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  1. Have the margaritaville key west model. It’s easy to use and can do 3 pitchers with one load of ice. It’s easy enough my 15 year old is quite the bartender when we have people over, she keeps everyone’s drinks full and makes good daiquiris, pina coladas, and margaritas with it which means I don’t have to ;-)
  2. I still have the grill drop in for my old blackstone, never used in 3 years. I just don’t see the point in it, everything comes out great on the griddle, why mess with a good thing If something comes up to where I have more cash than I can ever spend, maybe I’ll get a BGE if I want something with grill marks ;-).
  3. A cover wouldn’t hurt. I keep mine in the garage for now though until I finally get around to building my cook shack in the backyard.
  4. It’s in the trash ;-). I use (used) a cheap plastic bowl for water to wipe it down before initial seasoning and had it sitting in the middle of the shelf. The heat coming out melted the side of it. Good news is the melted plastic wiped right off the shelf ;-) I had the wrap around shelf for my old one and it would do the same thing if you had plastic too close to the griddle, the bowl was a bit farther away from the cook surface out of habit. I now have a small table I set up now when cooking just to keep everything there, there’s just not enough space on the shelves for stuff that can’t get hot. It was a solid upgrade, my old one got a heck of a lot of use (even my wife would cook on it a lot—she never cooked on our grill when we had one).
  5. Finally retired my 5+ year old 36” and got the pro series 36”. I’ve been dying to try the models with the grease tray in the back since I first saw them in stores. Went online to get one and saw the pro series and couldn’t resist. Pros: - trash bag holder is awesome - paper towel holder is awesome - it’s solid. I was never concerned with the old one, but since it is designed to fold/be portable, it wiggled - lid is insulated, no need to use domes, just close the lid - have yet to have drips and the grease tray is much bigger Cons: - I think the price is a bit high - the shelves are too high, all the heat from under the griddle top flows right onto the shelves (have the melted plastic to prove it). - drawer slides could be better quality. They work but not very smooth So far it wipes clean (just like the old model), nice to not have grease running down the legs and having to take the knobs off to clean grease off of them.
  6. With everything going on lately, we’ve been trying to support our local farmers by buying direct from them. Over the weekend we decided we’d look into buying half a cow since we have the freezer space and there’s some concern over the supply line over the next couple of months. She blasts her local redneck friends for recommendations yesterday morning and by noon, we’re all set. Awesome. She comes home from work yesterday and says a couple of her co-workers want in on it. Then she says her mom only wants a couple of pounds of ground beef and to see if my family wants anything. I told her to stop, we had decided to do this to stock up the freezer, not to sell a couple of pounds of meat to everyone she knows. I told her I know how things would end up, I’ll pay for the beef and she’d end up selling all the good stuff to her coworkers for cash and I’ll have paid 1200 for 60 lbs of ground beef. Think once it comes in, I’ll make use of the lock on the deep freezer for the first time.
  7. $150 every two weeks HMO plan thanks to my wife’s state job. Prior to that I was paying $300+ biweekly in the private sector for family HMO. If I ever leave my job and get a state job, it drops to $50 biweekly.
  8. There’s no guarantee with recovery software and you’ll risk further damage to your data if you keep on doinking with the drive. If the data is that important, take it to the data recovery guys. Sometimes they just need to use their software recovery tools (which is better than the $70 software you might buy). Sometimes the just have to replace the board on the drive. If they need to do a tear down and reassemble, you’ll realize you don’t need the data that badly ;-) Then start looking into cloud storage for backup instead of external drives. I’ve recovered data from some drives with the freezer method though and one drive I recovered by giving it a hard knock against the counter (last resort).
  9. Yup. $30 a box, no wonder they have plenty on the shelf
  10. We live out in the sticks and the place here is the only one around that has 9mm Speer Gold Dot in stock. Just easier for me to drive 1 mile to get it while they are open and her take it into work for him than for him to drive 30 miles one way over the weekend to get it himself. He has a carry permit, just like my wife and I, not worried about him being unable to legally purchase ammo. I get what you’re sayin Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  11. Wife called me from work and asked if I could run to the LGS to pick up some ammo for a co-worker and threw in the ‘but don’t buy anything else’ statement. I laughed, she laughed, my new shotgun laughed..... ETA, the co-worker gave her the $120 for it, guess who won’t see a dime of it......
  12. That episode and the one where Ray recorded her on her period were awesome!
  13. It’s the principle of the matter ;-)
  14. Goddammit, electrical storm is rolling through, I figured I’d be nice and ride it out in the living room with the dog that doesn’t do well with thunder (otherwise the wife won’t get any sleep). I guess she needed a power strip for something and instead of grabbing one (of several) from the garage, she unplugs the one that goes to the couch, lamp, and a couple of other things from behind the entertainment center. Now I’m pissed and there’s not much chance I’ll get any sleep after this little thing blows through.......
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