player on the planet? Sure he/she may lose some muscle mass, but they wouldn’t lose the muscle memory, years of training, coaching at the highest levels, competitiveness, bone structure, height, etc. I could see it MAYBE if they started the transition at age 5. But the older they are, the more unfair it seems.
  10. All I know is that if I was a college women’s coach I would be recruiting TF out of some trans athletes. I would have the all trans all-stars. We would kick peoples asses and we would be fabulous. And I would know exactly the legal testosterone suppression level and not go a hair above it. Something like that might actually make me follow women’s basketball. To see my team out there dunking on natural females would be amazing. And supporting the team would give you cred with the PC police so it would be a win win.
  11. I wouldn't freak out too much about losing players and recruits if I were Tech. There are currently 1,905 players in the transfer portal across all levels of college basketball. Just about every team in the nation is undergoing huge turnover. Our own team could see just about a full reboot.
  12. Not so fast my friend.
  13. "Graphs are hard" \Tech Grad
  14. I disagree with this pretty strongly. Beard is putting together a staff that is going to crush it on the recruiting trail. If you look at Beard's time at Tech, he was recruiting MUCH better than their historic levels. Meanwhile, Shaka was recruiting slightly better than Barnes (although it was starting to slip with him on the hot seat). Now that the job is stable, I will be shocked if Beard isn't pulling in consistent top-10 classes.
  15. Well, you know... except the time he made it to the National Title game.... He stuck around after that year. Take a look at Bill Self. 1 year at Kansas (assistant) --> 6 years at Okie State (assistant) --> 4 years at Oral Roberts --> 3 years at Tulsa --> 3 years at Illinois --> Kansas. Guess what, good coaches upgrade continually until they reach the pinnacle. I also love how he gets no credit for having a better year after after losing an All-American point guard. Most teams take a step back in that case. That may be the worst article I have read in the la
  16. Well he must be pretty damn good then!
  17. UTEP would be a bad move for Golding IMO. First, I'm not sure UTEP is actually even a better job, period. Not to mention that Golding is an ACU graduate and former player. He has shepherded the program through the transition to Division 1 and finally has them competing at a high level. Their win % has gone up just about every single year over the last seven years: 32%, 42%, 45%, 50%, 79%, 65%, 83% - and most of the major contributors are back next year. Moreover, ACU has a very large endowment ($425M), by far the largest in the Southland Conference, double UTEP and bigger than all but
  18. Somehow I don't think she will have trouble finding a job.
  19. Having 1,200 players in the portal is actually great for us. We need players and there are a TON to chose from. Beard has shown that he is great at navigating the portal and he will be able to select exactly who he wants to construct the team how he wants it. He isn't inheriting a team full of players who will have to "unlearn" bad habits. He can start basically from zero with his guys. Plus, the fact that there will be HUGE turnover across all teams in cbb will definitely favor the teams with great coaches, who can get the new players to buy in and play as a team QUICKLY.
  20. I was unbelievably impressed with Davion Mitchell. His defense is unreal for a college player. Just tremendously disruptive. Playing on ball defense an inch off his man all the way out to half court. And the guys he was dominating are the cream of the crop.
  21. I think most on here are unrealistic about the situation Beard had in Lubbock. He had a GREAT situation there. And while Tech isn't Kentucky, Beard was good enough to get them to the title game and if the ball bounces a little differently, he wins a National Title (and probably never leaves). He was gradually improving the facilities, culture and recruiting. Fan support was excellent. This was a very hard decision for him. He didn't hate Lubbock or he wouldn't have spent 15 years of his life there. I think it is telling that he didn't give Tech a chance to make him an offer. Becaus
  22. Kind of funny post when Baylor just won the first basketball national title in the state of Texas in like 50 years. But your point stands.
  23. I'm not a big GSW fan, but like the potential for their team going forward. Wiseman just turned 20 a few days ago. Big men always take longer to develop. He will be a good player. The difference between Oubre and Klay is just monumental. Oubre shoots 30% from 3 this year vs. Klay's lifetime 42%. That is huge. Plus Klay has much better chemistry with the team, defense, leadership, etc. Massive upgrade. But it is really even bigger than that. When Klay is back in the starting lineup, Oubre will get Bazemore's and Damion Lee's minutes. So effectively it is Klay vs. Bazemore / Lee.
  24. Plus basketball is as much about skill, quickness, endurance and agility as it is about brute strength. Any adult who plays their high school kid finds this out pretty quickly.
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