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  1. If Riley didn’t leave and gut the program, yeah, Caleb Williams would be at least as successful as he is now.
  2. I know it is really hit or miss how they load. Sometimes it takes a couple of minutes, others it goes right to it. I figured elon fucked something up.
  3. I wondered the same thing. Didn’t make sense. Cost them the qb.
  4. You wanna buy the cleats JC wore that game? I know a guy…
  5. What kind of mentally unstable person wears their socks over their pants and knows better? That’s like putting milk in the bowl and then adding the cereal.
  6. Get out of her with those negative waves.
  7. LSU has about a 0% chance of making the playoff. They would have have to win out and have help.
  8. Was Campbell the guy that got the pancake close to where Rojo landed?
  9. Holding and hands to the face missed
  10. What’s supposed to be wrong with him?
  11. It’s the stacking of logs that they have trouble with.
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