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  1. that would be devastating if he can win this match
  2. momentum has turned. typical US, start out like a house on fire and then relax.
  3. LOL. chip trying to get into Herman's good graces. what a hack. Ash is a deck chair hire.
  4. yep. our D picked it up and CMU cooled off a bit, except for the one guard. we smothered them inside pretty good. hit FT's and we cover. we got to the line because Febres and Ramey got hot from outside. the problem I have is our whole game depends on shooting 40%+ from 3 to beat very good teams. If Febres can be a hot 2 of 3 games guy we could potentially get to .500 in conference but I'd have to see it to believe it when we start facing much better defenders.
  5. actually. 76 points is pretty good against CMU.
  6. yep Jones lost is mind. dribble and they have to foul you.
  7. CMU shooter got fouled on the arm.
  8. good call by the official. 2 years ago Hamm gets flagrant 2.
  9. Dileo is in his cylinder. Hamm did not extend the elbow at all. Blanks is wrong. you can't extend elbows.
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