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  1. Coin flip on whether I want to be you or justhookit in my next life.
  2. My Fox News watching mother likes to bring up when Obama had a teleprompter issue. Apparently it was so unpresidential and quite the hilarious fiasco. Those assholes live in a fictional reality and that reality is a miserable shit hole.
  3. Odd. I remember that day vividly. Building a house off West Mary in Austin. I remember the exact job radio the info came down on. Going home early to process. Then seeing the images. Nothing I can think of that would be wrong.
  4. It's almost like Brisket may be on to something calling it a cult. This is North Korea level cult shit. I forget the documentary, but Western Doctors healed a blind woman, immediately went to thank dear leader rather than the Dr, who actually cured her and did so out of charity. That's the USA
  5. I've been exploring Broke Down Palace. Never really liked it until watching Long Strange Trip. Like a lot of Dead Songs I just needed to be in the right time to connect with it. Any favorite versions ?
  6. That was his reason for using Chinese steel on his properties - you all didn't stop me. It's 100% his brand to do something shitty and blame his behaviour on people not reigning in his behaviour. Of course when people do; he's a victim and gets to whine. Pure Id
  7. Ha ha. There are a bunch in Port O that have frayed to tread "Trum" or "Tru." Saw a lot more Confederate flags. These assholes feel emboldened to be racist. And they like being assholes. My favorite was the half US Flag/ half Confederate Battle flag mash up. One half of the flag kicked the others ass.
  8. So the organizers decided on a speed of 11mph. Or literally the speed most people wakesurf at because that's the speed most boats throw the largest wake possible. Smart folks considering the needs of others in community!
  9. God you suck Murder is an "excuse". Shitheads? But honkys boating around with rebel flags is nbd. Fuck off. I really used to enjoy going fishing or boating with less reminders of how many assholes are out there.
  10. Fuck off. Her point was well said and concise. And valid.
  11. Or unfollow everyone that posts shitty content. My feed is down to like 15 people.
  12. Now when rioting with antifa I'll be laughing like a fool shouting Mazel Tof as we hurl cocktails at buildings.
  13. This. And I'll be there if I'm living in a van. Just need to burn down OC. Bakersfield and Fresno too
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