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  1. Those last four episodes as a movie would be my #1. So good.
  2. Fück I'm getting old when I can't get the damn links right! https://help.disneyplus.com/csp?id=csp_article_content&sys_kb_id=b0837ec11b890010b8651f861a4bcb7a
  3. I think you'll have to have your sister upgrade to the bundle and then venmo her the cash. You or she have to log into your Hulu account with the email address that started the account. Bundle Q&A
  4. Unlimited DVR is standard on YouTube TV. It's cloud based so you can watch your DVR shows on any device. It's the best feature of the service IMHO... That and the live sports.
  5. If they did, the reporters would mysterioulsy not get invited to press conferences or have their gameday credentials misplaced. Bellmont flexes...or at least used to.
  6. If this ever comes to pass (you know, because all the ideas in this thread are totally plausible), DO NOT EAT THE CHILI!!! It's ain't chili! It fucking spaghetti with various shit on top of it!!!! That was a HUGE culture shock when I visited campus right after leaving UT. And those guys were so excited to take me to the famous "chili" place because I was from Texas...and we love chili. They were as clueless as I was.
  7. Ha! I have 6 kids at home, wife and me working from home, four teenagers with phones, and two other kids streaming all the time, three with school from home zoom classes most of the day. We are 100% streaming, 3 TVs, and an XBox. We go over the cap every month, but it's always close. Our max was 1461 month...last month...and I told the fam to go for broke and put all devices on the wifi to get to a baseline to see if we needed unlimited or could manage staying under. New Google Nest router lets me see the culprits and if everyone gets cell phones off wifi, and one kid settles down with Nintend
  8. How are you getting XFinity uncapped? I thought their recent announcement rolled out 1.2 GB cap across the country? $30 extra bucks plus you have to use their modem to get unlimited. You getting 200 for $50 plus $30?! I just reupped with Comcast/Xfinity. There are the only option here. $80.95 for 200 Mbps capped at 1.2 TB. $10 for every 50 GB over. I was on $100 for 100 GB and phone line. They no longer offer phone/Internet bundles. I finally convinced the wife to let me kill the "hard line." This is a promo rate for two years. It's $80.95 for 100 after 2 years, or $95.95 for 200 after 2 year
  9. Wasn't Baby Sark the interim the one game Saban was out for COVID exposure?
  10. Hey! I see me in this picture! Still wish I never saw this fucking thread.
  11. Hey! I see me in the picture! Still wish I never say this fucking thread.
  12. Smartless is funny. Will Arnett and Jason Bateman giving each other shit with guests. Neil deGrasse Tyson was a guest. The host were throwing out zingers and subtle jokes while Neil did his science thing. And it always took Neil an awkward 15 seconds to get the joke and belatedly laugh.
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