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  1. Seems like the rich kids always had hot moms so I thought that was an indicator
  2. Took a minute to see it. ... and $5 is not enough. Make it enough.
  3. That could easily be my kitchen in the morning after a night of industrious drinking so this thread hits close to home.
  4. I would put in some real money on that 😆
  5. Fuck yeah, I’ll take mine with extra Italy. I’ve got to find page two...I must know if friend 4 spits or swallows her mouthful of secret soup
  6. Hand mixing cement.... yep... that's right up there with pitching square bales 🤕
  7. This post is more of a DIY saline laxative tutorial if anyone looking to up their shart game. Last night's dinner was two German beef sausages, an entire bag of pickled daikon radish, a half a jar of sauerkraut, and a half a jar of pickles. Sober? Of course not. Craving pickled stuff? Apparently. Regardless, I reckon I consumed enough salt to bring down an elephant. No fart can be trusted. The amount of mud blown already this morning is stupefying... I don't even know where it's coming from at this point or when it will stop. I wonder if this is where the expression 'getting yourself into a pickle' comes from?
  8. We are all too old for square bales. Man I don't miss that A&M will offer based on his forearms alone.
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