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  1. https://www.espn.com/mens-college-basketball/story/_/id/29588068/baylor-sophomore-jared-butler-withdraws-draft this was a lone bright spot in a crappy day at work. really glad to have jared butler back this season.
  2. Belton. Small city. Largish county of 375k.
  3. I’m a private school administrator and had a meeting with our county’s health authority today. She said it’s just not behaving like other viruses with respect to children. It’s infinitely more likely a teacher would infect a kid rather than the other way around. Kids ARE getting the virus but they are not giving the virus. Their parents are bringing it home.
  4. My 7 year old daughter has been misquoting Hamilton after every chore. Me: “thanks for unloading the dishwasher!” Her: “Hypocrites—we get the job done.” Me: “Do you mean immigrants?” Her: “No, I’ve always lived here!”
  5. there's no marina, so i guess it would be a pain to pull it in and out of the water to refuel and store.
  6. it's high right now, so no danger of hitting trees. you do need to know where the trees are during a drought.
  7. my parents or siblings. would probably be a family biz.
  8. https://www.boats.com/resources/peer-to-peer-boat-rentals-a-brave-new-world/ this article on vrbo for boats is the one that got me wondering
  9. I've been trying to rent some watercraft to use on Lake Nacogdoches, and evidently no one is doing that there now (though i vaguely remember someone doing that when I was in high school). Since my parents live on the lake, I'm wondering if it'd be easy to buy a boat and rent it out on the weekends we aren't there. Anyone done anything like that before? I assumed the insurance is cost-prohibitive and that's why no one does it, but there's plenty of rentals on other lakes so maybe just an untapped market? Talk me out of it.
  10. [mention]Party_Taco [/mention] we need captions for that amazingness.
  11. I'm not understanding the logic in delaying the school start by just a few weeks. Has there been any indication that we are close to a peak? I have not seen anything that would suggest this will die down in the least without another shelter-in-place or vaccine. So unless the schools are prepared to shut down entirely until we have a vaccine, what is the three weeks going to do?
  12. From China. In a Chinese study of 72314 COVID19 cases published in Feburary in China, 549 of those 72k cases were in children aged 10-19. One child died which results in a case fatality rate of .18% with a confidence interval of 95% (meaning that the case fatality rate could be as low as .03% or as high as 1.02%). Dr. Escott has exploited extrapolated this single child's death in China in January to imply that between 40 and 1,370 children will die in Travis County if schools reopen. It's absurd and appalling, and that's coming from someone who supports the schools staying closed. No clue how to disseminate this perspective without sounding like a fake news trumpkin, though.
  13. The attorney general said today that religious private schools are exempt from local officials' orders.
  14. Reposting—Had to crop out identifying info
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