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  1. Solid article: https://www.marketwatch.com/story/heres-what-the-feds-surprise-interest-rate-cut-means-for-mortgage-rates-2020-03-03
  2. We are supposed to leave for Mammoth on Wednesday and aren't going. Canceling flights, not an issue, but condo we rented is saying if we can show proof of flight cancelation due to Covid-19 they will issue a 12 month credit. Obviously I can sit here and wait/hope it will eventually be canceled, but any other ideas? Fake email that excludes the flight #s?
  3. Sold. Thanks for playing Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Buying up bottled water like the city's infrastructure is about to crumble. Buying batteries???
  5. Just left Costco (for coffee and wine). Everyone is losing their fucking mind.
  6. Brand new and still in the box. Won in a raffle and don't need it. Retails for $400, but selling for $300. Details and Reviews here: https://www.oklahomajoes.com/rider-600-pellet-grill-20202114 Pick up in Austin
  7. I am more of a slight recline guy. Just enough to take that 90 degree angle feeling out of the flight, but not too far that they could rest their chin on my headrest.
  8. Hollywood


    Apparently Affleck and Damon bought the rights to the movie.
  9. Cool thanks. Have a rez next week. Mainly curious if it worth venturing to a new part of NO. Ive had my share of the statement restaurants and for me there is only so much creole I can take in a visit, so like to mix it up.
  10. Anyone been to Bywater American Bistro?
  11. Considering booking a few days over Spring Break which will also overlap with my 40th. Anyone been to SV in the winter? Recommend? If so, is there an advantage to staying in Sun Valley over the town of Ketchum? Appreciate any insight
  12. Headed into the city tonight with my boss. He loves a good scene (eye candy), but of course good food too. Any recs on that?
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