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  1. So they need help from transfers at... Every single position on defense. What could go wrong?
  2. I really don't want to rehash this again. The Galloway thing was 20+ years ago and they've made better roster moves (probably due to McClay) over the last 5 years than most teams in the league. Also Jerry isn't a guy who just ditches talented guys like that. He's been the opposite for 30 years, holding onto guys who are obviously fucking up the locker room or in some way not worth the trouble. The fact they couldn't wait to ditch Cooper says something was wrong behind the scenes that we don't know about. Could be Cooper and Dak didn't get along, could be they got tired of Cooper disappearing for weeks at a time including the playoffs, or could be something else. They're chasing Beckham because that's what the Jones' do. Guy with a big name who brings a splash of attention even if he may be washed as a talent. In reality they have plenty of offensive talent to win in the playoffs with Lamb, Pollard, and Gallup then the 3 TEs who can all move and catch. They have more talent at the skill positions than a lot of teams that make deep playoff runs. It's up to Dak, Moore, and McCarthy to put it together and make it all work.
  3. Ol' Sonny Dykes hit the transfer portal hard before the season and it came up all 7s for him. What types of guys did he go after? Experienced high production guys from smaller conferences looking to step up to p5? I'd say whatever worked that well is a strategy to consider.
  4. Ummm... yes suuuure that's exactly how it's being done Yes 100 percent They enforced on Billingsley this year. There won't be a guy who has gone in the portal try to go a 2nd time and test it.
  5. GTFO. There's already one futureman here. Nobody needs another one
  6. When has there been an instance where the Jones', McCarthy, or Dak has slammed a player publicly? We have no idea if he was a good teammate or a giant dickhead behind the scenes. All we can go on are their actions, and they seemed very eager to ship him off and took back no value in return. At first I thought it was about the money but they did nothing with that anyway, and the team seems to have gelled fine without him, so the evidence points to something wasn't right there.
  7. Sir, are you insinuating he is 100 percent full of shit? I cannot believe it
  8. It's definitely an issue if he cannot have a mindset change without it. He's not shown the game day competence to be a winning QB at this level and a lot of it was mental shit like not throwing the right route, making the right read, or being on the same page as his receivers. He needs to drastically improve his knowledge of the offense and awareness on the field. And ot could help change the mindset to stop intentionally looking like a drooling, inbred redneck jack wagon
  9. If he cuts the stupid ass mullet tomorrow and starts to prepare and work like a Manning he'd be a Heisman finalist next year. Is Arch an early enroll guy?
  10. He's black Lowell Galindo. Same cheesy lines. Same super cringy fake ass personality. Only difference is he will break a play down here and there.
  11. Whatever, Mike White. That shit looks bone dry and the ribs and sausage look good
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