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  1. Can you ban immamac from this thread? Or if that doesn’t work grab all of his posts and make a spin off thread titled “Thread for little bitch boys and pedophiles”. You know just to test out your new powers? I have no idea what the argument is, but that sounds like fun.
  2. Did you stop reading half way through the sentence? “and roll the rest of the area into Maryland like they did with Arlington and Virginia https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/District_of_Columbia_retrocession )“
  3. Ohio State should just infect different parts of their team each week with COVID, that way they’d make the playoffs for sure!
  4. Caribbean/PR/USVI as 51st - Yes they would be about as populated as Utah and come in around #30. While they don’t have a ton of land (would be our 4th smallest state) they have lots of people and drastically different needs that no other state could reasonably assist with. Pacific Territories - No, they’d be our smallest state in population and 3rd smallest in size; if they want representation then they should be rolled into the state of Hawaii, even all together they’d be only 41st in population, and 42nd in size. And while they have some different needs, generally the same problems they face have and can be resolved by working with Hawaii. DC - Hell No (keep the National Mall White House, Capital as DC but no one should be allowed to live there other than officials who can still vote in their home states, and roll the rest of the area into Maryland like they did with Arlington and Virginia https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/District_of_Columbia_retrocession ) I wish they would just decide to combine states like the Dakotas, Idaho/Montana, Colorado/Wyoming or Rhode Island/Connecticut, Vermont/NH/Maine, Delaware/Maryland where they don’t have vastly different needs and are simply separate for few tangible reasons other than history. But I know it will never happen due to politics on both sides.
  5. Texas has one on both sides of the ball too.
  6. To go around them will they have to walk on the sacred grass, or will their heads explode at the paradox? Only time will tell...
  7. Had similar issue, cost us about $400 for pest removal/prevention. I think it was research pest control
  8. Tits, going back to school, getting her own credit card, taking more girls trips, these are all signs (6 divorces in my/wife’s families)
  9. I stopped following a while ago but yeah, they would have been third generation Longhorns, and Herman gave their walk-on brother a scholarship and they still went to Alabama.
  10. We must be in some sort of time distortion where we’re married to the same woman, but I’m like six years in the past. Can you get me some lottery numbers?
  11. That’s why we bought first, closing on the sale of our Cedar Park house in just over a week from now.
  12. Funny, I vaguely remember that too, but yeah it’s been so long. I go against the gain on the mustache and with the gain on the beard/neck and use the straight edge for the sideburns and to touch up the soul patch and just under the nose. Basically I shave with this and if I need to get a super close shave (like if I’m going out of town for a weekend trip and don’t want to bring a razor or have an important afternoon meeting and don’t want a bad 5 o’clock shadow) then I just follow up with a standard blade razor.
  13. It’s doesn’t get super close, but I love this thing... https://www.amazon.com/Philips-Norelco-OneBlade-QP2520-90/dp/B01D328BG6
  14. That’s was my best guess. I just found a 3rd someone told us it was mating season.
  15. Over by Laurel Mountain Elementary near Yucca Mountain
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