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  1. I was on the short end of the stick on AE. They had major issues in our area related to old equipment failing and not being able to locate the transformer and switches. they told me that on the phone specifically. It wasn't the rolling issue for me and many others. that said, ERCOT and the state fucked up big time, obviously.
  2. change the manager and start winning one run games
  3. the knee bone's connected to the shin bone the shin bone's connect to the ankle bone...lets call the whole thing off.
  4. If Angilau is done that is a ball buster...
  5. dcar00

    Austin FC

    First game to attend. that shit was great. we were even with the 6 yard box on the GA end. 6 of the 7 goals and the comeback. Keeper for Austin kinda F'd up as I think he could have/should have stopped both the non PK goals. I'm sure he's a good keeper probably just an off game. Lexus Club is the awesome. Only downside was the all the faking from the KC dude who should be in traction today based on his "activities" but they came back to bite him and his team. Don't think I've ever seen 10min of stoppage time but I don't think Euro refs would have allowed all that BS.
  6. ha. dude in the booth just said that mccarthy will address the penalties in practice. you dumb fuck, he had all off season to address the penalties and nothing was fixed.
  7. at least it doesn't disqualify him from getting in the HOF.
  8. Sark has no choice but to start Ewers. If you start Card and he wins game 1 looking good, then shits the bed against Bama similar to Arky there is going to be hell to pay for Sark. Barring Ewers looking like complete dogshit in scrimmages, he will start Game 1.
  9. her wiki says that her brother crashed his car into a tree and died when she was 13, 3 months after their father died of AIDS/HIV. apparently she thought he did it on purpose. crazy shit.
  10. the grid didn't crater so there's gonna be a lil' bit o' disappointment round these parts...
  11. DJ is the interesting one. He has lifetime exemption I believe so it is possible if they let others go through Q he could come back without going through Q. Phil has it but he's done. the question for him is champions tour and majors.
  12. the question would be if they could prevent them from playing in Q school to get back in. I'm sure they can tell them no you can't jump right back in playing tournaments.
  13. "How do you win a National Championship? Well, first Notre Dame has to lose..." - DKR
  14. And watch out for them damn Jap plays...
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