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  1. Greg Brown should be out there instead of Brock if he weren’t playing like such a tool. Then we could go right at Cunningham. If we lose this game I’m going to blame it on him.
  2. Exactly on Jones last possession. That was costly. Oh well overall a great half. I really hope Greg Brown gets in the game in the 2nd half and does something. We need his head on straight next weekend.
  3. It is a shame that our collective baggage with Shaka has kept us from truly enjoying this team. It has a chance to be one of the best ever at Texas.
  4. I like the way Shaka is handling Greg Brown honestly. Pulled him almost the whole second half against Tech and quick leash today. Let’s see how he responds.
  5. He plays with youthful energy and enthusiasm. He is critical to a successful run in the coming weeks. Don’t be a boomer.
  6. Are we allowed to make fun of Rick in this thread or is there another one for that?
  7. What would Houston’s record be playing our schedule? Don’t think it would be 19-7. Would they beat Indiana? And UNC? And WV? And OSU? And sweep Kansas? Not one chance IMO. Their resume is weak AF. I’m gonna fade them big time in the tourney.
  8. I would love Andrew Jones to get a Big 12 Champ ring. Don’t care if it is the tourney. Same for Coleman.
  9. That is the kind of optimism we are looking for here!
  10. We are currently a 2 pt favorite tonight. I like our chances. OSU has been hot but we’ve had an extra day of rest and match up well with them. Ramey and Greg Brown are due for a good game. It is crazy that no team from the state of Texas has ever won the Big 12 Tourney. Hopefully we can change that in a few hours.
  11. We now seem to have two “Fire Shaka” threads. If you want to crap on this team and Shaka, post there. This thread is for people who are interested in optimistic discussion of the team, starting with us playing for a Big 12 Title tonight.
  12. Remind me... who else were we considering when we hired Shaka?
  13. Shaka also deserves credit for sticking with Brock in the last 3 minutes. We lose that game without his defense and tipped balls. He was just the adjustment needed to match Tech’s hustle and offensive rebounding.
  14. The risk is losing to Tech (currently projected to be a 5 seed) and basically swapping places with them.
  15. FYI - Looks like I may have finally found a couple of places that have my Pentair pool filter top. (#170022). Probably because they were pricing them so high. I'm not going to cancel either until I get one in. If I happen to wind up with an extra I will sell it to anyone on here for what it cost me. ~$500. PM me if interested.
  16. I think I'm more optimistic than most about next year. For me, the best predictor of NCAA success is upper-class experience at the guard positions. If Febres comes back, we could be starting 3 senior guards plus junior Donovan Williams in essentially a 4-guard lineup. All of them should get marginally better over the next year, especially Williams who has had a really down year. They all have good size at the college level. At 6'3 and 6'4, Ramey and Jones will be bigger than most guards we face. Then at 6'5 and 6'6, Febres and Williams wouldn't be that undersized at the 3/4. We wou
  17. Fair, but it isn’t like he is taking 20 shots a game. He is taking 2. Big deal. Miss both of them, who cares. Is it possible to find his plus / minus anywhere? It seems like he has a good impact on the game. He tends to keep the ball moving.
  18. Rather than declare who is returning, I'll give my take on the % chance they will since technically anyone can return this year. Starters: Courtney Ramey - 95% - Gets to be the man and make his case to be an NBA PG Donovan Williams - 95% - Will be a key piece next year. I expect big improvement a year removed from knee injury Andrew Jones - 70% - May decide it is time to head to Europe / NBA DL Brock Cunningham - 99% - I don't see him going anywhere else. Needs a big offseason. Kamaka Hepa - 80% - He should get a big up-tick in minutes next year and will be
  19. I don’t suppose anyone had a Pentair Filter where the bottom cracked but the top is still salvageable?
  20. I don’t even think there is a 10%+ chance we win the conference tourney, much less follow it up with an opening loss.
  21. Not sure about that. It depends on what others do in front of us. Both West Virginia and Kansas are projected to be 3 seeds. If West Virginia loses to Oklahoma State and we beat Texas Tech, that alone may be enough for us to swap places. We have similar records in all classes, would be higher ranked in the Big-12 and would have gone farther in the Big-12 Tourney. If OU beats ISU and then Kansas, they will almost certainly climb into the top-30 NET, which will double help us by knocking down Kansas and erasing our lone Q2 loss. Kansas is currently only two spots ahead of us at #1
  22. I’m not sure too many people on this board had us winning 6 of our last 8 after losing 3 in a row back in early February. It felt like a collapse was about to happen (as we have all been too accustomed to). But these guys have closed strong. They have won some good, tough close games. KU and OU in particular, but NO Big12 game is a cake walk. Looking forward to seeing what happens. I don’t mind drawing Tech. I think the team will be extra motivated to avoid the sweep. We are more talented than them. They have better coaching.
  23. Now we are in “name the score” mode. They were starting to get a little feisty and our full court pressure says nope nope nope.
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