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  1. With good reason. There’s one table of 4, one table of 2, and seating for six at bars (3 sets of 2). I would think the outdoor experience would be extremely disappointing comparatively—the food is good but not amazing it’s more about the experience. Snacks on the table when seated were spicy pickles, togarashi popcorn and spicy pretzels. There’s no hard liquor but they have a big sake selection, champagne, red and white wine, and one beer (maybe called Orion?). First course cucumber gazpacho Second course tuna nigiri Third course creamed sesame spinach with mushrooms Fourth course can’t re
  2. Tokyo record bar was really really fun. We loved it.
  3. Just had a great meal at Pasquale Jones. Tokyo record bar tomorrow.
  4. any restaurant recommendations for my 16 year old hipster-wannabe daughter and me for 2 weeks away? she's decently adventurous, but for her the decor/ambience will be more important than the food.
  5. In the triangle you clean them a little bit first—rip off eyes, top shell and clean out gills and lungs with cold water. Take out reproductive organs, and then rip them in half. Some people kind of precrack the claws too. Then dredge in zestful seasoning and deep fry. You have cayenne pepper in your cuticles for days.
  6. These look way more battered than mine. Before: After:
  7. i have a crab guy i drive to in killeen that i meet in the strip club parking lot. live blue crabs imported from the gulf almost every friday. papa jazzy takes good care of me (though he does think i'm insane to deep fry them). also crawfish, shrimp, oysters. super high quality. you must call ahead. https://www.facebook.com/papajazzysseafoodexpress
  8. My husband and I are about to begin remodeling the bathrooms on our 1971 ranch style home in Bell County. He wants to do shower only bathrooms since we only use the tub annually or so (when friends/family with babies come to stay with us), but I can’t imagine having a house without a single bathtub. Though I do concede his point that a bathroom remodel is only good for 10 years or so, and we don’t plan to sell in that time period, it seems silly to take one out to put one in if we sold. Any thoughts?
  9. Guilty! Me, last night: Guess how many gallons of gas my Yukon xl holds?
  10. Yes. Please. I joined shaggy because you guys are clever and hilarious (about 1000x more interesting than any of my Baylor boards). Lazy, one-sentence, rep-whoring posts about rape/murder are boring and tired. I wish the mods would fly a banner at the top of the page that says they “are not our standard.”
  11. How else do you guys think we can get transfers from Presbyterian and UNC-Asheville?? Definitely cheating! Remember that dirty flyer Coach Drew made about recruiting all-Americans in 2006? It was so mean!
  12. These boys were three years old when Coach Bliss got fired and in middle school when Coach Briles got fired.
  13. I love you Adam Flagler. Freaking nails.
  14. Piped in crowd noise sucks. Go bears!!
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