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  1. I am not sure about today but FUCB asked TH in the postgame interview.. "How close were you to the LSU job"? Seriously?? Wtf!! Sent from my SM-J727T using Tapatalk
  2. The magnitude of this game is going to be pretty crazy. The young dbs are going to be amped so hopefully composure and decision making will be stressed as well. Sent from my SM-J727T using Tapatalk
  3. 2 things will determine it. Interest rate and being able to get a building permit. I have 3.5% on my mortgage. If I cant get an add on permit then there is no point of staying in the house. Wife and 2 growing girls with 1 bathroom isn't feasible anymore. We bought the house with the intent of adding on when the time came. But we had no idea about the subdivision plat bs.
  4. Material and delivery. I will spread it myself. Thinking of using clean septic rock. Closest non crusher place has it at $33.86 per yard. Delivery will be ~$115 per 18yrd load. $725+tax per load. This seems a bit expensive. Finding providers is my biggest problem. Closest quarry would be in Georgetown and I am not sure if ready mix plants sell/delivery rock.
  5. My driveway is needed some attention so I am looking for some gravel delivery. Any provider suggestions for the Leander/Jonestown area? Will probably need ~20-30tons. Thanks
  6. So Lincoln is supposedly wanting to do the same thing with his relative that was on KU staff. Garrett Riley Tight Ends/Fullbacks coach.
  7. I am not basketball savy at all so please excuse me if I am wrong. Wasn't we running man when we was kicking ass? Switched to zone and this allowed sparty to come back on us? Plus the shitty shooting on our part.
  8. Its crazy what the shit can do to ya. All of my ailments came after the game but I have a feeling my powerlifting days will come back to haunt me soon. Watched the Ronnie Coleman story on Netflix and the years of heavy lifting has him fuckered pretty good. I hope nothing else pops up on you from the glory days.
  9. I doubt sand aggy would bring Leach back. Pride, humility, and eating crow would get in the way. I doubt Leach would want to come back considering how he was treated. Plus he seems to have a good thing going for him at Wash St. Hollywood Milfs would love to have Kliff out in USC.
  10. I have a weird feeling that the refs will try to fuck us this go around.
  11. Anyone thinking of David Beaty on the payroll eventually? Perhaps becoming WR coach?
  12. RowdyVic

    LSU @ aggy

    Fags are wanting a rivalry so bad its pathetic. They view it as.. well our rival is blueblood powerhouse, so if we beat them then we are badass relevant. Or if we can hang with our blueblood powerhouse rival then that means we are pretty good. And since our blueblood powerhouse rival is in the SEC WEST...well that just means we are better than everyone else. Fuckers are like equipment managers...Wash jock straps, wish they could hang out with the football players, and will tell out of town chics...yea I am on the football team.
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