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  1. Oh c'mon already. What's in the box? What's in the box?
  2. Get a few friends posing as health workers to haul you out of the house.... put edibles in everyone's lunch today.... tell them you've spontaneously converted to Islam... cmon' man I know you got this
  3. Dating sites when the all-clear has been sounded..... or so I'm hoping anyways
  4. Next day & a little more familiarity with the 'new-to-me' machine... feeling better about the amperage setting and horizontal 6011 is getting a little less choppy. Still could use a touch more uniformity and better bead overlay but I haven't done this one in a while and at the end of the day just stacking beads is great practice. Also going back and forth with vertical up 7018 stringers on some 2" by 3/8" thick angle iron. I'd like to tighten this one up with some more uniformity but this is also a harder weld. 5th pass vertical with 5 stringers. I'll probably break out the leathers and practice overhead next week.🤢 Also... a downside to the Miller Thunderbolt XL... it ships with some pretty short and dinky leads. So far that's the only knock I've got on the machine. Alright... I'm not going to keep posting practice pictures or turn this into a diary... just bored AF and welding my way through the pandemic. Stay safe & sparky
  5. I'm guessing I've gained 5-7 alcohol related pounds since this quarantine business got rolling. There really is nothing better to do than drink in the late afternoons. Yes, there are better things to do but don't tell me that.
  6. Flu situation has me bored off my ass and holed up along with most of the rest of the country. One way I've been passing the time is going to the shop several hours a day and practicing welds I haven't done in a while or stacking beads. For about a week I did vertical up stringers (3G) with 7018 and yesterday I started stacking horizontal (2F) with 6011. ... I have access to a Miller Thunderbolt XL now and it's my first time using one, so while I was practicing yesterday I was also getting the feel of the machine. I'm not real familiar with these but it's a fine little machine. Performance-wise this is on par with the Lincoln 225 AC/DC tombstone buzz box or the Harbor Freight Vulcan Commander 225. The Thunderbolt has a snappy and reliable arc but from the looks of it they've changed their entry level stick welder and this is a discontinued design. Having used the three machines mentioned for stick welding I would rate the Lincoln slightly ahead of the Miller and the Vulcan last. If you see a Thunderbolt in good working condition for around $400-$500 I'd grab it. Anybody else welding their way through the pandemic?
  7. Nothing so far. This is every bit as bad as I remember. Living in a very small town combined with a major pandemic probably isn't helping.... Started off with Tinder but it hasn't been the oasis of tramps with low self esteem I was hoping for. Over 10 years ago when I last tried this online crap I don't remember having to screen for trannies....man, there sure are a lot of them out there now and they're better looking than most of the women. 🤣 I'm also working POF. There are more women on there but progress is slow. I've had a couple big uns' tug the line and although I'd almost fuck dirt at this point , apparently I still have some remnants of standards. That won't last. Meanwhile, the profiles all start looking the same : "No games. Are there any real guys out there? My ( 2, 3, 6, 156 kids) are the most important thing to me. NOT looking to hook up. NO FWB. It's so hard to write about myself. Just ask. No fakes. Friends first. My pictures are 10 years old & I 'm 30lbs heavier now but imma let you figure that out. I'm a diva and I don't need a man. Fuck you. Pay me.". I'll try to have better news soon...
  8. Bro, do you even fat chick? 🤘
  9. All right I’m going hoggin on Tinder, not a whole Lotta options where I am but... a couple of DD or better Eaters on the radar, fuck yeah I’m totally down. I don’t need Clemson for the first game of the season... perfectly content to schedule some DII & just pick up some W’s.
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