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  1. an interminable replay review and now a rain delay for Lowell to do his standard audition for ESPN/mothership. "If I could just get a catch phrase or talk about something that would make people think I'm hip or funny national ESPN will have to hire me..I just know it."
  2. TSU catcher wanting the "high school curveball strike"
  3. based on what we've seen Kam Fields should be the ace of this staff.
  4. so uh lets take it upon ourselves not to lose to Texas fucking Southern please. and Pierce is an idiot on 3rd base if Ivan didn't run through a stop sign. can we put Tulo over there?
  5. christ, replay reviews with Galindo filling time are a damn beating. shut the fuck up.
  6. Take the L, Bob... next thing you know he'll be dating Sheryl Crow
  7. they should put them where the people voted to keep the open camping.
  8. there is a huge Home Depot in Casar's district to start with.
  9. Adler and Casar going into the 4 corners offense...Dean Smith would be proud. as predicted they will clean up around downtown(fuckface Adler's area) and hike/bike, central austin, so some shit can be "reported" and videoed then it will all stop.
  10. that would be interesting to see cases to admits percentage over time, maybe add deaths too.
  11. no one gives a fuck about what China does...UN out front shoulda told ya.
  12. "change conditions" - stop trying to make "change conditions" a thing Steve...
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