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  1. Really good defense on that last shot.
  2. I hope we lose one. Don't want to go into tourney on an absurd win streak tempting fate.
  3. And I can't go. [emoji380][emoji380][emoji380][emoji380]
  4. That's impressive. I wonder how the league being "down" factors in. I know we have a slight edge in points per game allowed but kenpom is a genius so what do I know.
  5. duh typo makes more sense. I'm in the mountains with low data signal. Ive only watched 6-7 jayhawks games tbh. Just a (biased) opinion. I'll look up stats.
  6. I don't know kenpom rankings enough to know what defense move is.
  7. Disagree. Two good teams defensively. Bears are better.
  8. This is exactly why I think we have a shot this year. We have four guys who take turns being that one guy. I see that as a huge positive, as you're not sunk if "that guy" has a bad game (like with CJ and Tweety).
  9. Two ridiculous offensive foul calls in a row.
  10. Is it my imagination or does Sims travel every time he gets the ball?
  11. What is the significance of the bench players making the shot clock violation hand signal after the dunk? Is that a thing I don’t know about?
  12. my die-hard longhorn parents are in town today.
  13. Ok I’ll bite. What is that?
  14. Finally a decent crowd for my bears. We lead frogs 35-24 at the half.
  15. Me too. Diehard Baylor fan and appreciated all Drew has done for us—just didn’t think much of his coaching bona fides (players’ coach) to a fault. Never been so happy to be dead wrong. He is a good coach. He takes nobody recruits and transfers, somehow magically turning them into Freddie gillespies, Royce o’Neales, and taurean princes.
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