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  1. I drive it to and from work everyday for the past 6 years. Traffic is rarely ever on both sides. The only place you might see some going the opposite way is where the road bottlenecks to 3 lanes for those 3 miles but again even that it rare. Anyone arguing that we need 4 permanent toll lanes over more free lanes is being disingenuous at best.
  2. Today I took down a perfectly good bronze curtain rod and replaced it with a nickel one because it was “better”. When pressed for more details on what made it better....tone. At least I got to use one of the existing anchor holes and didn’t have to worry about leveling it.
  3. I guess we could count the Texas schools the same way... TCU - 2014 Peach (W) Houston - 2015 Peach (W) Baylor - 2015 Cotton (L) & 2020 Sugar (L) Texas - 2019 Sugar (W) Sorry if I missed anyone
  4. Again. 3 lanes each direction to 6? You are literally talking about adding two 9 mile toll lanes and 3 miles of a single free lane because the fucking highway is already 4 lanes for most of 183 North but you’re spinning it as they are building a 4th lanes for the entire 9 miles stretch when really it’s only for 3 miles and they are taking up all the additional possible expansion for tolls and not offering anything else that Katy got, other than the fucking tolls which again were only agreed to because they were getting 6 free lanes for allowing 4 tolled lanes. Austin is giving 4 tolled lanes for the simple elimination of a 3 mile bottleneck. i understand people will take the tolls in traffic, the issue is that this permanently takes up 4 lanes on both sides of the road when traffic is only following one way. 183 North is not Mopac, it doesn’t have a train in the middle of it and traffic doesn’t clog both sides of the road during rush hour, in the mornings there is traffic going South and in the afternoon it goes North. These toll lanes are completely unnecessary 21 hours of the day because very few people will use the Northbound toll in the morning or the Southbound in the evening. Since there is no train, 183 North could simply have 2 permanent toll lanes in the middle of the highway (+2 additional free or HOV lanes) and simply manage their availability (with a road zipper https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Barrier_transfer_machine) to people going South in the morning and North in the evening. That would be in the best interest of everybody except the toll companies because it’s more expensive to have managed lanes, and thus would drive down profits. But sure, this is obviously the best plan.
  5. Calling you on this deceptive bullshit. The Katy Freeway added an additional frontage, freeway, HOV lane and 2 toll lanes on each side. That’s 4 free and 2 free dedicated for 4 tolled. 183 North is getting a couple of sidewalks, zero new frontage roads, zero HOV lanes, a single lane that’s only goes for 3 additional miles (to correct a 4>3 lane bottleneck between Braker/McNeil) and 2 (9 mile) lanes on each side. That’s .3 free lanes and a sidewalk for 4 tolled. I wouldn’t call that the “Katy Freeway treatment” I’d call that getting fucked and I’m going to be pissed as a mother fucker starring at those two basically unused toll lanes on the opposite side of 183 when I’m still sitting in traffic twice a day since only an idiot (or someone who gets to use them for free/on the taxpayer) will be taking the toll North in the morning or South in the evening.
  6. This is spot on. Have multiple parents I run into with OU, Tech and LSU shirts/hats that have seen me or my kid in burnt orange and have said “y’all had a good game this weekend” or some other benign comment in passing, but the fucking aggys have just been annoying and doing stupid shit. A few weeks ago an aggy mom was teaching her kid to hiss at my 3 year old at the check in desk for wearing his UT jersey. Next time I’m going to take a page out of your book.
  7. Oklahoma can’t take another grad transfer and still recruit 4/5* high schools QBs. LSU makes sense.
  8. Recently was at a funeral and was talking to a distant cousin about how we’re having child #2 soon and he started telling us about au pairs and how it was a life savor for his wife and that it’s only $200/week plus room/board which is cheaper than daycare for two kids. We didn’t get more than 3 feet away from him when my wife shot down the idea and said “in your dreams.”
  9. This is why my wife had me anchoring random pieces of furniture when I got home from work today (the kids furniture have been anchored for years).
  10. Thought they said the permanent one would be up by football season?
  11. Lulz not every head coach is a QB whispering guru and Coach King was not his only fb coach. Some of these takes are ridiculous.
  12. I played for Coach King. He’s a Oline coach not a QB coach.
  13. So you’re saying it’s Y2K, just 20 years late?
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