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  1. Cancelled last year and Tom still pulled off a top 10 class.
  2. Ole Miss and Florida tied in the 8th and 9th against Alkorn State and Jaxonville.
  3. Nice win. Pitchers threw strikes, Lamar did not. Difference in this low hitting game.
  4. Dixon has been hot garbage with RISP
  5. Todd hammered a hanger. Nice pick em up there.
  6. Terrible two at bats with the bases loaded. Jesus.
  7. This hefty lefty blocked for ROJO at PNG.
  8. I pitched against Texas in a game like this in 2003 but around 38-39 degrees. Majewski hit one off my ankle that I can still feel today.
  9. Good lord they look like dogshit tonight.
  10. Reagan had an absolute terrible approach at the place. Guessed every pitch. Zero confidence.
  11. The addition of Tulo alone will win Pierce a handful of games they probably don't win years previous. His leadership, work ethic and mindset of the game is unreal.
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