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  1. Does it really matter if it's the aliens themselves or alien AI bots they sent to do reconnaissance? I'm more concerned this is a DOD orchestrated false flag. If we're lucky it's just to make China and Russia get their tighty whities bunched up and chase ghosts. If we're unlucky it's to start to set the stage for some bad shit coming down the pipe.
  2. As far as I know this is the very first time in history that a NGA/NRO officer and a former Intelligence Community Inspector General have gone on the record with anything like this with approval/clearance from the DOD. Then corroborated on the record by a former Deputy AS of Defense for Intelligence in Mellon and a current NASIC officer in Grey. If I'm reading this correctly. This isn't some low level nut or cast aside contractor like Bob Lazar. These are people who have been or still are in governmental positions in the Intelligence community who are putting their name on it and with DOD approval. Also is this guy presenting this to congress under penalty of perjury? I thought I read that but not sure if that's what they meant. I'm not any kind of UFO follower so I could be wrong but this seems like the first time this has happened. Which leads me to believe it's orchestrated by the government. For what reason?
  3. This former intelligence officer is saying the government is hiding the extraordinary evidence from us. This is either legit or an in depth false flag and this guy is part of the subterfuge. Honestly, either one sounds really bad. I just can't see that he'd just be a nut making this up. He apparently had an exemplary record and what purpose would lying serve him if he wasn't directed to do it from above?
  4. It was inevitable. Golf is a game played and run by elitist greedy fucks. They've never given a shit about human rights abuses or victims of terrorist attacks. All they care about is money and Saudis have more of it than they do so it was just a matter of time.
  5. I don't post about the Stars here. I just did this time because the shit getting spewed was laughable. But this is probably the last time I do so no worries
  6. Jesus, the man played 30+ minutes a game for 19 playoff games with most of them coming with only 1 day off in between. He was completely out of gas for the last half of that round. His game 5 solid performance must have been off sheer will alone. He played more minutes than anyone in the playoffs. Otter played more games than any goalie in the league. Wedgewood's injuries and PDB not having confidence in Matt Murray led to overuse of Otter in his first full season as an NHL starter. He played way too many games this season. PDB and Nill need to figure out how to not run Heiskanen and Otter into the ground next season. Plan to make a cup run from the beginning. Having a full season of Harley will help a lot and hopefully Lundquist can get his shit together or they can find a useful defensive piece. I think they also should tweak the playing style a bit. Early in the season they kept some of the Bones defensive system muscle memory with PDB's push the tempo offensive style. By the last month or so of the season and the playoffs the defense lost it's structure and put up some horrible performances. No team will outscore their way to a cup win. Need to get back to some sound defense with calculated push up the ice to strike like they did before New Years. Crazy so many of you talk about the team like it's the Coyotes or something. In the last 4 seasons have cup finals and conference finals appearances and a lot of young talent.
  7. I thought it was 2-2 going into the final round. Abazi clearly won the 3rd, kkf the 4th. I thought kkf won the 5th and should have won 3-2
  8. Sir, the justice system is unpredictable. Any time you get Infront of 12 humans, many of whom are imbeciles, you never know what can happen. BUT HOW DARE YOU THINK HE'S NOT GOING DOWN YOU NON ATTENTION PAYING CHICKEN FUCKER!
  9. Have they checked with the Saudi crown prince? Although I'm sure he's going to want a refund to give the documents back.
  10. I think there's a political aspect to it too. Bikers and motorcycle stuff has become part of something a lot of big business doesn't want it's name attached with these days. At least not publicly in a promotional sense.
  11. Yes, advancements in reinforced learning where the performance score is less of a necessary factor set by programmers. At least that's sort of how it's been explained to me.
  12. The word learn may get people hung up on semantics but the word amongst AI development circles is the cutting edge at the moment is the ability to make adjustments and alter configurations on it's own without having been prompted. Once an AI is able to analyze and improve upon itself more than likely the floodgates open.
  13. The chat models released for public use are very basic and primitive compared to what is currently on the edge of discovery in development. I cringe a bit seeing people say stuff like "oh it does this but it can't do that it's way off from being able to do what I do" because it's a whole lot closer than you think. White collar workers are going to be first to get railroaded by AI with coders and developers probably first up on the block. They're very close to having AI not only create it's own code but optimize it and make configuration changes on it's own. If you're in that field I hope you're only a few years out from retirement. I haven't been told this but I'm pretty sure the whole public release of these chat models is to warm the public up for what's coming down the pipe soon. The robotics side is further away as navigating the physical world is far more challenging and even just artificial sight alone eats up massive amounts of computational power. It's ironic that "self driving cars" has been the AI most talked about in recent years when it's possibly the farthest away due to the insane amount of accuracy required to function on a national or global scale. We're talking to the tiniest of a fraction of a percent accuracy that as far as I know we are nowhere near close to achieving.
  14. Poor Chris Candido. Dude was too nice for that business and definitely too trusting to be with that woman
  15. He said attempt Malkovich takes that movie to another level compared to the two in the poll
  16. It's funny this same things keep getting argued over. The lawyers are arguing over what it takes to apply these laws to perpetrators and they're right. The other people are arguing about how the laws and how they're applied are completely biased and corrupt and they're right about that. Rimbo is just plain nuts if he thinks there isn't a chance politics corrupt this and Trump walks. Even if Trump gets convicted and sentenced to say 4 years if the American Idiots vote him or any republican president next year he'll get pardoned.
  17. Saudis and Iran have had their own mini arab cold war for a long time. Intelligence on Iran could definitely be worth money to the Saudis, especially if it exposes vulnerabilities in Iran's defense.
  18. Listen Mr. New Mexico Waterdogs... law just do go around here. Sabe?
  19. So in the end they made us more like them (maga "holy wars") and we made them suffer the doldrums of being like us.
  20. Don't start a thread if you aren't ready to bring the required number of "F's"
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