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  1. While comparing streaming services, I ran across one I've never heard of, Vidgo, that has LHN. $40 a month.
  2. While checking suppose.tv to see if any options outdo YTTV, I ran across a streaming service I've never heard of, Vidgo, that has LHN. $40 a month.
  3. I've had no problem with HBO Max on NVIDIA Shield/Android TV. But we don't have a serious sound set up. Just a sound bar. So not sure we'd notice the same issue. Just fired it up and tested... I don't notice sound issues on HP 1 or 2...sound going out of both sides. Although the HP movies seem quieter than other shows on Max. And there was a popping when I fast forwarded on HP and not on other shows/movies.
  4. Fubo goes up to $65. https://www.theverge.com/2020/7/1/21309678/fubo-tv-subscription-price-increase-cost-family-plan-standard-youtube-disney-warnermedia
  5. Looks like Fubo is losing Warner channels just as they gain Disney. https://deadline.com/2020/06/warner-media-set-to-end-fubo-tv-carriage-for-11-networks-tnt-cnn-1202974355/ This is like conference realignment dominos!
  6. Smart move by the Mouse. They just announced ESPN+ price going up one dollar to $5.99 a month. Stupid to announce when there are no sports... But you can sneak it in after YTTV.
  7. Also just read the Hulu DVR won't let you ff through commercials unless you upgrade.
  8. Hulu has Limited DVR...50 hours, total limit spread across all accounts. YTTV has unlimited DVR (keeps for 9 months), auto records stuff, so the clock starts over every time something airs, and each of the six accounts get unlimited, seperate DVRs.
  9. I'd much rather they figure out how to monitize the local ad breaks and the stupid Zen breaks instead of jacking up the prices. This is the company that gives us free shit for all our data... Come on YTTV... This sucks.
  10. Well this is a fucking shitburger. I'll have to think on this one. A bright spot to this crap ass news is the Viacom channels are already available in the guide and the second episode of Yellowstone is already in my YTTV DVR.
  11. I have 8 people in my house all on devices and using the wifi for streaming. There are often 4 or 5 streaming video at the same time, plus second devices on games. All TVs use wifi...not wired. I have the lowest tier data offered by Comcast, 100 Mbps. No issues so far.
  12. Let's do this! COYS!!! Anyone seen any details about games being aired on Peacock instead of/in addition to NBCSN Gold? I hope that's long term... I'd love to cancel NBCSN Gold...it's $60 a year for one or two Spurs games.
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