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  1. Shit, Tech is kicking ass. Pokes gonna have to dig deep.
  2. Raiders are doing well. Came out of the gate fast and then gave up a run. Back up to a 9 point lead now. It'll be interesting to see if anyone runs out of gas with 4 or 5 minutes left in the game. Hoping it stays close as a spectator.
  3. NASCAR country. Everybody thinks they're Richard Petty and many end up like Rob Moroso.
  4. Shit, I just heard her get some airplay the other night. RIP, great, unique voice.
  5. I just heard last night (I think) that Tristan Clark, the Baylor big guy who blew out his knee and was supposedly retired from bball, is back in the game on the SMU squad. Best wishes to that guy, he was supposed to be a key part of the team that won the NC last year. Losing him is why Drew went to the small guard lineup that proved to be so successful.
  6. So Tech turns around and has a makeup game with Pokes tomorrow. Then regularly scheduled game on Saturday. Man, it's like punishment for getting sick in this league. Baylor showed the way last year, just wait so far into the season to "get COVID" that there isn't time...
  7. Alrighty then, so much for the perfect season. Congrats to Tech. Defense is all about effort and the Red Raiders gave more effort than the home team in Waco last night. Drew doesn't have the senior guards he had last year and he's going to have to find something that works for the team he has this year. Against average effort the Bears can win on talent and good effort. They still need to find that next level because that's what opponents are bringing when they play Baylor this year because of what last year's Baylor team accomplished. Sins of the older brothers I guess.
  8. 10-4 Baylor on the boards so far. That's where Tech was abusing the JHawks so I'm a bit surprised by that. I think Raiders had 54 rebounds against TN this year.
  9. Prolly not going to see Sochan tonight, ankle is still jacked up I think.
  10. It's not THAT bad out, jfc. Just cover your head with some shiplap.
  11. I was just trying to remember what year that game was. Holy fuck, '94? I'm old.
  12. It's nonstop. Like watching a 10K race. Riveting.
  13. I'll check the final score in the morning to not be completely clueless in case the game comes up in conversation tomorrow.
  14. I did the maths in my head and I think you should be 4-1 in that stretch going into the TN game. No worse than 3-2.
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