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  1. I use DraftKings and Fanduel sportsbooks. I think DraftKings offers better odds boosts and promos but Fanduel has the same game parlays, which are fun. I've downloaded William Hill and BetMGM but didn't like the interfaces. With that being said, if you are in Texas or somewhere that doesn't allow mobile betting, these are probably not available to you.
  2. I took the under in both games and parlayed Texas and Miami MLs.
  3. I lucked out on HotStock last week and was able to get an xbox at Best Buy that I will be available for pickup on Saturday. All my son wants right now is Madden, so I'm going to get that. Any recs on games that my daughter might like? She's 12 and plays games like Roblox on her phone and Animal Crossing on the Switch.
  4. Had a brutal one last night. Was able to navigate without CMC pretty much all season and still made our championship game. Ended up making a bunch of bad decisions this week that didn't work out. Picked up Hurts (his knee was down) and benched Wilson. Streamed both Browns D and Bears D and decided to start Browns. Picked up both Jeff Wilson Jr and Fournette and started Fournette based on matchup. Started Marvin Jones Jr who ended up with 4 points. Found myself up by about 22 going into last night and my opponent still had Jones and Henry, so didn't think I had a chance. Ended up losing
  5. I'm with you TexEx. I played in HS and been coaching my son's teams for the last 3 years. We went last year when they came to Denver and was a great atmosphere and did a great job getting the kids involved. We watched the majority of the games over the last 2 weeks and most of them came down to the last 2 minutes. Plus, I'm in Colorado and you can bet on the games now.
  6. Over the weekend, wife was watching Love is Blind on Netflix. Son who just turned 8 sits down and she explains what is going on and to never find a girl this way. He responds with "I want a thick girl". Are we gonna have a little Vic on our hands?
  7. I might have had one of the worst fantasy weeks ever. I actually have a pretty decent team and sitting 3rd in my league with 3rd highest point total. Russ Wilson, Saquon, Josh Jacobs, Sutton did nothing. Golladay was my high scorer at 10.10 and the only person who broke double digits. Thought Jaylen Samuels against the Bengals was going to be huge with Conner out, but of course not. Was just a perfect storm of shit.
  8. I was down 48 with Ekeler and Allen vs Hill. Almost pulled it out but ended up losing by 6.
  9. I was waiting with my kids for the bus this morning. My 7 year old son was asking when Thanksgiving was and I was explaining that it falls on the 4th Thursday of November every year. My 11 year old daughter starts telling us that 2020 is going to be awesome because Halloween, Christmas, and New Years all fall on a Friday. Then she adds "Also, hopefully Trump won't be President anymore".
  10. I screwed myself this week since Russ was on a bye and I didn't trust Kyler against the Niners. Tried to pick up Carr on waivers but didn't get him. At that point, should have just stuck with Kyler. Nope, picked up Kyle Allen and was rewarded with 5.7 pts. Kyler would have gotten me 26.7.
  11. Gotta love Western Kansas. My wife's family is from Wakeeney and used to go quite a bit before her grandmother passed away seven years ago. Now I only have to go once every 3 years for the family reunion.
  12. Kyler ended up outscoring Russ by 10. No worries, I still won. This week will have another decision to make since Russ is on a bye. Go with Kyler against the Niners or stream a QB this week? Options available are Carr vs Bengals, Darnold vs Redskins, or Allen vs Falcons.
  13. I stuck with Russ. We’ll see what happens but I should still be alright since my opponent didn’t have a great week (except for Lamar). My biggest mistake was I had Kirk at flex and changed it to Samuels. Then almost replaced Golladay with Kirk this morning when Stafford was out but didn't.
  14. QB help now. Wilson vs 9ers or Kyler vs Bucs? Kyler has the better matchup but I have a hard time benching Wilson.
  15. Have a flex question this week. It comes down to Samuels vs Rams or Ekeler vs Raiders. I would rather start Samuels but only if Conner is out, which hasn't been determined yet. Ekeler plays tonight. If I roll the dice and stick with Samuels and then Conner ends up playing, I will have to choose between sticking with Samuels, Mixon vs Ravens, McCoy vs Titans, or Kirk vs Bucs. Thoughts?
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