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  1. I know we have some thread in the Movies/TV forum and the Cord Cutter thread in Can you Help me with this but I didn’t feel that this topic fit in either. Obviously the TV and movie industry has been flipped on its head in the last few years with everyone and their cousin starting up a streaming service, and while there are a ton of them out there, there is also a lot of opportunity for consolidation as we just saw with the Disney/Fox acquisition, Warner Media (AT&T) Discovery merger, plus the rumored Amazon acquisition of MGM and Sony licensing out its stuff to Netflix plus the impen
  2. Seriously, laundry should not be on the list neither should meals. For the last two year a majority of the homeless have been sleeping under overpasses, parks and woods all over the city without these handouts but now they are framing it as it will cost MORE to provide social services that we were already providing? Shit this seem like you could service more people in a more secure location making it cost LESS per person. $150k a year to be in charge of a SINGLE homeless camp? How does one get that job? Sound like 1 person could “managed” multiple sites for far less because their is no wa
  3. Groups call for reintroduction of jaguars in US Southwest Environmental groups and scientists with two universities want U.S. wildlife managers to consider reintroducing jaguars to the American Southwest By SUSAN MONTOYA BRYAN Associated Press May 16, 2021, 11:40 AM ET • 4 min read FILE - This Dec. 1, 2016 file image from video provided by Fort Huachuca shows a wild jaguar in southern Arizona. Environmental groups and scientists with two universities are suggesting that U.S. wildlife managers consider reintroducing jaguars to the American Southwest. In a recently
  4. Just FYI Friends, West Wing and the first run of Will & Grace are Warner properties so HBOmax has them unless NBC licenses them…like Netflix did. Netflix just locked up a major deal with Sony to get all their tv and movies including exclusive rights to Seinfeld. I agree my long term opinion of Netflix is bearish, they’ll need to partner with someone at some point to keep their valuation. Seems like an easy company for Google or Apple to grab up when they start their decline, but their biggest advantages were their subscriptions and their tech all of which are less important each
  5. How much do you want out of it? I’ve had a friend do this who only netted ~30k on his flip and told me it was a bigger pain in the ass than he expected and he think he could have made half of that money simply by listing it as is since many people are looking for flipping opportunities for themselves or for investments. If you want to get into financing investment flipping you should probably get your real estate license and take some additional cut from buying and selling side (since you know the contractor is going to “pad” his costs unless he’s super trustworthy).
  6. It’s not. Only the 23 movies and 2 Disney+ series are in the MCU at this time. The Netflix Defenders and Punisher series are their own separate universe however people think Marvel might bring in some of those characters/actors via the multiverse and retroactively bring those Netflix series into the MCU officially (now that they got all of those rights back). Rumor that they may be doing this with Sony’s previous Spider-Man series (in the next Spiderman move) and Fox’s XMen too (via Deadpool 3).
  7. They legitimately moved past South Texas and UNT not long after becoming aggy law, but they jumped like 60 spots in USN&WR this year and according to them are now considered ranked 3rd only behind UT and SMU. No fishy about that at all, and no explanation of that jump.
  8. I just saw tonight’s update on local Fox 7, they interviewed Carol Baskens from Tiger King, lol.
  9. Just to be clear, so since we’re #1 in wealth we can’t look at what has or hasn’t worked in any other country because they have less wealth? I have no idea if his facts/figures are bs not but pointing out that other countries with better “safety nets” still have a high percentage of homeless isn’t something that one should dismiss (if true).
  10. Not that long ago the City of Detroit was selling properties for $1 in downtown. Most were condemned and you had to sign an agreement that you would bring them up to code with 2 years or it would revert back to the city or something like that.
  11. I walked on the glass bridge over the Grand Canyon once. I don’t think I’ll be doing that again anytime soon.
  12. We DID 3 million units a year, before lumber, steel, and multiple other shortages. Until the supply chain recovers, we’re going to have limited production.
  13. “The series takes place after the events of the film Avengers: Endgame (2019), in which an alternate version of Loki created a new timeline.” In End Game they went back in time to 2012 to get the Infinity Stones including the Tesseract but they dropped it and the captured 2012 version of Loki (who was alive, the 2019 version is the one that died) grabbed it and used it to disappear (which is why Steve/Tony had to go back even further in time to 1970 to get it). It’s this 2012 version of Loki that this series will follow, the still mischievous god that just attacked NYC, not the on
  14. https://abc13.com/politics/tx-house-oks-bill-that-would-ban-homeless-encampments-in-public/10589930/
  15. There are tons of affordable options around the nation, just not in Austin, SF, Seattle, or the like. If affordable housing was the problem, these people from Missouri would be moving to Eagle Pass, Longview or Abilene. The reason these people are moving to major cities is because they are enabled, either by government/non profit assistance or by regular citizens that are supporting their panhandling. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for providing assistance and a path out of homelessness, but if you simply enable people like Casar wants, then you’re only going to attract more homeless that
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