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  1. I’m in the market for some type of robot camera to record the kid’s soccer games. I saw someone with a Solo Shot 3 this weekend and they had good but not great feelings about it. Has anybody here tinkered with any of them?
  2. As long as they are serving beer and the sorority girls are still wearing those sundresses and cowboy boots just keep going.
  3. Do teams ever have an AHC on offense and another on defense?
  4. I’m all for ball security but having our RB break a 50-60 yard run while carrying the ball up by his shoulder pads/helmet is slowing the man down. We are the only team I have ever watched that when a skill player gets out in the open he is slowed down by running with the ball tucked like ours do. I understand around the line of scrimmage maybe but watching Rojo try to score on that long run was brutal. Let them fucking run.
  5. The best oreo is the one that comes in a lunchable. It has more cream than the standard but less than the double stuffed. Insert your clever South Austin mom joke but this is the truth.
  6. <a href="https://ibb.co/Fb0Zc9n"><img src="https://i.ibb.co/QFCShZX/B1014-EC1-D1-BB-420-B-8-B51-62-C402541046.png" alt="B1014-EC1-D1-BB-420-B-8-B51-62-C402541046" border="0"></a>
  7. Aaaaaand it is back to stars... swear they had beer mugs. I screenshot it if someone can tell me how to post a pic.
  8. When did 247 start grading guys in beer mugs instead of stars?
  9. Was hoping he would make the shitty parking thread... maybe he was halfass sober
  10. Huff Earl Hills Boyd Ogbonaya Foreman Chykie Brown Jamaal Quandre Curtis Brown
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