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  1. Warmoth temporarily shut down their factory (they're in Seattle area). Shit just got real.
  2. west coast pedalboard sent email saying that promo code "FLASHME" gets you 35% off everything in the "ready to ship" section. I've bought a couple orders of solder/cable/etc from them, and I'm very happy with their service and prices.
  3. Okay, I'm getting close to pulling the trigger on a custom-order Warmoth. Any advice from you guys who have traveled that road? Jimmyjazz? What I'm thinking of: Body - semi-hollow Pickups - P90. Maybe the Fralin noiseless P90 Neck - I'm a maple fretboard guy. And the best neck I've ever played is the compound radius on the new Fender Elite series This is where I'm at (except the pick guard in the Warmoth representation is covering the route for the bridge pickup and part of the F hole)
  4. If the Last Waltz tele were a superhero with its own comic strip, then the Aristedes tele would be the almost-a-mirror-image archenemy.
  5. I am about to take a pretty big batch of pedals to list online. If you're interested in any of these, message me. I have boxes for most of them. analogman sun lion zvex fuzz factory Thorpy FX Deep Oggin EH Mel9 EH Key9 Teletronix Mulholland Drive Durham Electronics Mucho Boosto (an early one) MXR phase 100 Carl Martin Plexi Low Gain TC electronics corona chorus Lovepedal Kalamazoo
  6. Did you watch the first half of the press conference yesterday? It was all about keeping America safe from the dirty brown people at our border... never mind that there hasn't been such a case, or that Mexico should be a lot more scared of the virus making its way south, etc. All the brief clips that made the news yesterday were from Trump's absurd "you're a terrible reporter" tantrum, or Fauci's literal facepalm. But the first half of it was numerous appointees stepping up to the mic and reinforcing 1) "Thank you for your noble leadership, Mr President," followed by 2) "Yes, the dirty brown people are a threat to us."
  7. I think 3 is "The brown people are coming here to kill you." An idea reinforced every single day on Fox and OAN with a story about an illegal immigrant who committed a crime. And at yesterday's press conference, "The brown people are bringing a deadly disease across the border" (a story with zero basis in fact). We can all be certain that there's a murderous caravan that will depart Central America and arrive at our border the week of the 2020 election. Which will get the military deployed. "Shoot to kill" and shit.
  8. "The president's bold and decisive actions are saving you from the dirty brown people who are threatening to kill you."
  9. Any giant corporation/industry with good lobbyists is gonna get bailed out and made whole. Don’t worry about them. And it will end up in private pockets. 2008 out front shoulda told ya.
  10. Yeah, that fucking jumped out to me too. It’s unbelievable - even now, almost 4 years later - that this fat, clownishly orange, relentlessly lying shitbag who mocks the physically disabled while reading like a 4th-grader is the POTUS.
  11. (edit: lots of spoilers below. maybe go see it before you keep reading) I saw it tonight.... Had a surprising amount of old concert footage, backstage footage, amateur photos, home movies shot in Woodstock. The talking heads were informative and gave a lot of insight. The story of the group's early years was well illustrated. I still have problems with its one-sided presentation. Especially the last 15 minutes or so of the film... Robbie just lines up all the talking heads he can, and one after another he gets them to more or less say, "Robbie wrote all the songs." I mean, Garth Hudson is still alive, right? Why is Robertson getting friends and business partners to say he wrote all the songs instead of just asking Garth, "As you know, Robbie says he wrote 'Chest Fever' (an organ solo). Is that correct?" It was weird how the movie seems very careful to answer all the charges against Robertson, but those charges themselves are never even mentioned.... that without the rest of the band's knowledge, Robbie claimed 100% authorship for all the early tunes. The bitterness from the other guys about the financial disparity that created. That "The Last Waltz" was shot and edited by Robertson's friend, and it ignores the fact that it was primarily (maybe only) Robbie who wanted to have a farewell show and quit touring. In this film, Robertson just comes flat out and says that by 1975, he *had* to write all the songs because Levon and Richard were strung out on heroin. Which is problematic to me for two reasons. One, it's a little distasteful to throw your two friends under the addiction bus when they're dead and can't answer that charge. And two, even if Robertson did write all the 1975 material, I'm pretty sure those aren't the songs whose authorship was ever challenged. It's a good movie. I'm glad I saw it, but it's not going to be the last word on the story of the Band. It would be like Paul McCartney producing a 2-hour film that examines his complicated relationship with Lennon, and even though he effusively praised Lennon's talents, he used *only* talking heads who supported his positions in their arguements, blamed Lennon and Harrison for the Beatles' problems, and he released such a movie with no participation whatsoever from the only other living member of the group.
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