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  1. Me too. Chewy ones are legit as well. Does all of this tie in to the sugar baby that killed the guy?
  2. You sure Murray didn’t play against Florida? I could have sworn he did, but it’s been a long time
  3. Man, if that’s true it will disappoint a lot of posters. Back to the food talk.
  4. He was dressed out for sure. You could see him with the DBs while they were reviewing the “targeting”.
  5. Is he gonna study film with Case?
  6. Funny thing is, would they have made a bowl game with Jimbo? I don’t recall their record at the time.
  7. Maybe they send them to work the glory holes around campus.
  8. What are they touching down though?
  9. Did you miss the next sentence in the fairy tale?
  10. Was that the first time Sweat was lined up as a TE? I recall seeing him in the backfield but not in line.
  11. Hell, just stop the damn thing. Give the defense 5 seconds to get guys subbed after the offense does, or let the ball be snapped.
  12. How many guys on the OL and DL will be replaced then?
  13. Michigan has a better chance against Bama than they would have against Texas. But they’re evidently scared of Bama.
  14. This right here. Let him do it twice before you give him the Tom Herman treatment.
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