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  1. Very true. Seems like more of a player’s coach than some of the other names that crossed over from college to pros and perhaps therein lies his success at the pro level
  2. This is absolutely true, and very conceivable with one look at the early season schedule, fairly or unfairly to Sark. Make no mistake about it.
  3. I like your points, but am commenting because I'm in the group that believes Barry Switzer did little more than inherit a polished and finished build handed to him by Jimmy Johnson. That's why I didn't include him on my list. A more interesting case study in current times would be Kingsbury with the Cardinals. It would seem that there IS room for college coaches, often young college coaches, to bring the college-style air raid offenses to the pros to take advantage of certain unique mobile QB attributes at that level in ways that weren't capitalized upon a decade ago. Of course you could make a pretty good argument that Kliff was hardly a great college coach, though he was limited by being at Tech and given those limitations had quite the track record of QB's passing through his tenures. Adaptation is req'd be it from college coaching to NFL coaching, NFL accepting college type offense, etc to find rare success in making the transition. What works at one level may not work at all at the other.
  4. It’s incredible how many truly legendary college coaches make the jump to the NFL and prove mediocre at best or outright fail, and quickly. Urban Meyer joins a long list of names like Steve Spurrier, Nick Saban, Bobby Petrino to name a few. There are certainly exceptions (Jimmy Johnson comes to mind), but in general there are clearly ingredients that bake a good college coach that produce a flat bake in the NFL. If history is out guide, Urban Meyer, if he wants it, will likely return to the college game and experience a swift return to his past success at that level and the sour narratives of today will be forgotten and chalked up to another case of what works in college does not necessarily work in the NFL. Feels like someone could write a good book trying to get to the bottom of why we see this narrative recur time and time again.
  5. So can someone explain the details of this rating system?
  6. Though I think it’s fair to ask how much we owe these results to Sark and how much to NIL opportunities at Texas that have recently come to light (and some that possibly aren’t they public knowledge)
  7. We always win the offseason. Time to start winning on the fields.
  8. Meyer’s public statements would seem to intimate he has no interest in returning to college, but public statements he made a year ago about this time intimated he had no interest in returning to coaching and look how that turned out. As for his performance in Jacksonville, maybe he is the problem, but it’s not like that franchise had any semblance of winning culture before he arrived. My guess is college programs would be lining up to hire him if he showed the slightest interest in returning whether these programs already filled their positions or not. We might find out just how committed Notre Dame really is to a Marcus Freeman or how interested Oregon really is in a Dan Manning depending on how things play out
  9. URBAN MEYERHC, JACKSONVILLE JAGUARS NFL Network's Tom Pelissero reports there are "questions in league circles" about whether Urban Meyer's stay in Jacksonville could end after one season. Jaguars players vented their frustration to Rams players after last week's loss, according to Pelissero, while assistant coaches have been thrown under the bus for Jacksonville's 2-10 season. Meyer's public comments "shifting blame to players and coaches" has created a toxic environment, with multiple heated exchanges between the team and Meyer. Respected veteran and team captain Marvin Jones became so upset with Meyer's criticism of the receiver group that he left the practice facility until staff members convinced him to come back, while Trevor Lawrence had to question Meyer on the sidelines after his first-quarter benching of star RB James Robinson last week. For now, there are no signs that owner Shad Khan is considering firing Meyer, but that could change as Meyer continues to lose the locker room. There hasn't been a coach this out of his league with this much backlash in the NFL since Chip Kelly's tenure in Philadelphia, and Urban is likely headed for a similar fate.
  10. You always knew football season was just around the corner each year when “Dave Campbell’s Texas Football” hit the shelves.
  11. If you can’t beat em’, outbid em’……..#NIL
  12. So basically they’ve lost the only 2 games they’ve played this year that mattered. Certainly a small sample size, but it might be time to temper those lofty expectations
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