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  1. My niece has nuerlogical damage from covid- can't drive, had to suspend college, facial tics. Lost several friends from Covid Fuck you and your "it's the flu"
  2. Oh thanks GRHorn for this jewel of a post. Weak sauce.
  3. I see several items that will show up on the inspection report with one picture. Plus, gross
  4. They do during HS football season.
  5. yeah this But the whole crowning them king of Texas because they are competent vs our state government and still a wholly capitalistic machine that quietly cut hero pay to workers and now are further fucking those heros... yeah fuck that Heb won't even let tip cashiers . They won't take a 20 for fear of being fired.
  6. Yep. Same in Lakeway, four points, Bee Cave. Often with 3-4 unmasked crotch fruit in tow. Dicks
  7. But did you do your own research? Bro
  8. I didn't lie for me, but stretched the truth for my GF who has a big old booty and a little extra covid chub and used to smoke for years before me. Got text for Appt in Houston and pulled the trigger. Throwing some Swangers on the family whip and heading home to H Town Friday for round 1. Spoke to one of my buddies down there who is obese, smokes and should get the shot- not even signed up. WTF.
  9. I would unfollow that shit or move. ignorance is bliss.
  10. Well it is Trader Joe's for me then. More enjoyable experience anyway.
  11. Ha ha ha. The Leg is all vaccinated I'm sure and could give two shits.
  12. what business are not open at this point?
  13. No, This study put out by the CDC could lead one to make erroneous conclusions.
  14. We do not have adequate contact tracing in this country. Without that and a shitload of testing its impossible to make statements like "it doesn't really spread through schools" or "teachers only get sick from bars".
  15. Without robust contract tracing, that study is rather useless. Throw in kids largely being asymptomatic and how the hell can glean anything meaningful.
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