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  1. What a beautiful man and words. I have a picture of it all in my head. I'm crying at my desk. Thank you again very much for your willingness to tell the story to our Surly world. Your courage and generosity saves lives, I'm grateful. Big hug, much love. Prayers to those still suffering, you are not alone and there is a way out.
  2. God damn that is a horrible situation. I'm sorry you all are going through this, I've seen it twice in my life and I hate it for everyone involved. I want to say thank you for sharing because you're helping more people than you realize at the moment. You never know what it takes for someone to get sober or stay sober, but if renal and liver failure do to alcohol abuse aren't a shock to everyone reading this, I don't know what is. Shit is real and happens around us daily. Much love.
  3. The power to channel a river amongst the chaos of earthquakes and the roar of Gods.
  4. I sneezed while taking a piss this morning, and not only did I not piss all over my pants, but I manage to keep it all in the bowl. Thats some Buddhist monk shit right there.
  5. Crazy result, but not unexpected. I truly thought Pool would break down our defense, but we were so well organized and the team effort on Def made it so tough, especially without Sallah. I think if he plays and runs at us early, we buckle. Fuck it, he wasn't there and we could've had 3 pts. I say not unexpected because our record against Chelsea, Leicester, Arsenal, and Pool are 2-0-2. All four of those teams attack higher up and allow us to get behind them when they lose possession. Add Wolves as a team that wants to play and there is another draw. United's athletes and skill in the counter attack means that we have a shot against any squad who doesn't sit back. We're terrible against teams that sit back and defend because we don't have the skill in the midfield to break down semi organized D's and Rashford is worthless with his back to goal. Crazy as it sounds, but I think we'll continue to take points from Tottenham and possibly City (baring everyone is healthy). There are good pieces there, just need a real striker/or a 10 and lots of help in the center of the pitch. Fucking Fred, Pereira, and McTomany were are starters. They lacked everything but effort and they somehow bossed Pool. Unreal. Bad thing for Liverpool is teams know how to line up against them now. An organized 5 in the back can stop that attack, though I still want to see it when they have Sallah. He's a machine at going at defenses.
  6. Sounds like where my liver was headed a couple years ago. Prayers hundredTT that you find your bottom or the shock that brings you around to hope. I know it took me getting “the look” of disgust from a friend who thought I was sober during one of my “secret” sprees to know I had one last chance in me to live. I’ve seen your hell and I’ve lived in your mind. I hope you find the fear at the bottom of it while you’re still alive. I also know miracles happen. There’s a room full of light waiting for you when that moment comes. I’ve never seen a man die after he surrenders. Much love.
  7. The Federalist Society. 15 years ago they were laughed at by almost everyone for being lunatic fringe righties. Now they're main stream Republicans.
  8. I'd take relegation to get new ownership. Sign me the fuck up.
  9. I got 5 on it. What's crazy is there was a time not long ago that a supporter's group could actually pull something like that off. The way the EPL has taken off worldwide has made it impossible to purchase a big club unless you've got stolen government funds or oil money. Sad really, because we're stuck with the grifting Glazers and their fucking debt. They're gonna suck it dry by the time FC United of Manchester or Salford City FC make it to the Championship.
  10. Yeah, impossible to look away yet impossible to watch. I keep hoping for something positive to come from a young guy, a spark of leadership from Rashford, or a fight from someone trying to save a career or their club, but nada. I don't see a secret plan from Ole taking shape. I don't see anything from him that is inspiring the guys to give an effort for one another. At least guys somewhat played in spite of Mo. I'm assuming ownership is waiting for a beating from Liverpool and take the easy way out of making a decision on Ole, but no better time than an international break if you ask me. Give Carrick the caretaker reigns until you can find someone with a fucking clue of building a club. Put Woodward on the business side of things and fill the sporting directors role with an actual football person. This club is a looooooong way off and the mystique is suffering at the hands of a greedy family full of fucksticks. This is on the Glazers now if the club has a chance at long term survival.
  11. Blow it up, it’s beyond redeemable this season.
  12. 60 mins in, fuck it. Put in Greenwood, Chong, and Gomes for a spark and give the kids experience. Nope, Rojo’s worthless ass comes on for an injured Dalot We’re playing not to be embarrassed, yet we’re already embarrassing.
  13. I miss the days of complaining about Carrick being too slow with the ball in the midfield. The fact that Ashley Young takes most of the set pieces and is the captain shows the lack of quality and black hole of leadership in this squad. We’re fooked
  14. When Fred, Mata, and McTominay are supposed to boss the midfield, you’re fucked. This is going to be a long ugly match...against fucking Newcastle.
  15. Not much to say besides we're not good. I'm losing hope. Here we are. A loss or draw to Newcastle means we don't hit the 5 and Ole is in trouble with the fans. I've seen nothing over the last 4 matches that makes me think United are improving or even working on anything tactically. This season sucks already, but you could always bring in an unhappy Pochettino, buys some guys, and Ed Woodward would get to keep his house from getting stormed. If the turn around or change doesn't come quick, pitchforks are going to be in the streets. Hopefully pointed at a Glazer. Edit. We won't hit the 5pts even with a win, but forfucksake you can't lose to Newcastle and Steve Bruce and expect to keep your job.
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