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  1. Yeah, it's crazy, isn't it? The thing that strikes me about the last 5 years of Ted Cruz is this: It's pretty obvious that he's just constantly trying to gauge which direction the political winds are blowing. And his opinions are 100% based on his analysis of what policy/position will result in giving himself the most power - both within and outside of Texas. During years where the wind is constantly in one direction (red-state Texas gonna red state), it's easy to mistakenly conclude that Cruz's positions *might* be based on principles. For example: four years of vigorously def
  2. You're welcome. Glad you found it. Some of my favorite movies are low-budget documentaries that just happen to capture a lot of brilliant moments, and "New York Doll" definitely does that.
  3. Willie Horton Obama is a foreign-born Kenyan muslim W's terror-o-meter (*daily* banner headlines in the weeks leading up to 2004 election) "total muslim ban" black lives matter protests ("Corey Booker!!!") migrant caravans covered daily until 2016 election (then COMPLETELY dissipated literally overnight) to this latest pre-inauguration "caravan" The message from the R's to their base, unfailingly amplified in the days before elections: "Be afraid. Brown people are coming to kill you" (or at the very least, to be lazy and get free shit).
  4. top of the hour, banner headline on Fox right now: "Thousands of migrants headed to US border" And endless shots of migrant riots as they clash with Central American police. buzzwords: "fraudulent documents" "caravan" "Remember Obama put children in captivity in 2014" So... "both sides" icing on the giant cake of fear getting served up to the olds.
  5. I don't know if we're talking about the same documentary, but the one that follows Arthur from Salt Lake City to London for the reunion organized by Morissey (I think it's "New York Doll").... that's one of my all-time favorite music documentaries. He has that I-fried-my-brain-when-I-was-young thing happening... like Ozzy Osbourne, but somehow more childlike and endearing. A transvestite rock star drug addict -- now trying to live the Mormon "word of wisdom" while playing a reunion concert. Pretty entertaining.
  6. Good topic. My nominee... Gimme Shelter Sonically, it isn't especially well recorded or mixed (even when compared to its same-year peers). It has a pretty dramatic tempo change... which seems accidental and not planned. You can hear the band cheer "Whooo!" in the seconds after the Merry Clayton voice crack... which I'd argue was the high water mark for rock music. I can think of a lot of songs that represent better writing, better lyrics, better melodies, and grander themes, but I can't think of a better rock song.
  7. On a recent 538 podcast, they speculated on a theoretical Republican primary held tomorrow... Mitt Romney vs Trump. Someone guessed 85-15 for Trump, which sounds about right. To state the obvious: the current pro-Trump polling among the GOP *even after the murderous riots* shines a light on how thoroughly the party has lost its fucking mind. Anderson Cooper summed it up really well when he observed that GOP congressmen refuse to do the right thing lest they risk giving up the fantastic parking spot they currently enjoy at Dulles.
  8. I was expecting the mass pardonings this afternoon.
  9. It sure doesn't look like he had to work super hard to find simple-minded fascists seeking to commit violent treason.
  10. Good friend of mine was a huge fan of the "boom goes the dynamite" guy, and it was his (my buddy's) 40th b-day. So I looked up the dynamite guy, and he was working as a news reporter somewhere. He sent me an autographed head shot that said, "Happy 40th, (my friend). Boom Goes the Dynamite!" It was a pretty cool thing for Brian to own his infamous moment of disaster. For those too young to even remember: https://knowyourmeme.com/memes/boom-goes-the-dynamite
  11. Yeah, you don't realize how slick the production is at Fox or CNN (or "The Apprentice") until you click over to OAN. Everything looks and sounds incredibly amateurish, doesn't it? I've seen speculation about how/when/where Trump wants to endlessly be on TV after he leaves office... and speculation that he might not be on OAN or Newsmax just because he realizes their production is pretty shitty. And btw, the chyron on Fox right now: "CRITICS ACCUSE DEMOCRATS OF DIVISIVE RHETORIC" (caps theirs)
  12. I don't have the stomach to brave those today, but I did watch 20 minutes of Fox this morning. Over and over, they returned to the theme, "Big Tech Censoring Conservatives!" I mean, they are VICTIMS of an unfair system. It's just so obvious, everyone. We got a couple of very angry Tomi Lahren spots where she screamed at liberals for "dividing us" (never mind that we really need the GOP to individually identify themselves as a party respectful of laws and elections OR lawless right-wing terrorists). We got Newt Gingrich mocking an impeachment. There is zero -- and I mean
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