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  1. This point has rarely been mentioned (what with all the high-level corruption, nepotism, and treason), but it's a legitimate grievance.
  2. I keep an am radio on in the garage just to hear what talking points Rush is delivering. And lately... holy shit. Joe Biden’s supporters are systematically murdering the entire police force, and Black Lives Matter are coming to kill the white people. Only Trump can save us. (It’s not even coded)
  3. That's exactly how I read that quote. She never said she'd vote "no."
  4. Superb post (says the also-a-former-Republican). The 2016 election is still hard to wrap my head around. I think you could argue that Hillary was simultaneously the most qualified presidential candidate in history while also being the *only* candidate who could have lost to Trump. The Republicans did a brilliant job of identifying potential Democratic nominees and then demonizing them on a daily basis for literally decades ("Vince Foster!!!" "Benghazi!!!").
  5. You can say the same for McConnell and whoever he nominates. Hence my earlier comment that this is the event that lights the fuse.
  6. This is going to be the spark that ignites the powder keg
  7. WaPo has another pool boy story today. Says that when the media started running stories in 2019 questioning the whole bizarre relationship (including photos), Granda texted Becki that his life was ruined and he was contemplating suicide. She told him, “Stay off social media. It’s full of left wing nut jobs.” You could spend an hour unpacking all the hypocrisy and bullshit in that text, starting with the fact that newspapers are not “social media.” It reminded me of an exchange I had earlier this week, where several people were talking about the dangers of social media, and one guy says, “Thanks to social media, a lot of people now believe that Trump is a racist.” JFC
  8. Good Lord, the quickness of Collins... that's impressive.
  9. I'm a pretty avid college football fan, but I couldn't have told you the mascot of either Houston Baptist or Coastal Carolina before today...
  10. I mean, both the eyeballs and the stat sheet says he's our best returning player at maybe our thinnest position. And he seems like a great kid (and yes, I'm aware of the tweet).
  11. Those last two throws were shit throws by Sam. Eagles is gonna be fine. Ease up.
  12. What if that physicality happens "in space?"
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