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  1. Enjoyed the dragon storyline, was confused by the cat.
  2. Really enjoyed the the popular stuff by Robert Heinlein, Alexandre Dumas, HG Wells, Ernest Hemingway, Ayn Rand, and George Orwell. Also (to echo others on here) Lord of the Flies, Robison Crusoe, Fahrenheit 451, and (not yet mentioned) Watership Down. Did not like Wuthering Heights, Pride and Prejudice, Grapes of Wrath, and (these not yet mentioned) Last Unicorn and Lord of Light.
  3. Despite what ESPN’s graphics department would have you believe, Texas beat Georgia this year.
  4. It’s over. Was still a good show, even though it peaked a few seasons back.
  5. LULZ aggy about to get taken to the wood shed.
  6. It’s nice to know that there are so many people out there doing good to offset my own selfish life choices.
  7. They don’t sell those LCD panels anymore. They could probably sell all the ones we have to others that need replacement panels but I doubt it’s worth their time to do that.
  8. Many already listed so I’ll pick some one not mentioned yet... Don't: Snatch Ferris Bueller's Day Off Pulp Fiction Remake: Matrix War Games
  9. I see 10 wins I’m thinking 10-3 with the bowl game. And yes that would be successful but still seems like a long shot, I’d o/u it at 8.5 Also (catching up) I can’t believe none of you fuckers caught on the last page that looch said 4 active national champ coaches when there are 5 (Saban, Mack, Les, Jimbo, Dabo)
  10. His contract was back loaded at USF, Texas paid all but 100k of his salary in 17 & 18 but he didn’t get double paid. This was the first year USF paid the majority of his salary and he was paid 5 million. In his final two years, Strong’s published salary numbers were 2.7 and 2.8 million although it been rumored that those numbers are lower than what he is actually being paid (which is somehow a secret due to a weird Florida law). So if we assume on the low end that’s its 3 million he would be getting paid 6 million for doing nothing in 2020 & 21. Strong still pulled in ~25 million from Texas and ~11 million from USF for a total of 36 million for 6 years of work, which boils down to $6 million/year (assuming he doesn’t take another coaching job).
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