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  1. I'm going to go stick my dick into my aunt. And then my cousin. Brb and let you know
  2. UNC won 5 games combined between 2017-18 and each of their losses this year has been by a single digit margin. Don't get me wrong, I think Mack left Texas like a petulant bitch and I'm still pissed at the guy for about 100 other things... but I have to hand it to him that he already has UNC a lot better.
  3. Texas Vs. Kansas State - A fine alternative to watching your parents fuck.
  4. Thread hasn't said anything at all about mama, or trains
  5. 42 If it's a matter of personal taste, I've always been a fan of putting a comanche in the middle
  6. Gotdammit. The place : Mom & Pop Mexican joint on Nogalitos in SA The situation : Halfway through a fine plate of huevos rancheros and decide to crank out that 'fart' I've been sitting on as soon as the waitress leaves. The result : I put some oomf into it and immediately regretted my decision. I became instantly 'finished' with my breakfast since sitting back down and expanding the wet spot was not an option. A short but juicy drive got me back to the safety of the shop space bathroom where I could assess the damage in peace. Pretty darn good huevos rancheros, though.
  7. So, helicopters are for losers? Damn I always kinda liked them...
  8. I don't know but if we're on a collision course with the Cheez It bowl let's not fight it. They're orange, we're burnt orange. It'll work.
  9. Charlie Strong is really missing the boat here by not doing some Publix shout outs. Maybe they’ll bring him a cake too
  10. I wouldn't touch this game with any dick in Bob Stoop's overflowing bag of the same. Taking the over seems like free money though.
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