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  1. "reported deaths" being the key phrase
  2. wonder what a tractor trailer full of ventilators would go for these days in NY?
  3. the elderly and underlying conditions population density data after this is going to be interesting. you've got to lock down the olds fast. I realize they aren't ALL the deaths but they are much more likely to get hospitalized.
  4. can I take that with some HCQ and prevent the corona?
  5. I was being facetious..feds are saying 100K to 240K so I picked 240K to help him understand why we are particularly surl today
  6. all I can think of is Monty Python.
  7. this is why I think the number that will eventually have had this is going to be close to 100M
  8. interesting and thanks. so approx 18% positive rate from test and about 14% of those hospitalize. fatality is about 14% of hospitalizations. I know the testing criteria means its not a random sample and the positive rate would be lower for a random sample but for talking purposes test 100M(random sample/worst case), 18M positive, 2.5M hospitalize = 350K fatalities
  9. hopefully they have been quarantining already before they get on the flight.
  10. Its amazing that NY/NJ is such an outlier hotzone for both cases and deaths. the confirmed case/death rates are higher elsewhere but NY/NJ is crazy as an overall total. You would think you would see something similar in Illinois/Chicago by now. I wonder if Michigan's blow up would be traceable after this is over.
  11. as long as it includes a Foghat or Thin Lizzy song I'm in.
  12. well at least you are self aware. 20 points for gryffindor!
  13. well we are at 240K deaths and climbing so it is kind of expected.
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