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  1. I record at 2.7k and 30 fps. 4k is just too much, and I found that after rendering and youtube upload that the 1080 res videos just didn't look good enough. I've had more luck getting better looking videos using 2.7k. That could totally be my fault, and others might get the same result using 1080. Agree with wd that the chest mount is the way to go and I've only used GroPro branded. I don't have any extra batteries. It was never really a problem with the 3 I had, but I think the 7 drains the battery quicker as it has died on me more than the 3 did. Also the 7 has the case "built-in", so no need for the protective case which I did use with the 3. There was some audible "rattle" with it. I'm going to look into VideoPad as an option for editing software. I was leaning toward purchasing Vegas Movie Studio but I'll kick the tires on VP first.
  2. 91 today but look at the humidity...it isn't often we're in the teens, so I don't mind.
  3. I rode Monarch Crest 7 or 8 years ago. Epic. I did it solo, but would definitely recommend doing that ride with others.
  4. My recommendation is to spend a little extra and get one with the stabilization, it is absolutely worth it.
  5. I have a GoPro Hero 7 (well it's my wife's but I've mostly commandeered it as my own, lol). I had a Hero 3 Black previously which was good. But the 7 (and I assume 8 and up) has the Hypersmooth technology which basically negates the need for a gimbal in order to get smooth footage. At least for amateurs like me who aren't that serious about it. I've been pretty impressed with it so far. I use the GoPro Chest Mount. This is a good topic as I'm also interested in what people are using for video editing software. I used to (and still do mostly) use GoPro Studio but they don't make it anymore. I've tried a few other editors but haven't found anything I like that much. I'm a real noob at it and running Windows. When I had a Mac before I did like iMovie. Last weekend I took the GoPro out and got some footage of the Austin southie trails with the intention of just putting together a little highlight video of some of my favorite parts of it. Being stuck at home these days I should have some time to put that together, although it would be rather boring. I'd like to get better at the video editing part but, for me at least, it is quite time consuming.
  6. yeah I understand that. Since I live in far SW Austin I can get to Flat Rock in about 1.5 hours, and RPR is a little over an hour. Not a big difference for me.
  7. Great video. Lajitas is a place I've wanted to ride but have never had my bike when out that way. I need to make it happen. I was a bit surprised about the Flat Rock comment. To me, it is one of the best places to ride in Texas. In fact I was supposed to camp and ride out there this weekend, but rain and other circumstances squashed that.
  8. wow, that looks...not fun. did you have some riding buddies with you at the time to help out? Luckily i did, and they were way more freaked out than I was. I guess due to adrenaline, I didn't feel any pain until the ER doc set the ankle back. I still don't know why he did that and if it was a good idea or caused more damage.
  9. I got an x-ray of that ankle a couple years ago because it was bothering me. Sure looks like doc left a bunch of other shit in there.
  10. Not so cool story bro time. I've only ever broken a bone once while mountain biking, and it was clipless pedal related. If you're old enough, you might remember Onza pedals. Fucking shitty ass pedals that used swappable elastomers to adjust tension. Well, before a BCGB ride I changed to the black elastomers which were the most difficult to disengage from. While messing around in the parking lot pre-ride, I was riding a wheelie and then lost balance and started to fall over to my right. I could not disengage my right foot from the pedal and stupidly stuck my knee out to break the fall. After I sat up I looked down and my right foot was turned 90 degrees outward. Broke my ankle and fibula. I now have a screw in the ankle and a steel plate on the fibula. This is not to scare anyone off from using clipless pedals as I've never had an issue since. Those Onza pedals though...turrible. And the reason I prefer crank bros is the ease of engagement/disengagement plus the float which is easier on the knees.
  11. +1 on crank brothers. i've been on egg beaters for quite a while now.
  12. been riding clipless for 25 years. coincidentally, i decided to put a pair of flats on my singlespeed a couple weeks ago to try them out. i bought them a few years ago on a whim i guess and never used them. anyway, they are not for me. swapped back to clipless with a quickness.
  13. Little update on my Maxxis tire that developed a goiter. The replacement arrived last Saturday (a Minion DHR II since the Aggressor was out of stock - cool), but I had been riding on the goiter'd tire for a week and it was still good, other than that giant growth on it. Decided to just ride it until it blows up. I've put 90+ miles on it, and some rough miles too - that goiter has been to Flat Rock Ranch and Pedernales Falls in addition to the southie trails. I guess I'm committed to it now, fuck it imma ride it til it dies.
  14. Gnargasm is such a great trail name.
  15. yeah I also have a mental block when it comes to gap jumps. I've been working a bit lately to get better at jumping since I've always sucked at it and didn't do it much. But more and more I see jumps popping up on trails everywhere. That didn't use to be the case. I suppose the rise of enduro and big travel bikes is what's driving that. I'm not surprised about the poor signage out at RPR. Last time I was there it was a mess and hard to navigate. I've heard it's only gotten worse, although it sounds like maybe it is getting better than about 2 years ago. It is owned by aggies, so what can you expect I guess.
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