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  1. For resale purposes (not to mention safety) I'd probably encourage you to do your best to meet egress requirements. What size do you currently have in there? Certain manufacturers have different hinge systems that allow for windows that would typically not meet egress to qualify.
  2. where's that abandoned waterpark aerial taken from?
  3. You've got a great eye. Some ones in there I think I'm very interested in. Let me figure out some layouts and spacing for the house and i'll check back in on this thread. Thanks guys.
  4. Yeah, @UTPhil2006 and Co. did a pretty good job of getting us closed on it. Always been a dream of mine to have a place down there and think we got ourselves a good one. https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/952972382950870997?check_in=2023-10-23&check_out=2023-10-26&guests=1&adults=9&children=2&pets=1&s=67&unique_share_id=90a9c7ba-f23a-45f9-bf84-5709469edb4e
  5. Love it. DM me a link to a gallery if you've got one. I've got a buddy doing a painting re-creation of this photo I ran across (JJW will be forever linked to Frio memories): https://scottnewtonphotography.com/early-austin-part-2/6wiykanamp657awm2usagm44yn9q9f
  6. Looking to fill the walls up at our new Frio investment property. Cannot seem to find Hornius Emetrius' website and would also be interested to see if any other recommendations were out there for some Hill Country/Texas Rustic photography.
  7. Hahaha. The neighbors that live on that side use that as their 2nd home, so their presence is only an issue twice a year or so. Had I known that then, I would have built it on the other side and put an end to the awkwardness of watching the other neighbor blowing up his pool and filling it with a hose while we're swimming.
  8. Been a bit since the initial build and, naturally, I’m wanting to post right after Troph drops that gem. Anyway, TV wall is up and pretty excited with the way it turned out. Still doing corten planters under the cedar
  9. Just going to watch this all day.
  10. Post a selfie, Hank! Love the Morenz/Gardere discussion. Makes my bald ass feel youthful again. Time to go Umbro shopping at Rooster Andrews!
  11. Sark’s glasses are fucking stupid. Someone step in and stop that. Also, fuck this game.
  12. well, the pup was sure excited to see his new splash pad after getting back from hunting school
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