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  1. I got 2 for Dallas as well, wonder if those will be refunded if worst comes to fruition.
  2. Yep I upped my donation level for my seat selection in order to get parking. Then they took the parking away. I could have been paying a couple of hundred dollars less for my donation if it wasn’t for the parking and have been grandfathered into my seats with a lower donation but the parking fucked me. It is what it is but they definitely fucked a lot of people over with that shit.
  3. Just put in our first offer on a house in Austin (currently in Cedar Park). 41k over list price, and we were told that we lost to a “significantly” higher offer. This market is fucking crazy.
  4. I mean, I’d like that option, but to take the paper completely away seems...wrong.
  5. We have a recycle bin mainly for bottles and cans but every time she goes to the mail box she puts all the ads/free papers in a stack on top of bin. Doesn’t curl it to fit into the bin or smash it down. Bugs the shit out of me. At least she’s not throwing half full cans away anymore.
  6. Yep good movie. Surprised this thread isn’t longer, but honestly not too much to discuss, it was really well done.
  7. A spear? Holy shit it’s hard to believe these people are still around...
  8. “It smells like B.O. in here I’m going to light an incest candle”.
  9. It’s going to still be an active construction site this year so no one will be sitting there. Not 100%, but last season visitors were all moved to the upper decks and I’d guess it’s going to stay that way this year too (assuming we have a season). If you’re asking about the SEZ in general, suites are sold out, but I think some club/bar table seats are still available. Not sure who will sit in the non club seats. I would guess the students will shift over and fill in those on the East side since CDC made a big deal about a having a single student section and that would more the visitors to the lower NE corner (they already sat in uppers over there).
  10. Yeah I get the basic (not caring about spoilers for a nearly 20 year old movie) he decided to forget and trick himself into killing his dirty cop buddy, but yeah lots of things missing. Why/how did he get with Natalie in the first place? Is his wife really dead? Is Sammy real or not?
  11. TKthunder2


    Can someone explain Memento to me?
  12. Good scenes and acting but that doesn’t make a movie. To setup that 20min QT ending you needed very little of the bloated meandering scenes that came before it. I like seeing MR on screen but her scenes after the brief intro at the playboy mansion was just a waste of time. LD’s on set acting shit was good in its own right but other than that the rest of his scenes were pointless (the whole going to Rome contributed next to nothing to the story or it’s progression). With a few exceptions MR and LD’s parts completely disconnected to what little plot there was which boiled down to basically just BP and the Manson Family (and some of BP’s scenes were unnecessary too). A good editor could have made this into a tight 1.5-2hr flick and made it far more watchable, but everyone is giving it high marks because of the cast and that’s it’s a QT film. But I guess I’m in the minority here, and I’m okay with that.
  13. Good scenes, good acting, bad story, with a QT ending. I don’t get the love, but whatever.
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