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  1. I'm sure there were because at the time we didn't know they were a rapin'
  2. One grandpa was in the Navy in the Pacific in WW2. Other grandpa was a mechanic in the Army in WW2. Research I've done has gone into advanced mapping used by both branches. I really have zero side in this one.
  3. Would be lying if I said I'm not worried that RT might just be a quality assistant and recruiter but not the guy who gets the team playing as a team.
  4. This is disgusting. Can't stand a loss to that piece of shit
  5. Not seeing improvement yet. Gotta hope Disu adds a ton and the coaching gets them to steadily improve going into March. Aßmas needs to let the shots come to him. When he's shooting in flow of the offense/transition he's money
  6. https://www.linkedin.com/in/shanejames Think this is the guy. From San Antonio, Military service, worked at a shooting range. If this is not him then my apologies Shane
  7. I'll be surprised if the 2 people in the house in Austin were random. My guess is the parents in San Antonio then drove to Austin to whack an ex wife. Biker got shot because people on bikes are assholes who just get in the way and cops got shot because they're cops.
  8. If he wanted you to know he wouldn't have blacked out the name. Don't be ridiculous. Do check town lake though
  9. Dabo's cult losing steam? Seems like he isn't just losing depth guys who are recruited over?
  10. Don't know if he's bailing on the playoffs. He can still be with the team until the end of the season if he wants. The portal opened yesterday, is open for a month, and almost 1200 dudes entered it day 1. These guys need to be able to declare for it early if they want a chance at a good landing spot. That's just their reality it doesn't mean they're quitting on this team that's making the playoffs. They have to move now or else wait until spring portal period when spots might be fewer.
  11. Was a 1 year hired gun who kept getting hurt and wasn't dependable so he barely played. No surprise he wants to bolt and no surprise Sark wants him to bolt. Was a nice try but a portal swing and miss. Can't hit them all, but Sark needs his spot for another portal safety.
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