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  1. Had they known the fascist pieces of entitled garbage their kids and grandkids would turn into they might have reconsidered making the sacrifice
  2. Took me about 3 seasons into it to realize Fiona was the young lady from Scent of a Woman
  3. It's not a religion until they start pushing you to hate non believers and donate lots of money.
  4. You're just constantly full of shit. You've been here saying the whole thing is working exactly as it's supposed to when we have one judge intentionally delaying a trial in Florida and the fucking Supreme Court intentionally dragging their feet to delay his trial in DC. It's pure fucking corruption and I, for one, am tired of your constant bullshit. Just shut your lawyer cunt ass up already.
  5. Is he just in the Bronx giving a speech because he's lazy? He has no chance of getting NY.
  6. Lawyers just can't turn off the lawyer lying bullshit even when the bullshit is plainly obvious.
  7. He definitely does not need to write any more. His not doing so for so long means he's lost the passion for the story. Without that motivation he would have to force an ending and it would suck badly.
  8. According to game theory both Hamas and Israel fucked up here but Israel is continuing to fuck up much in the same way the US fucked up after 9/11. They've made their retaliation now they need to pull back and repair their global image or it will continue to get worse for them.
  9. Is that any worse than Crazy Gun Dealer fascist ads or crypto scam ads?
  10. From what I understand this has nothing to do with the field. This has to do with paying off that huge 2+ billion dollar settlement the NCAA is negotiating that each school will have to pay a certain amount. The biggest programs can take the hit without much issue but the smaller guys like Wake Forest can't.
  11. Y'all are torturing yourselves hoping the courts will save democracy. The courts were never meant to save democracy. Only Americans can save themselves in November. There is no other avenue. I'll check in on this trial from time to time but don't really worry much about these anymore. Battle lines have been drawn and I'm ready to vote against all MAGA and that's all any of us can do.
  12. Checking back in for my 2 to 3 times a year check in... Who's winning now?
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