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  1. Art Acevedo is a moron. the guy is legitimately dumb as a box of rocks. like cro-magnon dumb.
  2. there should be no public sector unions...
  3. yep just wait until NY/NJ/Mass happens here. its inevitable.
  4. just wait until the deaths come like what happened in NY/NJ/Mass.
  5. well it is the NYT. the reality is no one knows yet. in 2 weeks we will know about Texas/CA/others. yes keeping it away from the olds is and has been the key from day one.
  6. I think we need to wait 2 more weeks to really know.
  7. state fair is cancelled as of today. actually might make it easier to have the game since it will just be people going to the game but who knows.
  8. Crazy that anyone would buy a scalped parking pass this year. no way to get your money back if it gets cancelled.
  9. I called the office to see if they'd manually give me manor and the guy on the phone said being held for Suite Holders only. probably some suite holders got pushed from pink so they were worried they might run out of close parking. the mack years of 2000-2009 tailgating were the best 10 years. its pretty much fucked now and only going to get worse.
  10. did you get Manor? I was told it was only for suite holders even though it was showing available.
  11. I'm glad I didn't do that when my ability to get Lot 80 went away with patterson's bullshit. tailgating in the university lots is basically dead unless you can get Navy.
  12. I normally get yellow to have a surface lot for tailgating and its easy to get out but got fucked this year because I am sure all the pink lot people took yellow. there basically will be no tailgating scene except for Navy. I chose San Jax to stay out of the clusterfuck work zone on the south side. plus my tix moved closer to north end 2 years ago when they flipped east side for students
  13. yes because the head football coach is usually the AD also.
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