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  1. Well shit we got 2 great games and beautiful weather today with my lady's dad in town, and he's a major seamhead but he's never been to a UT game and leaves town Thursday. His last trip here got rained out. I'll tell him to stay away for the regionals. It was great to get today in and be at a ballpark again.
  2. Any hope for baseball at Dell tonight or the Disch tomorrow?
  3. There has to be more Waffle Houses per square mile there than any where else.
  4. Facts didn't matter, I didn't say I agreed.... Yes racist mental gymnastics are facinating.
  5. Guessing he has some integrity and honesty left, maybe even a soul. And he knows a lot of damning shit that would carry a lot of weight coming from a career "newsman"
  6. Probably a good play. The opposition will fold quickly and be a Golden Corral by 530pm.
  7. I remember family members who would state that right before looking over both shoulders and saying something racist as fuck. My favorite was " VY was a good college quarterback, but a black qb will never win a Superbowl, it's too complicated of a position at that level. Just shooting you straight"
  8. Come on man, that was a long time ago, all squares are rectangles, but not all rectangles are square, it's hip to be square, we won't get fooled again
  9. I had not looked at it that way but raining fire and death from the heavens is Old Testament AF. Far West HEB is probably having shortages from all this
  10. I'm cool with all titties but I'll take an A over D any day. But I'm not going to judge others proclivities. Gotta have some booty tho. Gotsta
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