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  1. This confuses me I mean we must be talking about a surprise shit here. The leadtime on a shit is just about always longer than a shower... I mean unless you get in to the tub and you’re already Prairie dogging I just don’t get it. regardless , to answer the question..if I’m expecting to get laid later that day I’d get back in the shower. Otherwise I’d just wipe & go.
  2. Cimarron is very low cost & kills over 100 different types of weeds iirc. It will even kill horehound (which sprouted up like mad in our overgrazed deer pens) and cimarron won’t kill your grass. I believe it has a pre-emergent action also.
  3. I worked farm and ranch full time for the last seven years... Focusing on mobile welding now but it occurred to me that you might’ve worked in ranching too long when: You drive by other peoples ranches and you start counting their cows as you pass by on the highway 🤣 Hey, wait where’s the bull!? Catch myself doing that a lot
  4. I can still hear my drill sergeants. ” You’re tore up from the floor up!” ”You’re ate up from the grate up!” ” I bet your parents put paint in your cereal when you were a kid didn’t they?” After accidentally marching the entire platoon into a ditch on the side of the road when in a leadership position... “You could mess up a two car funeral. I bet you’ll be glad when today is over won’t you!?” “why are you eyeballing me do you want to throw down?” “Your boots look like you polished them with a Hershey bar. Nah don’t even worry about it Low Crown. Too easy... first platoon attennn...hooah! Half right hooah! Front leaning rest position hurrr!” they would make us guess what they liked on their cheeseburgers while we were getting smoked and even though we kept notes it still changed every single time. ”I don’t like no mayonnaise Low Crown! Push! ” fn hilarious & I still think about them
  5. Yeah this isn't getting enough airplay on this post. They're fucking hilarious..... Had a gaming buddy from Oz once.... "That fucking cunt is uglier than a bulldog chewing on a wasp.". And it went on like that... every day. 😆
  6. đụ má (S.Vietnamese for mother fucker or just fuck) and puta madre have been lifelong standbys when I want to mix things up from regular ol' shit and fuck.
  7. I know how it goes. Last time I was up there I had to almost hug the wall on the observation deck at the Tower of the Americas. Absolutely no way I'd walk to the railing let alone look down. Yet, I've gone skydiving.
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