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  1. Joe Mixon beat a woman. Comical he defends anything.
  2. Pierce has been a complete moron in this series.
  3. Pierce needs to get his head out of his ass and get this team motivated.
  4. Played this game for 20 years. This series is done. Something is up with this team mentally and its showing.
  5. Trey needs to get his head out of his ass.
  6. The OL will be improved and Campbell is college ready not even stepping foot on campus.
  7. Headed to my first game since the TENN Tech regional. Hope I witness history. Lets sweep these mf'rs and host.
  8. Jerry won't even allow an NFL team in San Antonio or Austin. No way a 2nd team in Dallas happens. Stupid that's even a thought.
  9. I illegally AirBnB'd an apt (Hyde Park) here Austin. Risky, but I knew the property management company was not monitoring things. Used the profit for a downpayment on my current north Austin house in 2019.
  10. Rattler went from a shoe in top #1 pick to playing for a little brother program on the east coast. Guy did it to himself.
  11. He dropped a few in the Spring game as well. One of the alumni calling the game called him out on it.
  12. Had a HS defensive coord state the same thing. Not sure that's saying much being a HS coach, but we shall see.
  13. Shon Mitchell was a much more polished and better RB than K Rob. Just stop
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