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  1. Jerry Rice with "back ailment" so not playing R2/3 in the Celebrity Century Championship...
  2. it was sarcasm. Episode 8 is gonna be benny hill like. including the sped up filming just to close out all the open plot lines complete with the theme music.
  3. let me introduce you to one Ms. Kathleen Kennedy... Not a big deal in the larger picture of suck, but it is kinda funny that all the male characters are complete idiots(Qimir TBD) and the female characters are not. I've got a good feeling about episode 8. some nice cliffhangers in prep for season 2.
  4. jose altuve puttin the wood to the czech now...
  5. I believe this whole series can be summed up thusly showrunner: "we need more 5 minutes in this episode somehow" writers: "we can have Osha and Mae scream each others name. does that work?" showrunner: "done"
  6. $20 doesn't go as far as it used to...
  7. dcar00

    Bronny James

    There's the James' and then there is the Manning's. Lebron should have told Bronny, find a place you can likely start and get better in college. now he has set him up for failure and ridicule. I could be wrong but Bronny seems to be relatively well adjusted so my guess is he knows exactly what is going on and that this is just an ego trip for his dad. He'll play out the string and then dad can get him on some coaching or player development path in the NBA or college.
  8. at some point, to make this interesting, you have to decide to nut up. a sweep would make a statement going into the 2nd half.
  9. we must replace smokey with a huge machine that can pump out 4 foot+ diameter bubbles from the top of the overhang.
  10. Joe Carter game 6 is the only other WS walk off HR. Aaron Boone 2003 ALCS is only other post season game 7 walk off HR. there have been more series ending lately because of more playoff series. Chambliss ended 1976 ALCS in Game 5 when it was only a 5 game series. the only(non-single game wild card) winner-take-all series walk offs are Mazeroski, Boone, Chambliss. All games were tied at the time of the HR. The last frontier is if someone wins a game 7 with a walk off HR while down instead of tied. and that's all I have to say about that...
  11. pretty funny. hope an american wins it but good for him if he wins it. he is certainly the GOAT.
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